Friday Fictioneers – March 1st prompt Moving Mountains

This challenge (100 words) proudly brought by
and Friday Fictioneers. This is a toughie, so a deep breath, a shake of the head and off I go!


“Ray,  honestly mate do you think it will run? I mean look at it?”
“ doubting his..our ability here?”
“Hell, no man, but take a look at it..surely…”.
“Trust me he knows what he’s doing, just hasn’t had the glorified touches is all”.
Ronnie shook his head, picked up his can of beer.
“Listen mate, you know the old saying love can move mountains“?
“Well didn’t we build this together, because we had fun doin’ it ?”
“Yeah but still…”
“It will move mate,” Ronnie grinned, pointing, cross those mountains over there”.

Open for critique and telling me “what a load of cods” 🙂