Update on the Penguins (Not the winged kind)

This afternoon I took mum for the results on the MRI she had on Monday.

Not dementia as we all thought, but rather that she has had two rather large strokes and has had several smaller ones – this is what is affecting her memory.

No one – not her or the family knew about when these may have happened, but as the Specialist said they are at times silent, not affecting any speech, body movement or restrictions.

Tomorrow morning I get two new lots of medication for her in order to keep her at this level (if they work) otherwise she will eventually develop Alzheimer’s.

When I got her back home and explained to Pop what had happened she started crying, so darling Pop shuffled up to her, put his arms around her and said “Come on Kid, we’ll be fine”, kissing her on the forehead – my heart went out to her, she looked like a frightened little girl. My heart went out to Pop too, growing old sucks, you suffer, one way or the other, yes it’s part of life and we will all have to face  the age process and possibly medical issues – but it just sucks.

Now we go back in two months to see how she is and what needs to be done, if anything..

This is an update only for those that are kindly following their journey, no need to post a comment.