Chat time…. I’m bored … forgive me?

Half the world is asleep therefore I have no one to talk to, as Mr.S is out, J is out with Mr.S and daughter #2 is on the computer and we aren’t talking much anyway 😦

So I thought I would have a chat, please don’t cringe, just grab a wine or a beer, or if you must a cup of tea (I promise I won’t say how boring) 😉

Well we had a quiet week in leafy suburbia as far as cleaning goes. Apart from Monday, when daughter #2 was sick and I had to take on 2 massive end of lease cleans. I started at 8am and didn’t stop, apart from driving the car from one to the other, when I could rest my bum on the seat.

The last one… Ermegawd old house, slate everywhere..and I mean everywhere. Anywho I got stuck in starting just before 1 and finished at 5.15. Needless to say that night and the following day I was well and truly knackered..yes an Aussie colloquialism, everything ached, woah is me, I know and I thank you for your empathy. It surprises me the state people live in, it really does.

I went to visit the penguins, they had visitors, a friend that mum has known for over 60 years and her daughter, they kindly brought lunch for them. The daughter D is absolutely hilarious, we get on so well and I’m rolling about in laughter with everything that springs from her mouth.

Mum of course got a little snappy now and then..situation normal now, D just grabbed my leg under the table, when she saw I was ready to bite! Pop just deals with it all and it’s tough on him I know.

Today well today, I just did MY housework…. oh joy, oh bliss. I even cleaned all the sills, skirting boards and doors..yes I go overboard at times, like me writing this. If you aren’t asleep by now, or fallen off your perch, well done you are to be commended!

I have my 18th Funeral Service to conduct on Monday. Finished typing up the Eulogy and pretty much prepared, until I get there and the nerves come into play..but if I wasn’t a wee bit nervous, I tell myself I’ve reached the point of not caring and it’s just a job. Which it isn’t, well it is, but IT’S a job with meaning and one I love.

Speaking of Services, I read a post this morning, that got me thinking about OCD, why you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I think I have strains of it, if one can have strains of it. For I have noticed after I pack my bag with my folder containing the Eulogy, I close it, then 10 minutes later, I’ll check if it’s there again. Then another check before I go out the door. OCD or paranoia? Hmm I’ll let you ponder that deep and meaningful.

We are out tonight to friends for dinner and wine, well of course there would be wine, glorious wine. I’m not an alcoholic don’t laugh- truly I’m not.

Now if you feel so inclined, tell me about your boring week or not so boring and make me jealous.

So that’s about it, for those who have kept up, I thank you.