Gen Y let loose

Listen up all you fossils
yes I am listening too
hopefully you ain’t cooked
as you read the words you see
for this is totes awesome
the language of today
yes lol it is for kicks
the words I’m ’bout to say
I hope your’e not maggotted
then again this would make sense
for yolo you know and being
wigged out ain’t really cool
try not catch the zeds
as I ramble on with words
can I say wtf
along with chillax  ~ what say you?
the planking was lost months ago
now twerking’s really cool
lmao I’ll end this piece right now
so don’t be a tool
and get the lingo on your tongue
my friends are a different bread
and a dutch bag…erm ~ what~who?

©jmtacken 16/11/13


it’s L8..O gawd its 1am
clunk slow…ly the key-boAred
Daphne sits next 2 me
the flower frm the garden
not a purrrring cat or person
I dont have cats…I dont have dogs
I mind dogs tho… r u excited
(hmmm then u must get out more)
IF u r

I type & watch an ant…. little tiny
crawlin back black on an envelope
& wonder where he’s been..visiting
perhaps, a L8 nite snack – out with
the lads – rampANT

as time ticks /click – no
noise juz numerals on the monitor
fold ova ea other & my eye-lids
beckon me 2 sleep
my nonsense has got the better of

I look at my ph upon the desk
how do u speak in text?