Tommy and Faye (Conclusion)

as the sun drew down
Tommy waited
longing to catch a glimpse
stubbing his twentieth cigarette
into the ground

Perhaps she’s not working
he told himself, why the hell didn’t he call
afraid of rejection, his own pain
when previous girls broke his heart

Her auburn hair
her ocean blue eyes
the paper napkin, her number

She’s moved on, he took too long
he chastised himself, sitting
alone, remembering
her voice, her smile

Days passed, he smoked too much
glancing at the wire door
hoping, longing to see her face
the reaction to the sign

she never emerged
he cursed himself
for his own stupidity
a love lost

Regretting wasted seconds
thinking of his own pain
memories of hurt, he wanted a change
lacked confidence

Days turned to weeks
even tried calling
hearing her voice on the message
the voice soft and sweet

I’m sorry I can’t take your call
right now, please leave a message
which I’ll return

but it never came
he knew his chance lost
Tommy and Faye the sign on the pole
remained through the seasons

till it crumbled and fell

©jm tacken Feb 2014

Some of my readers asked for a conclusion to the story I wrote yesterday. Thank you to Brian from  for his nudges once again.

This didn’t post for some reason, before the post I just wrote.

did I misplace you (Prose)


I inhaled the essence of you
a time past, you penetrated
layers of me, secreting all that
was good, kind
our lips met undivided
as trailers grew upon the
grafted as one
buds opened
giving way to inhibitions
embracing the sun
I drank of you
ripening my core 
your substance
enflaming the
inside me, I once had
shall I have again?
©jmtacken Jan 2014
and thank you for the gentle pokes from Michael over at Morpethroad.

The last word (Prose – The finale)


I haven’t loved you ~ for ever
the words almost vomit from my mouth
with the speed I wish to speak
your skin turns ashen grey
trying to absorb the words I said
in fact, the truth, will spear your skin

you’ve had your one night stands
but that’s not what clinched the deal
you lived your life with yourself
your love for what you craved
the existence you were comfy with
the brick wall was evident

I tried in the beginning
till it grew too much to bear
your obsession, your
“this is who I am”
please, give me a fuckin’ break
partnerships are two not one

you hid yourself from me
your love of you, caved my love
I don’t need this any more
it’s pointless to continue
to pretend our love was true
there are no tears to be shed
will divy up the chattels
you can start your life ~ with you

the thing that may cut the most
your brother makes love tenderly
far better than you ever could
ouch ~ sorry ~ does that hurt my love
as I walk past you to the door
when the blade plunges in my back
~ who has the last word now

©jmtacken 20/11/2013

I am very tired tonight – so I hope you accept the Finale to my Series.



before the darkness throws a blanket
that tucks the world to sleep
I search
through desert sands barefoot
and the wind will blow and nothing will remain

heat shimmers – belly dancer
it slows my steps, but not my heart
I have a thirst
only you can quench
and the wind will blow and nothing is the same

you are real, my memories clear
a chance meeting, we are kindred
you asked me to follow
to the ends of the earth
the end of the sand
and the wind will blow and I am near

oh moon be patient; let the sun breathe
its final breath, visions of you haunt
I feel you in my heart
but my touch is out of reach
and the wind blows… leaving me thirsty

All the world’s a stage

photo source

Maggie forlorn
have the walls closed in on you
aren’t you waiting in the wings
for your chance to shine

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – what is on your mind

your face it speaks of sorrow
no life in hands, that rest upon the chaise
what has happened in your world today
to bring about your pain

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – to me again

has your heart been broken
your pillow wet from tears
your despondancy overwhelms me
your mind so lost in thought

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – how this has come about

others would kill to play this part
for the spotlight to be theirs
to have the accolades bestowed
Maggie, I wish your malaise gone

but do remember –  the show must still go on


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Mumsy has been busy

Some of you may or may not know that Miriam from Another Wandering Soul  and Life and other Tales and I have started a new site purely for our poetry.

This is a collaboration of two minds, a young, vibrant one from Germany, and a slightly older fuzzy one from Australia.  The site is

Below are two of the pieces that I wrote in the last few days. I will (apart from photo challenges) be placing my poetry works in this site, so I ask if anyone is interested in reading my work that you pop along over there. Miriam and I do joint pieces (one line each or 1 stanza each) or individual sets and also choose pictures where we write individually and post (without peeking at each others work prior to publishing).

I post these only to show you that I have been writing the last few days, just been a little remiss with ramblings – which I intend to rectify over this weekend. For those that are following us already – we both thank you. To those who haven’t popped in, we look forward to seeing you from time to time, pull up a chair, relax, the wine and cheese are on us 🙂


Courtesy of:

PROTECTION  7-6-2013

I shielded myself from your cruelty
the harshness of the elements
weren’t as strong as the
taunts you bandied, fists clenched, angered eyes

sheltered protected, I tried to hide
in recesses of my mind, I sort solitude
and dreamt of open plains where
I was free to run and feel no pain

hold on I said, I told myself a thousand times
buffer the words that you scream
until I broke, my mind collapsed
my parasol too weak to stave your evil

THE LOVE BOAT – 7.6.2013

In love what shifts like sand
friendship – admiration – trust
should we reassess now and then
where we are at; where we head

Bow or stern which way to walk
which direction; for better or worse
as waves tumultuously hit
the foundations of my judgment

Perhaps the middle along the keel
where balanced thoughts are kept
or walk along the bilge persuading
darkened thoughts to dwell submerged

Top deck I could spritely march
tossing away indecisiveness
casting aside my unjust fears
as the winds blow the sails

Was it my fault? Prose.


Transparent solitary tear drop falls
meandering down an opaque cheek
before another grows and spills on
a course not identical yet a twin

Lips moist against the tear that flows
eyes blink a little shake of head
try to dispel the ache the pain
sobs so strong but body weak

Capturing moments of happiness
swirled between weight of pain
steely knife penetrates the heart
my actions callow I did this

Trusted not your love of me
emerald eyes tainted vision
accusations taunting
closed ears to fake apologies

As the vinyl circles
scratched with needle music sour
your lyrics droned
none of them with meaning only rhythm

Cadence of untrusting words
delusional what you screamed
yet lipstick collars marked your trail
of where I had not been

How could I feel the guilty one
casting fault upon myself
whilst knowing that you shared
your love your heart with someone else


This is a piece I had been working on over at 20 lines a day, a challenge for April that meant us working on the one piece of prose or poetry for the entire month until we were satisfied with it. I am not sure if I am, but I am putting it out there regardless.

The Song – A prompt from magpietales


1) Write a poem or short vignette using the picture featured in this post as your inspiration. Feel free to take the image to use for your post.

 The image vanished – my apolgies. It was a young woman sitting alone looking at old records.

2) Link back to magpietales your post.

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You left me
towards the door you
no smile no remorse

canvas bag
a gift from me
in the lining hidden
a ring long forgotten
a gift from you
thrown across the floor
it rolled

door slammed
I watched it
roll till it stopped

the records
the ones you will
return for
they are round
like the ring
but hold no

I sit
titles through tears
that drop silently onto
plastic covers
the ring motionless

makes no sound
as these records
never will
they will be silent
there will be no dance
no dip of love
just the stylus

like you
in my heart

Toska – Response to Challenge

Apostrophe: a figure of speech in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is addressed as if it were alive and present and was able to reply.

Saudade: accommodates in one word the haunting desire for a lost love, or for an imaginary, impossible, never-to-be-experienced love.

Challenge set by susandaniel and ruleofstupid

I took it up – whether I have succeeded remains to be seen.

Vampires roar
across a bloody ocean
took my love
words no longer spoken

left blood marks
as others cried
hearts torn
curdled pain
corpse spawn

Agony I reached for you
arms outstretched
fingers taut
across a bloody ocean

Be gone death that walks
bring me back my love
or take me too
that I may join

I have lost you
could have
held it
held you
wasn’t for the blood

across a bloody ocean


Russian. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom.”

ramblingsfromamum 2.01.2013

Running to love

Soft smile
I saw you
down the road
hands in pockets
belted jeans

to surround you
to hold you
to stare at you
once more
I walked towards

the smile you returned
your eyes twinkling blue
the dimple on your chin
it is you
it is you

I ran towards the love
I knew to utter simple
words of missed you

The emptiness I had
held inside no longer
did I have to hide

The yearning to clear
a saddened heart
to wrap my arms around
your arms

where did you go
where did you go

To feel your hand
upon my cheek
your fingers
outline my jaw

your eyes of blue
that smiled at me
how could you
let me go

I ran my feet
not touching ground
to be in your embrace
to share the dreams

we left behind
a love I knew
couldn’t be replaced

I’ve cried so many tears
waiting for you
I ran chased by the devil
into your chest

your arms
your heart

Your breath upon my lips
our eyes closed
our fingers trace
our cheeks

but you fade
I ran right through you
the cloud has reappeared
I stop, look back
you aren’t here
this is what I feared

I buried you
2 years ago
I buried you

where did you go
where did you go