Ramblingsfromamum will remain

Dear Readers,

I have been rather remiss by not answering the Post that I wrote some days back (or possibly longer) as to whether I should change my name on here from ramblings from a mum to something different.

I had so many wonderful responses and indeed some brilliant names to consider and for that I thank you all.

However I have decided for the time being, to leave it as it is – I hope all that contributed will not be offended for me posing the question and asking for ideas, only then not to forge ahead with a change, but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the name I have is indeed the name that should remain. If my writing takes a completely different course, which I can’t see happening, I may revisit the prospect of a name revamp down the track.

I have the propensity to ramble on the odd occasion or two (ok possible more than that) I am also a mum (though I haven’t written too much of late on anything mum related) and  ‘from a’ well that’s just in there. Maybe in the future it will be RamblingAussieMumwhowritespoetryandproseandshortstoriesandloveschallenges but for now
it’s staying put.

Yours Truly

Ramblings from a Mum


Open for Suggestions

It is Sunday the 7th of April 3:30pm. The brilliant sun has now crept behind the clouds ready to shine on some other part of the planet. We have turned back our clocks (or they have automatically done that themselves) no more daylight savings 😦  and I did some weeding this afternoon. Yay Me!

I firstly want to say ‘ta’ to those that have commented so graciously on my Blog Etiquette Post – which is here       Blog Etiquette- The 10 Commandments from the reader and the writer’s prospective – 400th Post
if you haven’t read it I shall refrain from asking why not. For those who have, I do hope that I imparted some useful advice (if not, I tried).

A few days ago Lynette decided upon a name change for her site which you can now see here

Which got me thinking, upon her suggestion that I should change mine from ramblingsfromamum. I am now open for suggestions.

Should I change?
Why should I change?
What suggestions do you have?

Naturally I will take all your comments on board (as per the Blog Etiquette) and promptly trash them, then make up my own mind …….. kidding!!!

So yup,  putting it out there, testing the waters, getting a feel (not that!)

So what do you think of the idea? Hmm, come on don’t be shy.



I shall in a day or two reply to suggestions and comments made in a post, so forgive me for not answering each of you individually as I normally would have.