My new Job

Blah it’s getting late.. I really should think of sleep

Thanks heavens it’s Thursday tomorrow nearly the end of the week

Another day has rolled on by, my head is in a spin

Learning new systems & processes what a time it’s been

Hate to feel the idiot and not know what to do

Trying to come to grips with things

When sometimes I have no clue

But I’ll just soldier on each day in the hope that it may gel

If mistakes I make I’ll raise hand high and inwardly think bloody hell

For it’s not easy when you start anew

An impression you wish to make

I hate to ask again and again

And feel my body begin to quake

I’m sure the light globe will switch on

And the hard will soon look easy

I’ll know what do to without asking for help

And then hopefully it will be breezy!

Just a little ditty before bed time.

PS: Thank you to the 135 people that stopped by yesterday 🙂