Come here my Pretty (Prose)


he melts into obscurity, holds
knife close to his chest
have you eyed the devil
moments rational or crapulous
he slices

hearts from breast
kidneys laid bare
alluding to be one of us
licking lips savouring
the next victim that he hunts

misty early mornings
blackened night
in alleyways
deleterious his intent
he haunts the weak, the frail

exposing wounds, but not himself
eyes wide open, disemboweled
calculating lust and slaughter
heart beat quickens with his blade

popping sinews a surgeons skill
wets his appetite
obsession for the frightened
beware the devil you can’t see
he could be anyone you know

… even me

©jmtacken Feb 2014

Shared with  Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust    I chose serial killers.

Some people experience an amplified lust for life (some times it’s drug or mania-induced sometimes it comes from a more internal/innocuous source)

Hypersexuality, Zeus and his sexual conquests, Bacchanalia, Vampires and blood lust, The sick twisted lust of serial killers


Toffee (A Shadorma)

For the romantic poet Richard over at who took up the challenge of writing a piece on the word Toffee.

Please check out his site, if you aren’t already doing so.

Below is my submission.


I could feel

Sweet mouth on my skin

He nibbled

I breathed in

Whispers for more, he explored

Lips met, toffee sweet

©jmtacken Feb 2014

Shadorma is a Spanish 6-line syllabic poem of 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable lines respectively.

did I misplace you (Prose)


I inhaled the essence of you
a time past, you penetrated
layers of me, secreting all that
was good, kind
our lips met undivided
as trailers grew upon the
grafted as one
buds opened
giving way to inhibitions
embracing the sun
I drank of you
ripening my core 
your substance
enflaming the
inside me, I once had
shall I have again?
©jmtacken Jan 2014
and thank you for the gentle pokes from Michael over at Morpethroad.

and where do we go from here (Prose)


finger tips memorise
the you ~ the me

open mouths

unfocused eyes
drawing thoughts ~ from coloured irises
chores, stock market highs forgotten

it begins ~ heartbeats pound
breath drawn in

ribcage raised
cells explode

mouth on mouth
we drown from the inside

adrift ~ spiralling
no sense of what’s around

~ exhale

©jmtacken Jan 2014


I have been absent the last few days. I want to thank those that emailed me, checking if I was okay ~ very, very sweet of you. I have been a little busy, preparing for the Service on Wednesday and having an Interstate visitor ( a blogger ) for the weekend. Also ‘children’ issues and my muse ran off with my Vodka. I’m now quite sure if I like what I wrote, but I post, as I am finding it a little difficult to ‘get back into it’ so I’m practicing.

I shall write in the next couple of days about my visitor, try and find my Vodka ~ I mean Muse and thank you for those enquiring after me in my absence. Hugs.


Who knows who? (Prose)


Skinny latte?
warm smile, hand raised

flat white decaf?
here he said
slight wink


feet tucked in, ankles crossed
just watchin’

grabs the sugar
he reaches ~ hands brush

head thrown back, warm smile
he’s smitten, she feels the vibe

conversation easy

wrapped around little finger

watches coffee cream
on balmed ruby lips
tongue smooths it gone

before he has the chance

he wants to sprawl
across the plate filled table
grab the back of her head
make intentions clear

ruby lips needn’t talk

she’s smitten, I can tell

©JTacken Jan 2014

and yes Latte’s and decaf not around In Mr. Dean’s time…ahh mores the pity

Fishing (Prose)

Photo Credit:

how did it begin? Coloured sparkling trinkets
bait that hypnotised I fell hook line and
sank into your arms
So long ago it seems when flowers decorated vases
extravagant diamond fingers stroked satin sheets
swept up from street corners
$‘s slipped into fish-nets
knowing I was an easy catch
your shiny limo slowed, you in your tux
debonaire high roller
what happened

I‘m not paraded on your arm these days
clinking glasses with the elite
Designer gowns,  intro’s to your colleagues
emeralds round my neck shone brightly once
your Polo trophy takes pride of place
are you bored now with this showpiece
alone, I hear a woman laugh
velvet boxes empty on the dresser
another trinket ~ another lure
Someone to replace what I was
I fade into obscurity, yes
you have been the death of me

©jmtacken Oct 18 2013

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against the doorway
I am pushed; that edge I love
the masculine boss

violence not shown
no hate unleashed or anger
piercing stare I swear

the heat extracted
burns hot, as a blacksmiths iron
soft, intense blue eyes

my breathing quickens
I anticipate your move
it is milk chocolate

smooth as silk against
my tongue, swallows and wants more
do not hesitate

your first move,  your voice
perhaps soft sweet whisperings
body beckoning

how shall you begin
hot breath on quivering skin
nibbling with your teeth

gentle, with power
my resistance is futile
I need, I want ~ now

whisper words of lust
I implode with what will come
feet unsteady sway

hands upon my cheeks
lips velvet brush against mine
giddiness begins

within my cells
I awake, body arches
foreplay has begun

I evaporate
languishing into your arms
like chocolate melting

3 feathers

Open Link at the Bar – Please join some amazing talent.


awkward silence
perhaps a bad connection, I tap the phone
a stammer returns..
a paper cut
"I'm in town, thought we could catch up...tonight?"
you could hear a 

feather drop

"Is that wise?"
answered with doubt - curiosity
"We've both moved on, it's been 3 years
lighten the tone I hear myself
...heard you got hitched?"
news faster than the speed
of light
"Yeah...yeah I did"

2 feathers

"Surely no harm..old friends right?"
I heard the smile
"At the Hotel...our old Hotel ... say 6?"
anticipating yes... no
my hand clutches the cell
"I should be okay...see you there"
stomach knots
I hit end call
a light kiss on the cheek
I smell familiar scents
as we sit, knees close able to touch
"You look great"
"We do"
edgy laugh
"To you"
glasses raised simultaneously
like we never parted
never moved on
never met anyone new
the lost jig-saw pieces
another drink, seductive lips
wrapped around the rim
and another
knees again..but electricity
this time
shuffling feet across the carpet
I watch it pour
vodka drink of choice
merry-go-round time
no words just glances
no actions .. only the language
of our bodies
"So you're happy"?
"Hmm" was the reply
a so-so kinda answer
I reach out covering your fingers
that strum nervously on the bar
"I ...ah...booked a room.. for old times sake?"
pupils enlarge
pulse beats
"No regrets... pretend nothing happened?"
a wink
as we walk upstairs
holding sweaty palms
"No regrets at all"
as we enter the room
the familiar decore of
yester-years love
that was blinded by
afternoon lust
before we moved on
and life changed
and routine set
like a dark cloud
as I undid his belt
hands trembling

3 feathers

kissing his throat
how could I pretend....


I’m sure if I stared hard enough
passed Klein pin stripes
and ironed shirt
buttons peeled, the tie removed
a part – minute
infinitesimal in fact
gives a damn, some remorse
you were a cat on heat
you strayed


insignificant mumblings
spilled from a soiled mouth
that has been plunged
by her tongue
spitting out apologies
her lips not sweet as mine
gullible me
you hoped


in your chest
chambers, ventricles
the muscle
pumping blood maintains
a continuous beat
allows you to draw breath
together with wetted
lungs, yet your
emotions had run dry
for us


was there a forever after
as we walked hand in hand
‘I love you’ thrown my way
to satiate my insecurity
but you required more
lust over love, afternoon delights
of tasting
a different skin – a different salt
tired of the old – in with the new


take your pathetic and your
meaningless excuses
of a night
where booze imprisoned
your thoughts of me
unrealistic expectations
what you thought you needed
as you rode high on this harlot
of your dreams
it was only the once…?




Purely Fiction!

lust in the afternoon sun

b   u    u   u   m  p

and        g   r  i  n  d

like salt and pepper sing

just a little bit and

o   o  o   o  oooh

come         c l o  s   e

I need to >>       s  t  r  o  k  e

like a baby near the fire

will I hear

don’t touch….    it’s     H    O    T

but sizzzzzzzle

your skin>>>>  is the match  that’s

lit the fire within

I see

pecs and 6 pack abs

forearms glistening with    s  w  e  a  t

jeans hung loooooow

oh oh     ooops

what do I think

moth to flame … just look at you

hell don’t wink




whoooooo   CARES if I burn