She was his

iphone black smoke

He grabbed her
hands around her diminutive waist
his words were honey dripped
of love, desire and she held
them all as they danced around
the perfume of magnolias
below the sky of gems

Her skirts swirled across the grass
his eyes blue as ocean spray
pierced her heart and the blood
mingled with the honey
melting into his arms

losing himself in her
the tilt of her head, the fall of her hair
the smile that was brighter than the stars
and he held her close and firm

then the moon showed itself
its luminous glow burst across the graves
and he was alone
his arms empty

copyright JMTacken 5.1.2015


My world is tumbling around me.

I thank you all for reading Pathways and your comments. I cannot at this time answer you, but know that I have read them and thank you so much for reading.

I won’t be reading your posts for a while either, I’m sorry, but I’m not in the right headspace to do so.

K is going through a very bad time. I don’t know when I will be writing again, if I do, forgive me for pouring my heart out ..yet again. I know this is not what blogging is or should be about.

I just want this nightmare for her to end and there are no easy answers for any of us.


‘ I ‘

I breathe the breath of a tortured soul
it burns my stomach lining
clouding my retinas

I stand with no direction
The consequences so great
my mind won’t rest

I hold to what I need to believe
My disposition complex
it wilts amongst rationalisation

I fight with warrior strength
unarmed without weapons
as the battle is within

I long for resolution
to lay down these invisible swords
that cut my soul

Copyright JMTacken 9.7.14

I hope that soon I shall be able to write with more lightheartedness.

Can’t you see me (Prose)


what was your journey
did you pirouette ‘cross mirrors
glass unyielding
drift on gondolas
floating rivers of satin


or was your world defined
by fear
each breath inhaled
hope disintegrated
the days you woke
a burden upon


you reached
but no one grabbed
you cried
but tears weren’t heard
a journey leading no where
in silence
held yourself in you
as no one understood


your fragility hidden
you held no signs
lost my way, I am weak
can’t you help
can’t you tell
the battle fought


did your self esteem
waft in vapours
from the coffee cup you held
early morning air suffocating
the days that you felt strong
trying to fit, the jigsaw puzzle in
your mind


let me help you pirouette
once more in life
dance across this stage of so called
for it is all around us
it is not you

©jmtacken 23rd Feb 2014  – Fiction

Photo Credit:Falln-Stock    Shared with Mind Love Misery’s Prompt Prompt 44 Immobilizing Paronoia

Moments. (Prose)

at times
coloured lives existing
can be
we step translucent

chromaticity dissolves
fading inwardly
ghost-like through days
colours will return

our days
mountains not trekked
solitude silence
along singular paths

we step with longing
hoping for
to emerge from our

be brave for
they will
strength gained
to feel a better way
without shadows
beyond what you
felt today

Copyright JMTacken Jan 2014

Spaces. (Prose)

She flicks the grey lead
against the parchment
lifting her head, surveying the room
cardboard pushed under table leg
stops the glass from spilling wine

Tannin stained ceramic
holds back the curtain
hours passed since coffee time
breath blows across the sill
throws the cobwebbed blowfly

trees scarecrow standing
bare of leaves, broken nests
ashen sky still bleeds, she watches
sips on wine, this is left, her space
outside barren, as she, behind the glass



Copyright JMTacken 2014

Free falling (Prose)


catch me when I fall
as I know not where I’ll land
a thousand feet per second
such adversities imposed
like gusts of wind
as I descend

catch me when I fall
for I am not secured
tethered to the structure
of my life, that once held me firm

catch me when I fall
treading tightropes
arms outstretched
pulled in all directions
need my balance to return

but if your arms can’t reach me
hold a safety net
to stop my pain
tell me pull the rip chord
till I am safe again


©jmtacken Oct 8 2013

Photo Credit

Life without you

If you will – my words in tempo with this utterly amazing song by Josh Groban.


in solitude her footsteps slow; in robe of pink
through empty rooms,  she wanders
no laughter or voice that echo in her days and nights

life strange and silent,  meals for one
with simply why,  as she reaches for the
cupboard door as she did the day before

views once shared by two hands held
her arms now crossed she sees the morning rise
the quiet moon,  with only her eyes

no one to share

do her children know the loneliness
she faces in the minutes,  hours,  the days ahead
with wrinkled trembling hand she reaches

for the phone upon the wall
and stops ~ with a piercing felt within
they have their lives to live

clutching his jumper to her breast
breathes the smell of him;  slowly with care
folding delicately,  it’s placed upon the shelf

with memories

a life now lived without him by her side
what is life to be now ~ what does she do
a broken heart that family cannot heal

words and hugs are not enough

thoughts of where she was born flood back
piercing her heart ~ there is
no home to return to,  there or here

so many years where he knew what needed to be done
paved the way with his decisions, she is lost
she knows not how to cope

he will return he will be once more by her side
she sleeps with fingertips that
trace his pillow where he lay his head

and dreams of his protection

and as her silent teardrops fall,  she sits next
to the empty chair and talks as if he were still
beside her ~ her hand reaching in the air,  in hope

that he will return

Fortitude – Haiku Heights

Haiku Heights # 214

The topic this week is FORTITUDE Haiku to be a maximum of 17 syllables. Suggested by Jayanth.


Fortis, hold head high
Battles won but also lost
Spirit broken… life

I thought this prompt quite fitting considering my situation.