Vis Dare Challenge # 7 Secret


I am old and have seen many a winter and summer pass.
I am weathered and tough but have let many enter through me.
I am welcoming yet my exterior gives the impression of foreboding.
I have witnessed those that lie in wooden boxes never to awaken.
I have witnessed young and old lovers with smiles upon their faces.
I have closed with creakiness behind those that seek solitude and comfort.
I have opened to babies dressed in lace held in arms of their mother.
I have listened to soulful voices resonate high into the tower.
I have heard the bells toll for many days and many years.
I have watched as people have cried tears of sorrow and tears of joy.
If I could only speak if I could only say enter when you wish, turn the key
there is no need to be afraid… there are no secrets here
150 words – or less.
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(Please – no erotica or graphic violence.)
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