Today’s chat

Warmth of the dimly lit room

music playing softly

Warm fluffy robe

bare feet in warm water, I wait

the massage begins, then

onto the table, clothed in

warm towels

back, shoulders, legs

arms, neck, face

remedial and relaxation

hot towels


wake up?

has it been an hour?

must I?

lunch with girlfriend

laughs, window shopping

back home

painting still continuing

back tender from the hands

that brought such pleasure

relaxed, read the wording

of the Service to the daughter


text comes through

mum in hospital

washing brought in

tripppps on the grass

broken right arm

near shoulder

visit tomorrow after Service

bring essentials in

Oh My Goodness


Yes,  just when I thought things were picking up, mum has a fall this evening.

They don’t wish to operate at 85, it’s too risky. She will be in plaster for quite some weeks and it’s her right arm…yup I can read what you’re all thinking..