Let me reach
My veins exposed
You pick at my soul
Don’t stop my hand
Let it go
I grasp with
Fingers curled

I am raw
Love does that
Senses heightened
The ones we love

Let me reach
I’m here for you
You’re not alone
You never were
Let me in
Blunt the thorn
That tears my heart

Copyright JMTacken 3.7.2014. # 850


It is hard to write, this is the first thing in 8 days, I’m hoping to return.

A two minute piece- all my muse will allow tonight

wrap me up, not in cotton wool
for hard knocks are needed in
my life

wrap me up, not in spiders lace
for it’s binding would
restrict me

wrap me up, not in a season
for I need the chill of winter and
warmth of sun

wrap me up, not in sleeps embrace
for moments would be missed
with eyes closed

wrap me up, not in somber colour
for the brightness I adorn will
lift my spirits

wrap me up, not in the unknown
for I need to learn and

wrap me up, not in armour
for I must feel, cry, laugh
and grieve

wrap me up in arms
that’s all I need
ones that close
and open

copyright JMTacken 1.5.2014

I am yours to Infect

Ahh Trifecta here we go again. Week 69.
Sadly I do not get the prompts arghhh! yes frustrating, I have tried to get them emailed but it doesn’t work, so I rely on seeing others post and then I jump in to join these extremely talented ‘artists’ who put forth their submissions. For they are artists those who write…in my humble opinion anyway. I have not read any others. So here I go again and good luck to everyone.
This prompt is to use the definition below. The word is INFECT.3a : contaminate, corrupt <the inflated writing that infects such stories>    b : to work upon or seize upon so as to induce sympathy, belief, or support <trying to infect their salespeople with their enthusiasm>

You have the ability to corrupt
should I be wary?
the control
the influence

Drawn in by you
mesmerised did you know
this is how I feel
my mind races

No one else
to blame
no one but myself
I continue just for you

I attempt
creme de la creme
I wish

The front
the middle or
back of the line
I shall persist

You infect me 
and I hang on
your words

I care not  for sleep
partaking in your
tis’ part of me… who I am

contaminate and bring
out the best of me
I dare you
entice, allure with a single word

Make me believe
that what I write
is worthy
for I am enthused


For t….t…. Trifecta – Picture11-1-1

Look at yourself…it’s time

Trifecta Prompt Week 68 – TIME
The definitions to be used are – 3a : an appointed, fixed, or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end or  b : an opportune or suitable moment —often used in the phrase about time.

I have omitted questions marks as I thought that would spoil the rhythm in reading.

It’s Time

Think of how you have lived your life.  Are you happy. Have you wished for better, for less, for more. Have you given yourself a break from the pressures of friends, family, colleagues, the everyday rut and yes even yourself.

In all that you have, want, take and give are you satisfied with how your life has unfolded, are there dreams that you cling too, keep hold of them. Are you fulfilled, satisfied with you. Whatever your age, race, education, or background, are you content.

Mindful that you share this life not only with yourself but with countless others. Life will occasionally get the better of you and you will experience moments when you simply feel like giving up. Easier to walk away than confront, easier to stay silent than cause conflict, or heartache. Yet life as you know, will also bring you great happiness and tears of joy.

Everyone of us so complex. Your birth was the beginning of you. Your personality shaped inside the womb. How you live, how you wish to be treated and have others treat you is your own doing. You love, you hate, you smile, you cry. You will be sad, angry, you will be hurt, you will hurt. Savour every minute from the moment you are born till the moment you die.

Your life, one chance.
Give freely of ‘you’ to those you know and love but never let ‘you’ disappear.
You are special, unique.
Enjoy who you love, have loved, but also love yourself.
Write that novel, paint that picture.
Expand, explore your mind.
For time is too short, do not let it pass easily.
Show those that you love, how much you cherish them.
Take time each day for that phone call, for that visit to those you know are missing you.
Tell your children, your parents and those you care about that you love them.
Say you’re sorry or forgive me, or can you understand how I feel right now.

…….perhaps it’s time you stopped to smell the roses.

Tonight It’s Me Evolving


Written before reading other submissions.   For Trifecta    Picture11-1-1

Rambly – I am what I am tonight

Tonight there is a gnawing in my stomach
a mini marathon ran exhausted
everything seems a little too much ~ close the walls around my grey cells
I do not wish to think ~ I am not myself tonight
children of adult age bear grievances
do not speak ~ lack of love ~ sibling annoyances
horses at the barriers ~ the gate may open ~ but they choose to hold
and not accept themselves ~ both running the same race only
in different directions
parents ageing taking on their pain ~ watching memory wash away
life slipping by ~ a battle that cannot be won
witnessing struggles beyond my ability to help
having my father say “I don’t want to leave you”
can I explain how that rips me apart
earning my keep nine hours spent with whispers that are seen
unwelcome ~ try as I may will this change yet I think
is it me not them
matters to attend to ~ what energy I possess will not
allow what has to be done
friendship lost for reasons unknown
hard to question why
day of not having to think ~ or help ~ or question ~ or ask
or plead ~ or cry ~ or vent ~ or whinge ~ or try to mend ~ or try
to heal ~ or feel sadness ~ or wish there were answers to  ~ to have
no dramas
this is all I ask
I am known as ‘the organiser’ something needs doing
turn to me
tonight I do not wish this anymore
being a mother – giving all I ever could ~ yet sometimes
I feel not appreciated ~ should I ask that I am
I suffer not from illness ~ depression ~ or physical pain
yet when did I lose myself and why
do I feel this way ~ maybe just today
hopefully just today
I look at life through different eyes
I write this not for sympathy
or comments to stay strong
this is how I am right now
tomorrow I hope will be