Before and after shots of the new flooring

Yes, because YOU asked for them lol

Before shots of empty tiled floor – the tiles were a brown/cream tone (forgot to take a pic) this is where our casual meals eating are is.
IMG_0558IMG_0575 different view of course, but this is it now.    🙂

Below is family room floor vinyl.                             Here is the new  & different view:-)

IMG_0560  IMG_0580


a shot of the kitchen

IMG_0578         a shot of all the new ‘bits’ for the dresser which I will be changing.IMG_0568


Daughter # 2 went out and got these vases – what you see on the top apart from the skinny black one (back left) and short black one (front right) came to a grand total of $35.00.

She is now doing two abstract paintings as we have, above the dresser, a huge cathedral wall which needs something on it. I shall post when she has done them 🙂

Hope you liked