Book Review : The Empty Nest: A Mother’s Hidden Grief by J M Kadane

Meditating Mummy my beautiful virtual friend, very kindly wrote a review on my Memoir. Please visit her, as I am sure you will develop a very special relationship with a very lovely and caring young woman. This is such a lovely, unselfish act and I cannot thank her enough for her kindness… Thank you Shams x

Meditating Mummy

When I first met Jen from It was ” virtual like” at first words.  We went back and forth and visited quite a bit. Jen is warm, positive, inspiring and just a lovely person. She has become a dear virtual friend and It has given me the greatest pleasure to review her book here, albeit a little delayed.

The Empty Nest from its touching cover to its lovely end, held my heart in a truly unexpected manner. I found myself facing a whole gamut of emotions as the ebb and flow of impermanence revealed itself. It read as a prelude to my life and my world. It is a poignant story about one mother’s journey, her happiness and her grief in an eye-opening account of how she deals with her new role as an ’empty nester.’

I was drawn immediately to her words. Other than being honest, emotional and…

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