The sanctuary of home


His wrinkled skin hangs against
The crispness of the sheets
No decadent surroundings
The darkness of the frosted morning
Blanketed by cotton drapes
Connected to wires that
Monitor his heart and
The hand on the clock
Moves another space

He waits alone much as he lives
This sterile room brightly lit
His mind on hold for a diagnosis
He shakes from fear not cold
The noise of people walking
Wont allow his body to rest

He remembers the silence
Before bombs hit the streets
Those he dragged to safety
Tending to their wounds
Medicine was scarce back then
Some died in his arms

He blearily eyed thanked the
Nurse who brought a cup of tea
His manners remained impeccable
He was raised this way
Help him see the light of tomorrow
With the curtains drawn
Without the starchiness of
Cold sheets, let him return
Though he lives alone
To sleep within his quiet space
With the memories of home

Copyright 27.8.2014

Engraved memories – for VisDare


photo source

I know the sparkle
in eyes that I once owned
life’s adventures –
curiosity of things
in my life I’ve sailed a thousand ships
plunged words like knives
into souls I hardly knew
fought wars within myself
and won the battles

I’ve loved, hated
had wealth, been poor
toiled the earth
my days with eyes wide open in the dark
that ended with the moon and closed
I danced and downed too many
held a woman in my arms with blackened curls
that I loved

no regrets, or complaints
on the demanding road I sometimes walked
I am weary, I am old
my body crumpled
do you think your camera
can grasp my life in a frame
catch a fragment of it?
it can’t
for all that I am, or was
is mine
engraved on my heart

My favourite photo challenges from VisDare have sent another fine photograph for us writers. If you wish to join in the fun please do over at anonymous legacy

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