You failed to say


“You failed to say” …

that boys could break my heart ~~~ that one day I would fall in love
that I would hurt
that I as your daughter must be careful ~~~ for there are boys who
would toy with my emotions
twist my heart into a knot ~~~ and leave
you should have warned me
that not all boys play fair ~~~ should have let me know
that my gut would ache
that I would fail to sleep fail to eat ~~~ that I would weep with
tears that seemingly had no end
that my voice would scream ~~~ from inside and no one
would hear my pain

I sit looking at the glass ~~~ filled with wine ~~~ tempting
trying to erase ~~~ and understand
why you didn’t tell me ~~~ liquid nectar that helps me ~~~ shut out the world
dilutes my misery ~~~ room swirls ~~~ speech slurred

boys versus wine ~~~the wine has won this day.


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