Raise a glass (To Dverse)


with a glass raised, DVerse I say goodbye
a wave to friends, from the year gone by
but we’ll meet again, converse, critique
share the poetry and stories of those
across the world ~ people that I’ve never
met, yes I shall greet you with a smile

I want to give my thanks, perhaps not in
poetry form, for encouragement and guidance
for kindness and support, for I am a fledging
thrown from the nest, of writing
non-fiction, not that adept with verse
SO I’m learning still, bare with me and my
lack of metaphors, for my wings still
flap against the wind as my poetry starts
to soar

I write for the love of it, as you all do I’m sure
my vocabulary perhaps at times lacking
though my style is still my own
~ AND do I wish to change the way I write
yes I must admit at times I do
my emotions and my feelings will not change
that part of me, I shall not lose

to those who have popped in to read me
I thank you from my heart
this fledging bird, with trainer wings
my poetry’s not art
but rather simply ~ simple words
that I draw from deep inside
like writers who I’ve met this year
their feelings they don’t hide

so be safe this holiday season
take a break and draw a breath
and I shall be here waiting
rested, pen at the ready
for you to challenge me

©jmtacken Dec 2013

(My 700th Post)

For OLN and the last one for the year over at The Pub http://dversepoets.com

A Nonet from me to you

A Nonet.     A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc… until line nine finishes with one syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.


I am blessed to pen my thoughts for you
words from my heart upon the page
hiding nothing ~ sharing all
I open wide my soul
to give all of me
the good ~ the bad
simple truth
no lies

©jmtacken Sep 2013

Gaffa Tape (Prose – from 3 words)

news, dragons, tides – these 3 words have been given to me to indulge my muse and I. They are from the delightful and extremely funny  – http://whoatethedaisies.wordpress.com


what is new in your world
the question asked, whilst looking down upon
his ashen face
what say you hmmmm ~ you cannot speak
I know that seems unkind, your lips are sealed
and I be thought a dragon in your eyes

BUT I do not take kindly to the type
of man you are, the evilness you thought
that you could hide, I'm sorry that you are
buried with just your head exposed, but I'm glad
I'll see you panic in your final hours

so maybe when the tape is stripped
you'd be best to close your mouth
for the tides I see them coming in
I don't pray for a slow death

Alright everyone line up alphabetically according to your height

Ah the wonderful folk at  dVerse  and Tony (who is tending the bar)  have asked us to write a ballad. Don’t ask me why – but I went to Irish mode with mine and was dancing like a Leprechaun (well writing) across the page and even sung the words with the accent. Come across to the Poet’s Pub and see what other ballads these brilliant folk have written. I hope this is worthy for my 610th post.




We’ve been asked to write a ballad
try to keep it true to form
yet I never think of meter’s
as that makes me all forlorn

as words I simply place on page
no metaphors and such
and if a ballad comes of this
I shall like it very much

so in a lilt I sing these words
that I place upon the page
and hope that they make common sense
to show I’m being brave

one day I’ll learn a trochee
rhythm, meters possibly more
but for now I write this ballad
as my head is growing sore

so sing with me in your own tune
and sing with me in glee
this ballad that I offer you
simply comes from me

©jmtacken Sept 2013


ahh to be sure to be sure… lol my hopeless Irish accent – thanks Audra (can’t stop laughing)

answer me this – in 55


colour me

hues of pink 

words reach out
brushing your skin

a scent you love ~
caress your mind

for I ask ~  what it is
you seek ~  when you say you
love poetry

the quintessence of
words you read~

your own conclusion
drawn ~ ?

watching  artists
at work

doing what they love


Brian at dVerse whose birthday it is today *smiles* has us writing a piece 55 words in length. It must be a story and can be prose, poetry. I hope mine fits the bill. This is also shared with the G-Man at his place as a little surprise (because Brian is sneaky that way)

Sometimes what starts as an ordinary day… can change

Isn’t it marvellous, when a perfectly ordinary day turns out to be something very special?

My friend  Miriam E. or (Miri) as I call her and myself have decided to create a new site. A collaboration of her brilliant artistic mind from across the seas in Germany and myself, a middle aged mum from Melbourne Australia.

We have been working together on several ‘poetry projects’ in the past and thought it would be a great time to take it one step further.
So, I humbly present our joint blog

Words…From Here To There.

Care to join us for the ride?

On dusted Parchment


photo credits: s1.favim.com

barely visible
letters adorn
dusted yellowing
as stitches are
from fraying binders
leather bound covers
are held by
pleated hands
read by waxen glow
his eyes
he struggles

words of writers
past times
as grandmother’s necklace
handed down

feelings etched
from another mind
another vision
with quill
from brighter
unaware who may
whose hands will touch
the ink or
the page

words of love…
a writers life once lived
deepest thoughts
to be read
and again

don’t shut the book
forever wondering
what knowledge beauty
is held
blow off the dust
read what is written
so that you may
to close the book
shall only
close your mind


Miriam from    http://anotherwanderingsoul.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/my-pages/  and I have once again written a piece from a photo that Miriam has chosen.  We then post our pieces at the same time (or near enough) not knowing what the other has written. Please go and see her contribution.

Was it my fault? Prose.


Transparent solitary tear drop falls
meandering down an opaque cheek
before another grows and spills on
a course not identical yet a twin

Lips moist against the tear that flows
eyes blink a little shake of head
try to dispel the ache the pain
sobs so strong but body weak

Capturing moments of happiness
swirled between weight of pain
steely knife penetrates the heart
my actions callow I did this

Trusted not your love of me
emerald eyes tainted vision
accusations taunting
closed ears to fake apologies

As the vinyl circles
scratched with needle music sour
your lyrics droned
none of them with meaning only rhythm

Cadence of untrusting words
delusional what you screamed
yet lipstick collars marked your trail
of where I had not been

How could I feel the guilty one
casting fault upon myself
whilst knowing that you shared
your love your heart with someone else


This is a piece I had been working on over at 20 lines a day, a challenge for April that meant us working on the one piece of prose or poetry for the entire month until we were satisfied with it. I am not sure if I am, but I am putting it out there regardless.

Ramblingsfromamum will remain

Dear Readers,

I have been rather remiss by not answering the Post that I wrote some days back (or possibly longer) as to whether I should change my name on here from ramblings from a mum to something different.

I had so many wonderful responses and indeed some brilliant names to consider and for that I thank you all.

However I have decided for the time being, to leave it as it is – I hope all that contributed will not be offended for me posing the question and asking for ideas, only then not to forge ahead with a change, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the name I have is indeed the name that should remain. If my writing takes a completely different course, which I can’t see happening, I may revisit the prospect of a name revamp down the track.

I have the propensity to ramble on the odd occasion or two (ok possible more than that) I am also a mum (though I haven’t written too much of late on anything mum related) and  ‘from a’ well that’s just in there. Maybe in the future it will be RamblingAussieMumwhowritespoetryandproseandshortstoriesandloveschallenges but for now
it’s staying put.

Yours Truly

Ramblings from a Mum


I got nuttin’

an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

That’s the challenge definition and the word to use is Alchemy. This is for Trifecta Week 72.

For the life of me I cannot think, I have attempted 5 times, I have walked up and down the length of my house, rubbed fingers on knotted brow, I have gazed to the ceiling and the barren walls, splashed my face with water, had a straight scotch, stood outside in the cold night air.

I am perplexed, bamboozled terrified – writers block has hit fiercely, nothing that enters my pea brain at the moment makes any sense.  No words of wisdom…pace..no deep and meangingful pearls…pace…nothing that strikes me…no story…. no prose not even a Haiku…. hang on a minute!  Don’t move…. here it comes…my freeze has been defrozen …no actually defrosted…


I started off as an egg
then into lava I did grow
then I was a pupa
my morph to butterfly was slow

nope,  that’s not working either, can’t get the word alchemy into it.

what about?

you started off as Clark Kent
then into phone booth you did went  (I’m a writer I have a license to write this stuff)
the alchemy transmute was grand
for you emerged as Superman

ok it’s not working for me, so clearly it won’t be working for you either.

Well,  I’m sorry my fellow Trifectians and readers, I have nada, zilch, or as us Aussie would politely say ‘bugger all’.

Alas I do not hold the power of alchemy, mystical or otherwise to transform
what I have written into something, profound, beautiful, containing imagery, be thought provoking or otherwise.

If you do read, please don’t let it spoil your activities, you may now get on with your day.

For the wonderful ever so popular and inspiring TRIFECTA http://www.trifectawritingchallenge.com/


maybe next prompt I’ll have my ‘zing’ back