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Hello everyone,

I haven’t written about my meetings since 25th May. Last Saturday night I attended a ‘meeting’ that included 10 or so friends and acquaintances of Carol (Head Medium). The ‘fledging mediums’ were having a chance to ‘strut their stuff’ i.e. get up in front of strangers and not just the group that they have become familiar with.

I was holding my brother’s scarf and a leather necklet, I also carried a photo of him in my bag. One of the ladies ‘H’ got up to do a reading. Bear in mind I have NOT mentioned anything about my brother to her or anyone in the group, please keep this in mind as you roll your eyes.

She said I have a male energy drawing close – on a brother or brother-in -law vibration.

I sat – tensed.

He did not pass of old bones (my brother was 47 when he passed).

I also feel that he had an illness but that he did not pass over from the earth plain from this illness (My brother had Hepatitis C, he was also told because of liver, that if he drank again, it would kill him).

He did not have a regular job as such, I get the feeling that he drifted in different things regarding work (my brother was a hippie till the end, he went to India a few times to purchase incense and jumpers to sell back in Australia, but did not maintain or hold a regular job).

He feels sorry for the grief he caused for your family and I feel more so for your parents (mum and dad found it difficult to accept the life path that he chose, not settling into the mainstream and there were many clashes).

Something substantial about midnight, that he had everything he could have wanted in life, but at midnight it was taken away from him. (My family do not know the time that he passed, he was found on the floor of his Hotel room in India, approximately a week after his death. The death notice 9/1/2004. He also went to India taking a ‘lady’ friend with him, she ended up running off with a Taxi driver on New Years Eve).

He is very quiet, but as he draws his energy away he leaves me with a memory of a park with playground equipment and a river, where he spent time with the family when he was young (a park that us as a family went to and had BBQ’s or picnics regularly, it had a playground and also a small river running through it).

That is what threw me the most, the fact that Mr. S and I had driven past this park not that many weeks ago and I mentioned to him that is where we use to go as a family and had good memories of.

My brother ‘P’ was acknowledging that I had remembered the park.

The tears were flowing, a girlfriend next to me held my hand. Her grandmother (on her mother’s side) came through, she has been contacted twice before. I couldn’t stop crying.

Take it for what it is, ‘H’ did not know anything of my brother, yet what she spoke of was the truth.

Could it have been applied to anyone? If they died young, didn’t hold down a regular 9-5 job,passed by something that wasn’t due to the condition that he had, caused anxiety especially to their parents for the particular life-choices they made, did he pass NYE – ie his life was full then everything taken away at midnight, and went to a park similar to what we did.

I leave it to you to decide, for me the acknowledgment of life after death is becoming more and more real to me as the weeks progress.

I will share more as time goes on.

I thank you.

Yes Viagra for Women and other bits & pieces..nooo not those bits & pieces…

Good morning/evening everyone.

My posts are becoming like a public daily diary aren’t they? It’s ok you don’t have to answer the question.

Browsing around my homepage this morning after my rave & rambling post from early this morning (how weird was that!?)  24th, 25th, 26th and 27th 41 visitors…is 41 my lucky number? Not sure  ‘lucky numbers’ don’t hold much credence for moi, so I shall just say it is a coincidence.

Anyway it is Sunday morning, only just and I have been the dutiful blog person and responded to my followers and those that have ventured into my domain. I find this an absolute necessity.

They have taken the time out of their day to read my sometimes utter gibberish and majority of the times leave a comment and for that I am grateful. Please do stop by to see if you don’t follow her already, she has written an interesting post on the ‘like’ button, with some very amusing and intriguing responses from her followers.

To round off my post this mornings paper in Melbourne has the headline VIAGRA FOR WOMEN – The drug trial that could change every relationship. Mr. S was reading when I popped over his shoulder and basically said WTF? He laughed “Yes I have some on order!”  Cheeky bugga.

The article – I shall be brief…

“Experts say the treatment could help nearly 1 in 3 women around the world who do not get full satisfaction and will fundamentally transform relationships”.

We do have other ‘interventions’ but  now us women apparently need a medical one in the bedroom? So what is this new nasal spray going to do I wonder? Allow us to become aroused? Supposedly it will give a woman a better chance to… well you know the ‘c’ word.

My how life has changed…I wonder how the men folk would look at it..

“Sorry honey I know I’m not ‘doing it for you’ so whack your sprayer up your nose and see how you go”.

Is it a primarily a spray for the ‘older’ woman ..or will the young also be experimenting?

Will women just have a spray whilst walking around the supermarket?


Though I am assuming that it doesn’t just set you off like a fire cracker at New Years Eve…that you actually do have a partner there to err..well help the proceedings.

One has to apparently have a spray a couple of hours before they think of having a sexual encounter.

So I can see the girl in the pub checking out the guy at the end of the bar saying to her girlfriend…”Back in 2 secs..spray time”.

Or the male saying at 5.10pm  “Honey do you think tonight we could….perhaps at 7.10pm.. “Do you remember where you put your spray?”

Now how is that going to make a woman feel? Maybe she would be happy…that he is concerned about her..end results.

Or the other way around yelling from the kitchen  “Sweetheart it’s 2 o’clock just taking my spray…so ready for you at 4?”

What if he wants to watch the football and it finishes at 5?

Heaven forbid  that you get your antihistamine nasal spray mixed up with your Viagra one.

All nice and cosy with your partner and your nasal passages and mouth are so dry need to quench your thirst every 5 minutes…oops sorry honey..sniff…wrong one… I’ll be back…again…(has to be spoken as though you have a blocked nose).

Anyway I’m not judging nu-uh not moi. What do my readers have to say about it?

Is it a live and let live. If it can ‘only help’ a situation is it ok to use chemicals to get you where you want to go…so to speak?

I shall leave it there as it’s 1 too early to be discussing this and 2 if my penguins read this I’m not sure what their reaction would be 🙂

Happy Day to everyone!

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