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Above are parts of the two Testimonials I received.

I am smiling.

Below is the link to view, ¬†if you wish ūüôā

PS: ¬† I would like to thank Shaun from¬†¬†who helped me sort out this post from the original website – so thank you Shaun ūüôā

PPS: Yes the photo does look familiar doesn’t it.

Winter in Melbourne

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As ice clears on my winters morn
heavy dew melts ‘tween the blades
that crackles under shoes
I smell the smoke of open fires
creeping from houses nestled in my
neighbourhood, circling from chimneys
into the atmosphere, vanishing
as it dances with the grey
I wonder if I will feel the sun again
my body warmed against the chills
the smell of hot scones freshly baked
plated on kitchen benches toasty
warmed from those that sit
conversations with hot tea

no snow, but cold enough in Melbourne
in a winter, frost that paints the windows
of cars parked along the streets
house windows, trickle panes with water
as cold clashes with the heat
and I rub my hands together to stop
the chill entering my bones
rugged in boots, coat and scarf
I walk the path, the biting air
nips my cheeks, breath exhales white
into the air, teeth chattering

the sun will come around once more
a few months, is all I have to bare
of waking in the darkness off to work
returning in the same stilled black
but I know, as sure as every season comes
longer lit days will arrive once more
where smiles are more readily seen on faces
venturing out of doors, ceasing the will
to hibernate as short beaked echnidas do
for we have no bears that hide in caves
as I wish at times I could

Another bit of Sunday nothingness from down under

2013-02-24 12.47.33

This is a photo off my street
where Elm trees are their finest
in the Summer when the sunlight
cascades through their boughs
when their leaves change colour
in the autumn and fall gently
to the ground
I love this street
the branches
form an arch all the way along
like a guard of honour welcoming
you through

For the history on this street Blackwood Park Road and surrounding area
please visit here

I hope you have liked or at the very least, learnt a little something about where I live.

So you want to know who the REAL Rambly is? My 251st Blog.

Fortitude required to read further.

My 251st Blog – really? I hear you quietly murmuring. I know, I have written many posts since commencing and I have amazed myself at the quantity (my sympathies go out to all of you for putting up with them).

I am not doing prose/poetry for my 250th. I am getting back to grass-roots as it were Рreturning to ramblings. So perhaps get comfy in that chair and tilt it back a little. I am just going to write at will here (do my spell check of course, then hit the publish button Рso anything is likely to occur).

I was born 19.07.55 (yes you do the maths) or for my American followers 7.19.55 (with apologies but I still can’t get my head around doing a date that way) ūüôā

I was one of 3 siblings, my middle brother passing away some 6 years ago, dying alone in a Hotel room in India. I now have one elder brother and my parents (thank any high power you believe in) are still with me today.

I don’t remember much of my younger years, which is unfortunate as I am sure I would have many a story to tell, but for reasons (and not through age) I struggle to remember. I have snippets, small visuals that I recall now and then, but for the most part it’s a blank page. I do remember a doll I got for Christmas when I was probably 5 or 6 and I called her Irene after my mum. I remember when I was about 10 sitting in the car with Pop munching on a hunk of salami and a loaf of rye bread and a jar of pickles (Viking style). I do remember when I was 13, living at home, going across the road to an empty paddock with a fallen gum tree, standing proudly on top of it singing and playing air-guitar with the girl from next door.

I went to an exclusive all girls College for a year, only a year mind you, as at that time my eldest brother was also attending a Private School and in those days it was deemed more important for a ‘male’ to have an education and my parents were struggling to keep up the fees for both of us. So I was out. I didn’t mind, I continued going to Public School (High School) till Year 10 (sorry but I don’t know what that is in other countries).

I hated maths – I sucked at it, so I took an extra English class – perhaps that is where my love for writing began.

I was a rebel at School, yes I was the one (we are talking the early 70’s here people) that hitched their school dress way too high and thought I was cool. I also started wearing make-up to School and didn’t realise the cheapest powder I could get hold of had a lovely orange tinge to it. I suffered through the pimply stage and would hibernate at home on the weekends. I had girlfriends but mainly ‘boy’ friends – I was more comfortable in the company of ‘guys’ than ‘chicks’.

I wasn’t a Rhode Scholar in fact I barely made it to the end of Year 10, however I landed office jobs without too much trouble when I joined the work force and have continued my entire working life – in offices. That’s 41 years I have been working.

My parents Pop – Czech and Mum – English are the most delightful, encouraging, supportive, loving parents I could have hoped to have. They landed in Australia when mum was 21 and Pop 23. He started his own business and was quite successful for many years. My brothers and I never wanted for anything, we weren’t overly spoiled, ¬†but we well taken care of.

As I mentioned I was a bit a rebel in my teens (aren’t we all) and yes I did receive the strap once in a while when I was young to pull me into line. Today unheard of, of course, then however part and parcel of raising your child. I think I have turned out ok for it and think nothing of it now, it’s how it was.

I lied, I sneaked out, I did what most teenagers do or try to get away with. I would say I was staying at a girlfriends house (which I did) but I didn’t quite stay there.. when her parents were asleep we would haul asses out the window and meet up with boys.. you know the man of your dreams, the pillow you would kiss pretending they are with you. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

Escaping escapades did get myself and my girlfriend into serious trouble one night, as her parents checked in on us..ooops we weren’t in bed. The police were called. Back then it went to the ‘big boys’ who tracked us down, quietly sitting in a shed at the back of a bowling club smoking weed and listening to Jimmy Hendrix…ahh the things we do ..right?

Or the time my family would go and stay with our friends at their holiday house in the hills (long before I actually moved to them). This G/F and I thought we would hitch-hike to Melbourne (possibly just over an hour away by car). We thumbed down the highway to be picked up by 2 ‘nice young lads’ in a Ute …we were fine..not a care in the world, till they drove off the road into a deserted spot surrounded by trees. LUCKILY somehow and my memory is not serving me well at this point, we managed to escape and hide. Our age – 14 or 15. Naive young girls who thought they could handle any situation that came their way.

I am a doting mother – probably too much so, I found it difficult to let my girls stand on their own two feet or learn lessons in life. I was always there, I will continue to be that way hopefully not to their detriment.

I have had more than my share of relationships, some good some horrid some in-between. I was married at 26, had my first daughter at 28 and my second at 32. I was married for 19 years when I decided to pull the pin, only because our communication had broken down and we weren’t on the same wave length any longer. It happens, it’s life. My ex has remarried and I get along famously with her and my ex and my relationship is still amicable and healthy. For special birthdays for the girls we all get together, go out for dinner etc and I like it that way.

I then had other relationships before I met my last ex (sounds bad doesn’t it) we were together 6 years, engaged. He was 16 years my junior. It didn’t cease because of the age difference, we just weren’t meant to be. After a couple of small relationship fiascos I ventured onto the internet dating scene where I met Mr. S (yes I have written posts about that, so I won’t bore you further) by the way are you still awake?

All I will say about Mr. S and I is that we haven’t had a fight or a cross word since we met, 5 years ago this May, we are of the same ilk, he now being a blog widower is happy that I have found my calling and he is quite content to watch TV upstairs (we are talking 4 steps here) or read his Kindle books.

It has taken me many years to finally find someone who I am truly and 100% happy to be with and I love him to pieces. He let’s me be me, I let him be him. We share common goals and interests and laugh most days..but wait …I said I wasn’t go on about him, ¬†so I shall stop now.

Me – hmm well I use to oil paint – I sold one ONCE, I sketch now and then but writing (insert no shit sherlock) is where I belong.

I LOVE dogs all breeds all shapes all sizes. I cry at Lassie Movies. In fact I feel more saddened by the death of a dog than what I do a human in the Movies. When we had to have our fur-baby Tarsha put to sleep (aged 16) in memory of her I got a tattoo on my lower left hip with her name and a paw print. I was so scared, this was my first (and last) tattoo, but I had always tinkered with the thought of getting one..(but it had to have a special meaning) I decided the time was right. I remember the pain, I remember lying there and the girl Tattooist saying “Breathe” to which I replied “I’m trying” but I am happy that I had it and it’s a constant reminder of my girl.

I love horse riding and though I haven’t been since last year I am itching to get back in the saddle.

I live within my means, I don’t own a credit card. If you can’t afford to pay for it – you don’t buy – that’s my motto. When I was a young mum I bought some clothes for myself in Target only to get to the cash register and say “Sorry I can’t take them”…because I felt guilty about spending on me and not my family.

I did love to read but blogging has err taken over that.

I smoke (yes I know don’t shake your heads in disgust) us ‘lepers’ already have to deal with the tsk tsk’s and the ..what you smoke eyebrow lifts. I drink – no not an alcoholic (though one doesn’t truly admit that do they?) ok I enjoy a drink ..that sounds better.

I wrote a book – what you haven’t heard of it???? ¬†depressionexists ¬†wrote a post and dedicated it to me and my Memoir which I love her for and I must say her review tickled me pink or was that orange. Anywhoo, I only mention this ..because I know for the writers out there who struggle to get published, it is such a difficult road. If you lucky enough to get an Agent to represent you, you may have a chance. I tried unsuccessfully to do that, I sent my Memoir off to every Publisher in Australia, the UK and USA. “You write with humour and warmth and honesty…but not what we are looking for at this point in time” was the reply.. so I EPublished, and woot woot I have sold I think 27-28? books. No I won’t retire a millionaire, but I have the knowledge that someone out there has read the words that I wrote over 3-4 years, that in itself is my reward, my dollars as it were.

I cry at anything. I am an emotional little poppet – I am Cancerian we are built that way..full moons make me go ‘troppy’ (nuts) I get hyper, babbling more than usual..(wait is it one tonight?)

I enjoy cooking if I’m having a dinner party (but freak out if there are more than 4 guests). Otherwise during the week I rarely cook. Mr. S does a mean poached eggs on toast and I’m cool with that..let’s just say we graze and don’t often sit down for a ‘cooked meal’, as daughter # 2 is out most nights and can fend for herself at any rate.

I adore both my girls – chalk and cheese as they say. Unique perhaps? Trials – tribulations… I have had the lot and will continue to do so..just being a parent.

I can’t wait to be a ‘nanna’… busting actually.

I wear a 7 1/2 to 8 shoe and I’m a size 10 and I have hazel eyes oh pfft I have a photo on one of my blogs – don’t need to tell you (though now my hair is pixie cut short – Vidal Sassoon style).

I am um 5’ 5 and A HALF ( the half being terribly important) or (166 cm roughly) you wouldn’t have been able to sleep without knowing that, or perhaps that’s what has tipped you over?

I’m a dedicated employee but won’t put up with bullying or BS and strong enough (and old enough) to speak up if I feel something isn’t right.

I love music most kinds (apart from Jazz) that annoys me.

I love to dance (ok pretend that I’m young again dancing around my hand bag on the dance floor).

I believe I am a good friend (I hope that I am) and I am there whenever I am needed.

I had laser on my face today and look like I’ve done a few round with Ali.

I think constantly at the moment of my parents and their life and how things have changed. I see them struggle and it saddens my heart. I help as much as I can, be there as much as I can. I am thankful we are only a 7 minute drive away from where they live. I can’t imagine them not being in my life..I don’t want to imagine.

So there you have it – me in not quite a nutshell – Rambly foibles and all.
Maybe you have learnt more about this person that you follow…or maybe your nose is now wedged between the letter T and N key on your keyboard.

Thank you if you have had the courage to read this all and not skip lines, thank you for your continued supported which I am most grateful for.

I bid you goodnight it is 1am Saturday morning…. have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Point Nepean – Melbourne

This is Point Nepean – where Mr. S and I went to 2 weeks ago here are other photos – ( not mine Images for Point Nepean. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†This was one of my ‘ratty’ days however, you know the type you wake up you know the day won’t go well. ¬†Firstly Mr. S suggested we go for a drive down there (yep all for it) then the time lapse between asking and actually getting out the door (resulted in a slightly grumpy Mr. S). Mr. S informed me that we would be doing some walking, some on beach some on tracks inland. Right flat shoes (relatively new) I donned, then out the door (finally). Then OMG I didn’t bring my notebook for writing (yes it goes everywhere) so quick? stop at the shops to get one. This is one of my photos (if it stays on the post that is)


Off we went (I may add it was quite a warm day..actually bordering on hot). After an almost 1.5hour drive, we arrived. For some reason (known only to myself) I hated my new phone that day.. don’t ask but it was a piece of shite and I got angry with this inanimate object. I yelled at it, I accidentally dropped it and scratched it (which didn’t help my demeanour). The walk inland was buzzing with flies and tan-bark and sand. My new shoes!!! ¬†We managed to walk to the end a few kms and look at the old Naval gun sites (did I mention it was originally a Naval Base?) Hmm possibly not, so through sand, bark, flies and blisters and taking ‘happy’ snaps along the way…this was our day. Mr. S in defence said “Well I looked at your shoes and they were flat so I assumed ok for walking”. ¬† No honey they are new…they aren’t broken in or able to track through bushland. Thankfully there was a shuttle bus at the end as my blisters would not let me walk all the way back to the car.

We shall return when I am properly attired!

Steavenson Falls – Marysville Melbourne

Mr. S and I went here yesterday. ¬† It is about an hours drive from where we live, ¬†¬†¬†there is a road that you can drive to reach the waterfall, but no we thought …can’t be that far … signs say ¬†‘slight’ inclines…we are fit..besides we are minding Charlie (the dog) yes I know how cute is he! ¬†(if you could see him that is…. I think I accidentally deleted the pic ) and¬†he wanted to walk and not sit in the back seat of the car so he could take in the views and wee on 24,000 plants along the way.

Here is Charle and Mr. S having to carry Charlie across the steel bridge..ho hum Charlie Charlie there are no trolls! (Don’t you just love the hat and the open mouth – poor love it was stinking hot and we had trekked for a few kilometres by this stage, close it hun you’ll swallow flies)


2013-01-12 13.50.04

Well after several bouts of huffing and puffing and runners slipping on the gravel pathway we made it up those ‘slight inclines’ ¬†3.4km later (just over 2 miles). Beautiful..yes? Then the trek back down – more treacherous I held onto the back of Mr. S’s shoulder, so yes if I fell ..he would too (I’m good like that). Most of Marysville had been destroyed by bush fires in 2009 and they are slowly rebuilding. 175 lives were lost and 441 injured, not to mention the animals and birdlife.

Below is the pic of the waterfall that we hiked to.

2013-01-12 13.07.59

Hopefully you can make out the below….An echidna¬†Echidna Information¬†we saw, well I saw first (Mr. S was too busy navigating the gravel path). First time I have seen one in the wild. Burying his nose into an ants nest…cute (apart from those spikes).


2013-01-12 13.20.53

Hopefully you have enjoyed my little days outing.

What irritates me # 2

I decided to walk outside instead of pummelling the tread-mill. After all the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful 22deg here in Melbourne. This prompted Irritation # 2.

One of my pet-hates which irritates the B-jaysus out of me is this.

Riding your bicycle whilst exercising your dog. If I am about to offend any of my followers I apologise in advance.

  • You yell “Walkies” (let’s call him Bob) Bob rushes up, feet prancing, bottom swinging, smiling and tail wagging merrily at the word.
  • Bob’s body language comes to an abrupt halt when he sees you get the bike out.
  • Bob trots along beside you in the beginning whilst you sit on your comfy seat peddling merrily along.
  • Bob didn’t know you had eaten 3 slices of cheese-cake the night before and wanted to lose a few pounds.
  • Bob didn’t know that it was such a warm day outside.
  • Bob didn’t know you weren’t bothered to stop to let him rest.
  • Bob didn’t know that his exercise meant being dragged along for how many miles you wanted to do.
  • Bob didn’t know that walkies meant he wasn’t allowed to stop, to smell the grass, have a rest or pee on grass or a tree.
  • Bob didn’t know that he would get thirsty and tired.
  • Bob kept running, looking up to say please stop as his legs were tired and sore.
  • Bob did know that one of his pleasures in life is to please his master.
  • Bob kept going thinking he was making YOU happy.
  • Bob wishes he could speak.

You return with a very worn out and not very happy Bob.

You go and shower and have a cold drink.

Bob laps up water from his bowl whilst being spread eagled on the floor catching his breath.

Yes if Bob loves to run РPLEASE  let him run in a park so he may stop for a rest when he needs to or pee on a tree, or ride your bike without him.

PLEASE everyone use common sense especially if the weather is hot – if Bob must be exercised this way (and for the life of me I don’t see why it’s necessary) – give him a rest every few minutes.. in other words ‘Get Off Your Bike’.

Happy Bob – how all Bobs should be.


What Irritates Me – Do you care about your physical appearance?

Today Mr S and I were Christmas shopping and it was certainly bad hair day as far as the eye could see.

We had the older man in his black T-shirt and jeans with grey, tangled unwashed hair floating about.

We had the middle-aged man with protruding T-Shirt stomach and plaits down to his belt line.

We had the middle-aged women donning a buzz cut except for the pony-tail sprouting from the top of her head.

We had the let’s do a little bit of red and green colour because it’s Christmas.

What on earth? Did someone declare it National¬†Bogun¬†¬†day in Melbourne and I wasn’t informed?

Or is it a case of “Look at me …look at me – I don’t care what your reaction is as long as you look at me”.

  • Your hair may be unwashed – you couldn’t find 3 minutes to run some shampoo through it ¬†– or would that mean crap I have to shower to?
  • Your hair is a tangled mess – surely somewhere you possess a hairbrush – a comb – how about your hands?
  • Plaits only look good on Heidi – so leave them with her.
  • Your hair is buzzed with a pony-tail – what’s the pony tail for – trying to make the buzz cut look feminine?
  • Your hair has wads of blaring red and green splashed through it – did you perhaps walk under a ladder with paint buckets?

I mean seriously people how about a little bit of personal pride?

Yes you can wear your (sweats) trackies and food stained T-shirt when you’re camping by a river – but would it hurt you to don a little something nice and also see to your hair whilst out in public?

Yes I know a lot may say – each to their own – what harm is it doing.

Call me an old dragon but I beg to differ, there are certainly days when I get out of bed with bed hair – but I brush it, if need be I wash it. I wouldn’t dream of setting foot out the door otherwise.

Granted you can slop around all you like in the privacy of your own home, or up the bush, but would it hurt you terribly to look in the mirror before you leave the house just to make sure you look reasonably presentable?

Or is that I attitude these days of I simply don’t care what anyone else thinks?

Personal appearance and taking pride in yourself should be at least of a little concern should it not?

When we look good – we feel good – maybe they haven’t heard of that?

We have a better attitude, we walk with shoulders back.

These folk today, slouched (and please they weren’t poor underprivileged souls who couldn’t look after themselves) as the majority were laden with large shopping bags filled with Christmas goodies. Perhaps I shall receive comments that they don’t look after themselves so that they can afford presents for their kids and family…no no I don’t believe that is the case. **shakes head vehemently**

No this was purely a case of …..I just don’t care and Pffft yes my followers it irritated me.

Google &           These men can wear plaits.

Yesterday in Melbourne Australia

Google and

100.4F yesterday hot sun in Australia

Parches throat and toasts the fauna

Restless nights sleep

Throw off the doona

Crispens grass and crackles till dry

Sun in the sky blistering high

Dance bare footed across the sand

Lie on the towels to catch suntan

No cool air to dissipate heat

Hot gates to open, hot iron seats

Birds are silent in heat withdrawn

Heat makes you tired sleepy..yawn

Sun rays beam down washing gets dried

Towels all crunchy almost fried

Trees not moving no wind to stir

But this is the country I love ….AUSTRALIA



Has disappeared from this Post – Apologies.

What can I say.. 2 awards in as many days. I am truly and honestly flattered. This one has been bestowed upon me from the delightful, gorgeous honey-pie Paulama (as she owns Llamas) & perhaps loves honey-pies ūüėČ

So I wish to thank this inspiring lady who has nominated me, please do look at her posts as she is encouraging and honest about what she suffers and her posts are there to help anyone in need. So thank you Paula from the bottom of my heart.

As I just received the 2012 Blogger of the Year Award from the lovely Eunice

I am a little betwixt as to whom I shall nominate, as I feel that I can’t nominate those that I did previously, yet I am torn because I enjoy reading, communicating and following every single one of you.

Beautiful Blogger Award Rules:

The idea behind the Beautiful Blogger Award is to recognize some of the bloggers we follow for their hard work and inspiration.

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.
2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
3. Tell 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

7 things about myself

1. I am a mother of two grown up daughters, I have a Memoir E published and I blog on a daily if not minutely basis because I love it so. I try my upmost to be a good follower and comment and read and share as much as possible.

2. I have a tattoo on my left lower hip with my fur-baby names ‘Tarsha’ whom we had to put to sleep 5 years ago for she was 16 years old and also a paw print. I had always thought of getting a Tattoo done, though pain and I are mortal enemies and I knew if I did it, it had to be for the right reason. When he had her put to sleep…my reason was found, for me to remember her always.

3. I love horse riding though I haven’t been for a while.

4. I would love to learn the Salsa or the Tango (without breaking a limb)

5. I love dogs all breeds, all shapes and sizes and wish that they were able to have a voice against the cruelty that is sometimes inflicted upon them.

6. I was born in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. I have lived in Melbourne all my life.

7. I have done some travelling. The places I have been to are :-New Caledonia, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, France, Majorca, tip to toe of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scotland., Queensland & New South Wales.

Now the tricky part for you are all beautiful – ¬†I have chosen the following nominees because I haven’t before and I not only wanted to spread the LOVE but they are very worthy ¬†–

My nominees for Beautiful Blogger Award are :  I nominate Amber because though she is only 24 years of age, I adore her posts, she has humour and so much wisdom for one so young. To Melissa who started this site and gives other writers an opportunity to place their prose, poetry and photographs and is very supportive. To Shirley for her wonderful poetry and her posts about Australia.¬†‘T’ who posts about motherhood and everyday life and I enjoy her openness and humour. Vincent who has the most intriguing and unique posts I have read, especially his 50 word stories. Another Amber who does are marvellous post entitled Wordful Wednesdays, in which she educates us with words (I have never heard before) plus many other great posts.¬†Scott Williams whom I have only just started following admittedly, but his posts also intrigue me and educate. His sub title for his blog states – He is a Clinical Therapist, Speaker, Life Learner, Hired Gun (don’t know if the last bit is true) ūüėČ

Please visit these talented, informative, witty, intriguing people and hopefully you may enjoy them as much as I.

Once again I thank you Paula for nominating me… I’m just tickled!