The last word (Prose – The finale)


I haven’t loved you ~ for ever
the words almost vomit from my mouth
with the speed I wish to speak
your skin turns ashen grey
trying to absorb the words I said
in fact, the truth, will spear your skin

you’ve had your one night stands
but that’s not what clinched the deal
you lived your life with yourself
your love for what you craved
the existence you were comfy with
the brick wall was evident

I tried in the beginning
till it grew too much to bear
your obsession, your
“this is who I am”
please, give me a fuckin’ break
partnerships are two not one

you hid yourself from me
your love of you, caved my love
I don’t need this any more
it’s pointless to continue
to pretend our love was true
there are no tears to be shed
will divy up the chattels
you can start your life ~ with you

the thing that may cut the most
your brother makes love tenderly
far better than you ever could
ouch ~ sorry ~ does that hurt my love
as I walk past you to the door
when the blade plunges in my back
~ who has the last word now

©jmtacken 20/11/2013

I am very tired tonight – so I hope you accept the Finale to my Series.