Life Line


We at times are vulnerable, our strength depletes
falling as spilt water from the overflowing glass
to frail to bend, to mop up what lies around us
A cry for help not loud enough for others to hear

The tenuous task of gathering ourselves once more
our ability to be strong, is as powerful
as it is to be weak, moments when our resolve
is questionable, our enervated self

Do we wish to prove to those who know us, we have
no imperfections, yet, within us we cannot
lighten the cross we bare, to undertake what is
before us we sometimes fall in spite of our
believed strength

This is when we ask, we beg, for another to lend a hand
to build us up, to mop up the spillage from the floor
It is not cowardice to ask for comfort and support
the life line that is needed, for we are only human
and nothing more.

Copyright JMTacken 10.5.2014

I wrote this after reading Rara’s plight at the moment.



We break at times


All the kings horses
all the kings men
couldn’t, they tried

So it’s told, so it’s said
the balancing act
juggling roles
in life, our own circus

Sometimes we falter
at times we fall
egg shell legs, fragile
glue won’t work

We mend us, we pick
ourselves up 
start over again
we try to minimise

We compensate
we hear the crack
we repair our damage
before it’s too late


©jmtacken 4/4/2014

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Chat time – Muse has been told to vacate.

I have told my muse to take a hike for a day or two, so I’m letting all that read me I’m okay, just have so much on my plate right now.

What is in my head:

Studying for the MC Course
Doing assessments for the MC Course, up to #5
Wondering when my next Service will be and finances
Decided to get into housecleaning work to bring some income in
Daughter and her issues
Daughters boyfriend (living here) and his issues
Their combined issues with not working for 7 months and lack of their finances
Trying to get them into the housecleaning, lawn mowing business
Penguins (pop had another fall Sunday) but luckily he’s ok…
Mum had her 85th birthday Sunday, there were tears from her and me

Sometimes our heads spin, mine does and sleep is well non existent when so much is going on. As much as I want to read and comment and keep up, I won’t be able to, so I just wanted to let you know, in case anyone worries about me not being around.

I’m sorry, I hate getting onto WP emails and hitting delete without reading you, but this is why.

I shall be back soon hopefully.
Hugs to all of you.