Chat time update

Hello everyone,

Yes it’s Chat update time.

Tomorrow in my neck of the woods it’s Good Friday, this afternoon Mr. S are going away ..(yes again) for a 4 day break. He’s so good to me, knowing the stress I go through. Again another destination that I don’t know. Surprise surprise! All I know is it’s 3 hours drive from here.

K saw her Neurologist yesterday, the results of the EEG and MRI showed nothing..diagnosis Epilepsy. If she doesn’t have another seizure from now till August she can drive again. She must stay on the medication however for 2-5 years 😢

Mumma & Pop Penguin are doing okay, considering. Pop still weak and this morning he fell backwards, luckily he was in the bed. Pop my brother and I went to view an Aged Care home yesterday. The task begins, we were shown around and of course having an open day, all the staff were smiling and saying hello and I wondered if if this is how they normally are. Or is a show of sorts. So much is written about the lack of care in these facilities that naturally I worry.

Driving him home, I thought we are actually doing this, putting them in a home, that they aren’t used to, that’s unfamiliar. Pop doesn’t mind, mumma on the other hand, I’m sure her wings will be flappin’!

It is their safety and well being that is paramount of course, along with my and my brothers peace of mind that we do this.

I have 2 services next week I think they will be my 66th (funerals) still have wobbly knees about conducting marriages, at this point.

Well good folk, I’m all packed (yet again enough to last me 3 weeks) let alone 4 days.

I may write if the urge overwhelms me whilst I am away. Take care all of you, have a wonderful Easter. Drive carefully and I hope the Easter Bunny delivers!

Love you all,



A little bit of news for my regulars

Just a little bit of news for my followers

As of next week I have a part time job.

It is in the same company where my Mr. S works, don’t be alarmed, we have had the ’round table ‘ chat about me working there, as I don’t want daja vue (everyone will know what I am talking about here).

As I will be on the lower level and he is on the third level, we will not see each other during the day, or perhaps briefly.

It is 2 days next week, 3 days the following week and 4 days every week for 9 weeks after that (a contract).

We will drive in together (on the days he doesn’t have appointments) – this means me doing the rise and shine at 6am or thereabouts, so no more all nighters at the computer for me when I begin (on the days when I have to get up).

8:30- 4:30 are the hours and I shall be doing customer service/administration.

So it will help, it will bring back my motivation to be ‘out there’ again in the real world and after that..well we’ll see what happens.

I want to thank everyone for the encouragement and support over the last few weeks, you have helped me more than you know.



Footnote: Do tell me what you think of my new Theme – too much?