Mother’s Day

From a child, to the adult that I am
You cared & guided me
Along life’s path
Selfless in your love
Today I want to thank you
For making me the person I’ve become

I didn’t think when I was younger
Of the struggles we’d face now
Once upon a time you held my hand
To cross the busy road
Now it is I who hold yours
Our ups & downs & in-between’s

Our tears of joy & sorrow
Our laughter through the years
Not knowing how life would change
But no matter where this journey takes us
Our bond & love forever will remain

“Happy Mothers Day”

To all the mums around the world

To all the children who no longer have their mums by their side

To all who have struggles and all who don’t

Remember them today & always


A different style of Chat

Seeds and a

a face lit up showing basil shoots

sprouting that she planted

in a used glass jar

artworks displayed

car drive with chatter


smiles on the face

she ate Thai green curry

that blended with

the colour of her hair

we talked

then new clothes and shoes

her boots falling apart

warm weather on its way

a visit to the penguins

dropped back home

both enjoyed

my girl and I


K  had to cancel her outing with her sister, as she had locked the keys in her car and B/F J had gone to do a gardening job, taking the spare with him.

They have made another catch up date for next weekend. I am so happy.

I picked K up and we went for lunch, bought her some clothes and  summer shoes.

We then visited the penguins and I took her back home.

We had a good day, we laughed, we talked, we discussed B (her sister) and Borderline and what she experiences.

She was nervous about moving,  but today they went and saw J,  the wonderful lady who has offered them a room and she now feels a bit more comfortable about having to relocate again.

Mr. S and I  did 11 hours of non stop painting today. I have only just lain on the couch and every muscle and joint is starting to seize ugh! Tomorrow I have an hour massage a birthday gift from a girlfriend, then I am meeting her for lunch. I am SO looking forward to it!

Wednesday I have a Service to conduct in the afternoon, then visiting penguins again.

Thursday, Mr. S and I are flying to Nelson Bay in NSW to stay in a tree studio with spa, for 6 nights. I shall be taking my IPad, but if I don’t catch up on reading you all, or being around..well that’s the reason why.




Mother’s Day


tomorrow I shall buy flowers
our earth is bare now
stems that bore colour have
now retracted in the soil

tomorrow I shall choose a card
taking time to pick the right
one, with words from my heart
yet written by others

tomorrow we shall be with family
making conversation and memories
forgetting anger, sadness and
being grateful for who they are

tomorrow we’ll give thanks
for the nurturing, care and holding
us together when we became unglued
hoping our children think the same of us

tomorrow we show gratitude having them by
our side, but let us also remember those
mums that have been lost and the children
they have left behind

tomorrow raise a glass to all the mums
for their strength, wisdom, guidance
a toast to all who battle
and those no longer here

the card shall hold but a small part
of my love for you, as will the bouquet
I want you to have colour

copyright JMTacken 10.5.14

This morning I said to Mr. S that I need to get mum a card in the morning. He replied… and this year I won’t be. It has been almost a year now since his mum passed unexpectedly.

To all those who have lost their mum, my thoughts are with you.
To all those who are fortunate to celebrate Mother’s Day (ours is tomorrow) with their mums ~ be thankful.

always knock twice (Prose)

you knock once
knuckling the wood grain
I stand
chipped enamel scratches
unpainted floorboards
stub my cigarette
hard against the lacquered saucer
it’s mate broken years ago
step slow to the door
head tilted view
through curtains of chiffon
to make sure it was you
its been months
since you were here
perfumed gin hangs on my breath
I wont stand so close
you are here for just one reason
to take the kid to a circus
trying to make up for
times you never showed
you knock once more
not your strong point
“Alright” I yell
“Keep your shirt on”, slurred
I wonder if you’ll notice
my mind flashes back to
better times
how you looked without
a shirt
“Nathan”, I scream
“Your father’s here
Jesus,  are you ready?”
I hear you shuffle from
your room, hair not brushed
mud caked jeans from yesterday
t shirt with the coca-cola stain
I forgot to spray
before I washed
“Crap, look at the state of you
can’t you dress in something clean
your dad ‘ill think I’m unfit to
look after you”
“This is what’s clean”
you murmur, head bowed
I long for another sip of gin
“You ready mate”, he asks
as if our yesterdays did not exist
“Perhaps a shopping trip along the way?”
you smile
arms around his shoulders
walking out the door
I watch the car pull away
reach for the bottle
forgetting any future
forgetting  every past
©jmtacken Jan 2014
Photo Credit: Flickr and jcoterhals
I couldn’t find a photo of a little boy with muddy jeans and T, but his little face was too adorable to pass up
and thank you to Brian Miller from WaystationOne for the poke here and there.

It seems so – Mother to her child

Have I forgotten the first signs of you wanting to come into this world

It seems so

Have I forgotten the pain that racked through my body as you circled and moved within me

It seems so

Have I forgotten screaming in agony and wishing you would appear

It seems so

Have I forgotten the stitches and the burning when I stepped into those salt baths

It seems so

Have I forgotten day four or five when my hormones surged and I felt that I could do nothing right

It seems so

Have I forgotten the swelling of my breasts when my milk came in and the hot shower that brought relief

It seems so

Have I forgotten the inadequacies I felt when I couldn’t bring up your wind after a feed and thought ‘I can’t do this’

It seems so

Have I forgotten the fear I felt when you slept by my side in the hospital and didn’t wake for me

It seems so

Have I forgotten bathing you for first time trying to console myself that I wouldn’t accidentally let you slip

It seems so – but

Have I forgotten the moment they laid you on my bare skin – it seems not

Have I forgotten looking at you in absolute awe of your beauty – it seems not

Have I forgotten holding your tiny hands in mine and counting your fingers and toes – it seems not

Have I forgotten brushing my cheek upon yours with my tears flowing – it seems not

Have I forgotten that from that day forward my role was to protect you and keep you from harm – it seems not

Have I forgotten watching you suckle as you grasped your tiny fingers around my seemingly cumbersome ones and drifted off to sleep – how could I

Have I forgotten that I realised how lucky I was to have gone through the miracle of birth and to have two beautiful daughters because of it – how could I

Have I forgotten taking you for your first inoculation and wanting the pain to be mine and not yours – how could I

Have I forgotten with every day that passes how much my love for both of you grow and how proud I am of both of you – Never

To my girls – I love you