A list of Blog Sites from ‘In the Net’ – Let’s support one another shall we.

Lynette over at  ‘In the Net’ see her here …..   http://lynettedartycross.com  recently received a Liebster Award and a Shine On Award, she does not accept Awards (her words not mine) 🙂 but she likes to put forward other sites that she follows. She happened to mention my site in her list, so in appreciation for her doing that I have listed below some of the other sites that she visits.  If you haven’t seen any of the below, pop over and have a look for you may come across, someone very special.

1. After Narcissistic Abuse

2. Broken but Stronger

3. Dree Speaks Freely

4. Every Day Red Flags

5. Paula’s Pontifications

6. I Won’t Take It

7. Jana and the Stone

8. Kinky Little Girl

9. Lexicon Lover

10. Life Begins at 45


1. Brunch for Every Meal

2. Sunday Night Blog

3. Inga Photography

4. View from in Here

5. One Hot Mess(age)

6. Lady Blue Rose

7. Pondering Spawned

8. My Emotional Vampire

9. Subhan Zein

10. Being a Beautiful Mess

11. George Flores

12. Paro Express

Here are my suggestions  – these are GREAT blogs! Some I’ve suggested before and some I haven’t:

1. Ramblings from a Mum – one of my favourite blog buddies!

2. One Old Sage – another of my favourite blog buddies!

3. Dust and Soul – a thought-provoking,  eclectic blog.

4. Teeny Bikini – outrageously funny and warm. I so look forward to her posts!

5. Jenny Pellett – a funny, witty, engaging blog.

6. Luiana Njo – a very talented photographer and cook.

7. Frances Antoinette – she says that she can’t write, but she’s completely wrong!

8. Lori – Lori has gone back to school! Take a look at her adventures.

9. Rarasaur – an amazing writer.

10. Zen Doe – fabulous photography and writing.

Very Inspired Blog Award – from Knocked over by a Feather

I cannot believe… and I am truly taken back by receiving the Award from knockedoverbyafeather. If you haven’t seen her work or aren’t following her may I suggest you do. Her Posts are humorous, open, raw and honest. I have been a follower for some time and she is now truly coming out of a shell and is posts some extremely witty writing.

As you all know I accept Awards  (partially) I thank, naturally the person who nominated me and in gratitude I list the other nominees. So band together followers and take a peek.

Mental in the Midwest

I Won’t Take It

The Cosmic Poet

Fish Of Gold

The Temenos Journal

Breathing Space

Fairytale Epidemic

My Rabbit Hole Trips

Deliberate Donkey

Evil Squirrel’s Nest

Blog It or Lose It!

Chatter from a Single Mom

Angies Grapevine


everyday gurus


Thank you Merby 🙂 xx

Very Inspiring Blogging Award

Kimberly kindly has nominated me amongst others for a Very Inspiring Blog Award
I am flattered and grateful and have advised that in appreciation ( as I don’t participate in the Award process) that I list the other nominees on my post in recognition.

Congratulations Kimberly for your Award and thank you for nominating me. Please check out these other bloggers if you aren’t already!

In appreciation from :-
















Liebster Award – From Kitt

What is the Liebster Blog Award? Yes I googled and this is what it came up with …have no idea if it is true or not.
The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. This award is the “favorite blog award” then.
The rules for this one state that you answer the 11 questions asked of you by the Blogger who gave you this award.

theinnerwildkat  has kindly nominated me for the above Award and Congratulations must go to her fine self, for I enjoy her posts immensely. She is outspoken, outgoing, yet a humble individual at the same time- as most of you probably may know, I sort of accept Awards yet I don’t. Yes it is confusing :-(.

Kitt has written some beautiful things about me and her other nominees.
As my part of acceptance, I do the following as I have done in the past and I hope that this still shows my sincere gratitude for her nominating me.

Kitts nominees are:

Phil– Funny, a bit sarcastic…and pretty cool…for a New Yorker. He’s a new friend with a passion for Speakeasies, watching living, breathing train wrecks and fitness.

Susie– She’s a woman who grabs life by the horns and dances…whether people are watching or not. Even Thor loves this woman!

Austin– My favorite Modern Day Philosopher who has quite the knack for putting a whimsical twist on current events while still making you think. (but isn’t that what Philosophy is all about?)

Rob– He’s blunt, a bit warped (he’s even got a “fan chick stalker diary” and “zombie diary” going on), funny…and very few things are out of bounds with him. It may also explain why he actually had to post a clarification blog for his new followers! He’s also featured a bunch of guest bloggers (including yours truly).

Loni– A wonderful, supportive new friend and author. She always finds time to stop by and give a kind word. Things like that mean so much.

Wordsurfer– A sweet lady who is a lot more courageous than she gives herself credit for. She’s always got a keen observation or a thoughtful comment. I’ve been enjoying getting to know her.

Jen- An empty nester who thinks she’s a “beginner” at poetry…but so far from that. She’s fun, and thoughtful…and full of insight. (Plus, she’s got that awesome Aussie thing going on for her…I’m jealous of her accent and I haven’t even heard her speak.)

CrazyTrainToTinkyTown– Yes, she really is a bit crazy…but in the best possible way! She makes me laugh. Her comments are quirky and full of fun, just like her!

LJ- A wonderfully talented writer friend who has this work in progress that has me completely intrigued. She’s a riot and my sister of the dirty mind. She’s also amazing in the way she supports her friends.

Ray– A new friend I met through Susie, he’s honest and insightful. In a very short time I’ve come to appreciate his reflective nature and his willingness to share.

Jessi– She just released a new book about a sexy Scottish Highlander…Yum! She’s a fun friend who is entertained by the fact that I’m a bit off the wall and you never know exactly what to expect when you stop by and visit me. She also understands that a love of erotic romance (both reading and writing) does not negate my love of God or my faith.

So to Kitt I thank you, to the other nominees, congratulations and I hope that all that follow me, may stalk take a peek at your sites.

Rambly (with a hot Aussie accent I believe) 😉

ONE POST 3 AWARDS – 3 sets of nominations

There I think I have covered it in the Title.


Firstly Ivonne from  ivonnemontijo  – Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey has given me an Honourable Mention amongst others of course, a Super Sweet Blogger Award , as I do not actually accept in the sense of answering all the questions and nominating my choices. I repost the nominations that she has listed on my page so that others may have a chance to see these sites. So thank you Ivonne for being such a darling (Congrats on your Award) and I hope that by me reposting is also showing you my appreciation.












honorable mentions:



Secondly Eunice from  nutsforteasure  nominated me for the 2012 Blog Of The Year.

Again as gratification for the Award I  have re-posted her other nominations,  so that others may have a chance to see these sites. So thank you Eunice for being the kind and lovely person you are (Congrats on your Award) and I hope that by me reposting is showing you my appreciation. Ps: – SHE HAS A CAST OF THOUSANDS!












Last but by all means not least is my new friend in the Blog-Is-Phere.
The 3rd Award Blogger of Year 2012 was kindly given to me by innerwildkat.wordpress.com (Kitt) who gave me the nomination, after receiving it from her friend Viveka. Thank you Kitt for my nomination and Congrats to you for receiving the Award also.
Here are her nominations and why –
Jennifer from Quirk’n It – who finds such lovely images from behind her lens.

Amadiex from The Closet Artist – who is finally finding ways to make time for her art work in the midst of her busy job at the hospital. (Ya’ll know how I feel about people who follow their dreams…)

Benjamin from Evolutions Of Art – A wonderful artist suffering from new onset Parkinson’s and with an appreciation for beautiful music.

Olivia OBryon – An awesome teacher with interesting stories…including one that proves…bad boys always have a plan.

Ramblings From A Mum – A new friend who made me realize…there are so many more gadgets that my house could use…

Organised Clutter – Whose idea of a “Literary Fantasy Dinner Party” still has me thinking about who’d be on my guest list…

Cowboys And Crossbones – Who really knows how to party…and is in Nashville, a place I’d love to visit sometime.

Sydney Aaliyah – One of the first people I met on here who also shows that the art of giving is not dead.

So to you 3 beautifully, talented and strong women I thank you for what you have done and please, my readers when you get a chance take a peek at those listed… I certainly shall 🙂

Ramblings – Flattered and Humbled