for the most part

hide the flaws

Can appear
pieces don’t fall

as part of what was


Copyright JMTacken 28.7.2014

I wrote this not because my state of mind was low at the time of writing, it just came out this way with the photo chosen.

Capture the words


RULES: From the ever amazing
150 words – or less based on what we interpret from the above photo.

I am going down the poetical road…as I seem to do on the odd occasion.

I listen to my words
where they want to go
the sea of vowels verbs and nouns
stare into a mirror pronounce the
syllables that emerge
reflection of cloud and hill
are seen
not my mouth nor face
merely the words that spill
falling to an empty page
casting a language of their own
this is what stares back at me
I write for like the clouds
it makes my inners soar
the mirror of me are my words
I am …what you read
nothing less and
nothing more

A letter behind the mirror

Prose Exercise – Write a story in which a letter is found behind a mirror.

This is dedicated to  Meditating Mummy’s Blog  loves Pride and Prejudice and all things romantic.

My dearest William,

Forgive me for writing, forgive that I have not found the courage to hand deliver this to you in person at the garden party two weeks ago, where I saw you for the third time.

I have battled with my inner feelings so, moreover the last few weeks and even now as I put pen to paper, I struggle. I know not, even as I write, to summon the courage to give this to you and if I do, how would I do this? For it must be with the utmost discretion.

Each time I see you, my heart does flutter, like the wings of a dove set free, alas, I am not free. Nor shall I ever be.

Like the dove my heart soars, every time I hear the mere mention of your name, or as fortune permits that I see you and it saddens me so that our lives are not intertwined.

My love for you is greater than all the treasures in this earth and yet I am alone, so very alone.

I wish to be unshackled from the life that I have now, that I may walk with you amongst our friends, our heads held high, or perhaps if I may be so bold, in the gardens alone.

I dream of you William, I blush as I tell you this. Modesty, I have none at this time, my thoughts and forgive me, my desire for you, would, in the eyes of others be seemingly wicked and un-lady like, yet they are thoughts I cannot control or keep to myself any longer.

Your fun for life, humours me greatly and something that I sorely miss in mine.

I know that I shall never be free, or that you would even consider the prospect of us ever meeting, but I write this nonetheless.

I ask for exoneration dearest William for taking the liberty of airing my feelings towards you, for I feel that you do not even know of my existence.  There was a glimmer of a smile in my direction, or I hoped that it was for me, a smile that bound my heart to yours.

I must be brave and console myself that you perhaps may feel as I do? Did you see my blushing cheeks as I fanned myself, not from the heat of the warm summer day, but the feelings that rose in me.

Have you noticed me amongst our friends? Though I am a woman spoken for, my relationship is an unhappy one, this is why I present my desires for you, shamelessly and wanton. I ask only one question of you and I pray your answer is the one I am longing to hear.

Will you meet with me my love?


The evil me comes out.

Walking in – scanning the racks, “Black linen pants where are you”?

Disgruntled – “Pfft” no where to be seen, so grabbed another 2 styles 2 sizes of each. 8 and a 10.

Attendant “How many do you have”?

“I have 4”, smiling through gritted teeth.

Inside head “Can’t she count”?

Hands me the plastic number, and tells me if I need any help to let her know.

Inside head “Yes, she’s doing her job but I have walked around for 3 hours trying to find these stupid pants, and I have blisters on my feet – wore the wrong shoes and my temper is fraying &  I’m quite capable of choosing my own clothes and my own size thank you… let me pass or I’m liable to throw myself on the floor right here and throw a tantrum”.

Into change room, strip off jeans and uncomfortable shoes – Inside head “Someone bring me a drink  & a bean bag to flop in pleease , damn shoes!”

Small room with 4 mirrors and bright lights. Bending over to put leg in pants, “Hello wrinkly knees, you look worse from this angle”.

Oops scared the hell out of myself as a caught a glimpse of my naked rear in the mirror behind me.

Inside head “So that what it looks like from that angle”.

Pull up, do zip, do buttons and they hang.

Next size down pull up, do zip, do buttons and the pockets are pulling – too tight.

Inside head  “Why the hell don’t they make a 9 ?? I’m a 9 for gawds sake, not an 8 not a 10 but a nine!

Leave dressing room. Attendant smiling “So how did you go”?

I glance, I smile, no…no thank you.

Inside head “Do YOU really care”?

Inside head “I need a size 9, I have wrinkly knees, my arse isn’t at all how I remembered.”

Yes ladies how much do we love shopping!