This is for the men – just to show you I care

You poor blokes men,  aren’t you envious? Don’t you wish you could have at your finger-tips the vast magnitude of products that are pushed, brain washed offered to us women?

Don’t you all want that perfect glowing, unwrinkled, unmarked, unblemished skin like the stunners in the glossy magazines?

Or have the photos of these beautiful women just been photo-shopped to death? (the photos not the women).

Come on surely there is a tinsy winsy tinge of jealousy that YOU can’t slather your face with a miracle cream that will make you  achieve the ‘look’ that us females are so wanting to achieve? I’m not talking make-up fellas, I’m talking creams for your face that rejuvenate, lift, plump and give us that outer glow.

I mean look at the amount you can choose from!

Day moisturiser. Yes I use as my skin dehydrates now that I’m…older.

Night moisturiser. Occasionally I use – but couldn’t one just put a double layer of the day moisturiser on?

Vitamin C moisturiser. Particularly good if you want that orange glow.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. This is the plumping up one I was talking about, as far as the Marine? Is it made from Marine life? Are we meant to use it whilst swimming? Or if we wear it we will attract one?

Soothing Protective Cream. Oh yes sooth and protect me…erm from what?

Ultimate Youth Cream. Yes men guaranteed to make you look your youthful self again, so be prepared to also purchase  Clearasil.

Chemical Peels. Do you want your face to fall off bit by bit – then try this!

Retinol Cream. Ahh yes Vitamin A enhanced miracle cream of our time for that plump and radiant skin…

Herbal Cream. Ok let’s just go into the kitchen take out a packet of mixed herbs, throw some hot water onto it..let it ‘infuse’ – (you have to say that word slow and sultry like) anyhoo cool down herbal broth and pad on face..cheaper.

Cream for those with black skin. This is obvious coloured skin is different than caucasian skin.

Skin Caviar. Right then everyone who wants some pickled fish roe slapped on their dial hands up??

Avacado, strawberry (and other fruit) Cream. These are harmless, but you may as well just rub the actual fruit on your face.

Repair Balms. Repairing what – what you have lived in for how many years and now like  a car needing a service your face needs repairing?

Hydrating masks. Probably applied 2 masks my entire life..made a difference – nup.

Skin rejuvenation Cream. Rejuvenate – rejuvenate – the world has gone completely rejuvenating mad!

Perfect protection Cream. From what the one who walks in the night, the taxman, the robber, the door to door phone salesman (I wish).

Laser aid. Darth Vader are you there?

Moisture defense for dry skin, aged skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin. Ok moisturise…any defense is better than none.

Even blend Serum. For those that don’t want uneven blends.

Hypnotherapy Eye Cream. Look into my eyes – oh you are.

Sublimage Cream. A (apparently) chiffon like cream with ‘unparalleled power and precision which targets different areas of the skin simultaneously’. You have to be kidding??  Unparalleled power? The unleashed power of atoms? Pow- Wham- Bang – their is your simultaneous.

Glycolic Scrubs, cleansers. If you can pronounce it properly I guess it would work wonders.

Eye Replenishing Creams. So does that mean I can throw away my glasses?

Firming Cream. The muscle tone of healthy tissue. Therefore if you are not firmed you are not healthy.

Toning Cream. Yes it promises to tone – gives strengths and firmness to the muscles. Nothing beats having a six pack on your face.

Dark spot Cream. Bleach? Grab a bottle of peroxide – same thing.

Anti Wrinkle Cream. Gods gift to women! Yes plaster it on your throat and face and watch those character lines  disappear!

Am I being a tad judgemental? Seriously men – you can do without all of this, be rugged, be swarthy. If you MUST use something, a little moisturiser never goes astray it will do what most of the above will do. When you shave your blade will glide easier. Your face will be shiny and smooth and have that outer glow.

My beauty routine is goats soap and moisturiser – yep you heard it right..non drying goats soap.

I have tried for the last 57 years, well ok I didn’t commence my beauty regime when I first popped out but I have used numerous products that say they will promise the world and give you only an empty pocket. None of these back in my mums day and at 83 her complexion (yes though a little wrinkled) is still beautiful….if you don’t believe me have a peek

So men beauty needn’t cost you a fortune and there is nothing wrong in being a ‘metro sexual’…just let common sense prevail.

Why is that Men like Sport so much? My 1st Challenge for writing.

Ladies and Gentleman I beseech you – I gave out the challenge for my followers to give me something to write about – anything, everything as yes I have a few weeks at home where even my rambly, rattly brain will possibly run out of ideas. I would need mmmm possibly 5 ideas from each of you – that should keep me going.

I so prefer writing to housework or thinking what the hell do I cook for dinner so please feel free to add to the list.

This topic is from (aka Paula).

Stands straight, shoulders relaxed, concentrates on diaphragm , grasps the microphone and clears throat.

Men – love or hate ’em

Can’t live with them – can’t live without them. (or so we are told) hmm this is NOT the topic..ok moving on

Sports – a testosterone thing

Men bond by doing – women bond by sharing (known fact)

Men want to get out there – amongst it (whatever that IT is) Women want to chat and drink Champagne

It’s about competition and tribal

It’s the rah rah rah thumping of the chest (King Kong)

It’s Brave Heart in a Basketball match

It’s George Custer playing Football

Its man in his cave going forth with others to kill and hunt (yes that was a sport..ok and perhaps survival)

It’s the sheer pleasure of sitting back with his mates, having a drink, yelling obscenities without being told to shush

It’s the joy of yelling at the Umpire whether you be at home or at the game

It’s the thrill of listening to those who barrack for the opposite team and thinking you morons

It’s camaraderie just you and your mate sharing, enjoying, getting frustrated

It’s them having a beer and a bucket full of potato chips and relaxing and not having to think of anything else but the match

It’s so many things to a male.. some love sport – some can live without it – but it’s their little pleasure, whereas ours is shopping, socialising…dare I say blogging?

As long as it doesn’t consume their every minute

As long as they are willing and prepared to spend some quality time with us

As long as they don’t talk to US about it (as clearly we aren’t interested)

Who knows they could be so engrossed in the game when you lean over and ask for the credit card they will just hand it to you – no questions asked

So that my friend is my take on your question 🙂

I thank you


Don’t know how he got in here


Yes Viagra for Women and other bits & pieces..nooo not those bits & pieces…

Good morning/evening everyone.

My posts are becoming like a public daily diary aren’t they? It’s ok you don’t have to answer the question.

Browsing around my homepage this morning after my rave & rambling post from early this morning (how weird was that!?)  24th, 25th, 26th and 27th 41 visitors…is 41 my lucky number? Not sure  ‘lucky numbers’ don’t hold much credence for moi, so I shall just say it is a coincidence.

Anyway it is Sunday morning, only just and I have been the dutiful blog person and responded to my followers and those that have ventured into my domain. I find this an absolute necessity.

They have taken the time out of their day to read my sometimes utter gibberish and majority of the times leave a comment and for that I am grateful. Please do stop by to see if you don’t follow her already, she has written an interesting post on the ‘like’ button, with some very amusing and intriguing responses from her followers.

To round off my post this mornings paper in Melbourne has the headline VIAGRA FOR WOMEN – The drug trial that could change every relationship. Mr. S was reading when I popped over his shoulder and basically said WTF? He laughed “Yes I have some on order!”  Cheeky bugga.

The article – I shall be brief…

“Experts say the treatment could help nearly 1 in 3 women around the world who do not get full satisfaction and will fundamentally transform relationships”.

We do have other ‘interventions’ but  now us women apparently need a medical one in the bedroom? So what is this new nasal spray going to do I wonder? Allow us to become aroused? Supposedly it will give a woman a better chance to… well you know the ‘c’ word.

My how life has changed…I wonder how the men folk would look at it..

“Sorry honey I know I’m not ‘doing it for you’ so whack your sprayer up your nose and see how you go”.

Is it a primarily a spray for the ‘older’ woman ..or will the young also be experimenting?

Will women just have a spray whilst walking around the supermarket?


Though I am assuming that it doesn’t just set you off like a fire cracker at New Years Eve…that you actually do have a partner there to err..well help the proceedings.

One has to apparently have a spray a couple of hours before they think of having a sexual encounter.

So I can see the girl in the pub checking out the guy at the end of the bar saying to her girlfriend…”Back in 2 secs..spray time”.

Or the male saying at 5.10pm  “Honey do you think tonight we could….perhaps at 7.10pm.. “Do you remember where you put your spray?”

Now how is that going to make a woman feel? Maybe she would be happy…that he is concerned about her..end results.

Or the other way around yelling from the kitchen  “Sweetheart it’s 2 o’clock just taking my spray…so ready for you at 4?”

What if he wants to watch the football and it finishes at 5?

Heaven forbid  that you get your antihistamine nasal spray mixed up with your Viagra one.

All nice and cosy with your partner and your nasal passages and mouth are so dry need to quench your thirst every 5 minutes…oops sorry honey..sniff…wrong one… I’ll be back…again…(has to be spoken as though you have a blocked nose).

Anyway I’m not judging nu-uh not moi. What do my readers have to say about it?

Is it a live and let live. If it can ‘only help’ a situation is it ok to use chemicals to get you where you want to go…so to speak?

I shall leave it there as it’s 1 too early to be discussing this and 2 if my penguins read this I’m not sure what their reaction would be 🙂

Happy Day to everyone!

Here we go Here we go Here we go
Pic Courtesy of Google

Say no more    –  Pic Courtesy of Google

To Laser or not to that is the ?

Well since I have just undergone the treatment I shall let you know what it’s all about.

So for you MEN out there that follow my blogs – probably best if you tune out, go grab a beer, kick a footy around or put the telly on ‘coz I’m tippin’ this won’t be any interest to you whatsoever.

                            I like *cough cough* a lot of women my *vintage* kidding…no really.


Anyway this is serious. I had as we do – (PLEASE someone else put your hands up?? ) a few broken capillaries or rosacea as it’s known in the medical world, in addition to that I have what refer to as a sun spot (yes I was born in the 50’s mid to later, not earlier thank you) and I was a lover of the sun. Thought nothing of lying on my parents concrete back yard lathered in vegetable oil, baby oil or coconut oil. Digressing as I do. So after putting up with the rosacea and the flat keratosis for quite some time I had IPL treatment which is a broad band of light laser, I have 5 sessions in all. Each costing around $200aud a piece. The rosacea went away (3 cheers for me) but the keratosis (or sun spot) though faded slightly did not.

Last Friday I had (trumpet please or drum roll, which ever you have closest) “medical laser” ie a Gemini Laser was used on the rosacea and a Medlite Laser was used on the keratosis.  For those not knowing what the dickens I’m talking about the Medlite laser emits extremely short pulses of laser energy at 532nm and 1064nm and the Gemini laser emits two different wavelengths, 532nm and 1064nm each targeting different skin conditions/problems. Don’t worry I got the explanation of their website..I don’t know that much.  So what does all this tell you?

Conclusion:   The IPL though useful for hair removal and broken capilliaries did not work for my sun spot and cost me a small fortune. My face was slightly red as a result and the pain is akin to having 10 rubber bands flicked onto your face in one hit, in one small area….ouch.

The Medlite and Gemini Laser treatment cost me $275.00aud for both the sunspot and the rosacea. I took on the appearance similar to a toad fish for the first 15 minutes (but eased dramatically with the help of ice packs). The rosacea’s have vanished. The sunspot is now in the healing process and will take about a week to hopefully scab and be removed permanently. If not I have a 2nd go at it. The swelling is only slight under my eyes now and diminishing.

Pain wise I was shaking with vivid memories of the IPL rubber band treatment but the Gemini for the rosacea was a pin prick nothing more, nothing less. Mind you had quite a few of them, but my body didn’t even jolt. The Medilite was a little stronger but no jolting and no laughing gas or sedatives required.

This was a non paid medical announcement from ramblings.