What can I say but




   Juz Sayin’

 Thank you…thank you…thank you

          & NO (though I may act it at times) that is NOT my age!

   Bless all your cotton sock’s for hitting that follow button

                     I am honoured and chuffed

                            that you appreciate my writing




My 100th Follower was http://biggirlspants.wordpress.com

I mention her because it seems she has only just begun her journey in the WordPress Blogging World, I mention her for another reason, her Theme for her site.

She has made entries for Day 1 and Day 2. I am sure she won’t mind me re-posting her Day 1 Journey, for she is trying to battle her own demons and become a healthier, fitter her. Please give her encourage and support.

Blabbing on a Blog is easy trying to make a difference within yourself or to others is the hard part.

ok people

this is a quick post..its evening here on the mountain, I have been in the mind set all day about changing my eating habits and inserting some sort of exercise into my layed back lifestyle……..so here is a diary of sorts to help me on my journey and inspire anyone else too along the way……

………as a yo yo dieter all my life this will be another attempt to lose weight, but maybe this time I will tone down and change my mindset.

It is all in the mind as they say and somehow I have to find that trigger and get on a healthy path……………….here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Love (Re-posted from 20 lines a day)

Do you lie frozen under the covers

Cannot move to face the day

Is your body frozen in a moment

Seek shelter to keep your tears at bay


Do you dare not breathe to hard for that will make you think

Motionless, still you lie, for you fear your soul will sink


Do you lie frozen & find solitude with covers pulled up high

Breathing like a waveless lake in submission with your heart

Not responding to your surrounds or life

You have aches and unseen wounds for being apart


Longing your thoughts a simple adieu

Slowly waiting to gain control so you can be …you


Scared of what will happen next

Unsure of the tomorrow

Love been lost, you’re uncontrolled

Your body limp, your mind perplexed


Why has he left, does he also ache

You look at the ring…your love..your insignificant keepsake


Breathe in and out again sweet one

For you will gain your control

The covers can go down again

And you will soon again be whole