just a wee ramble from Port Douglas

Yesterday, seems already a life time ago. That’s the beauty of vacationing, if you get your mind to relax quick enough and you are in the most perfect spot, time just flows slowly, which is a good thing. Though when Sunday rolls around I am sure I will plant my feet firmly on the ground and tell Mr. S. I’m not budging, that I do not wish to return to freezing Melbourne. On the Sunday night we awoke often, in anticipation of actually having to get up and be out of the house by 6am to get to the Airport.

When it was time to rise and shine (not that there was any shine on Melbourne winter morning) we were already tired. Leaving home in the bitter dark morning, both dressed in jeans and t-shirts with a jacket to peel off on our arrival. I even kept my Ugg slippers on (which look like boots under my jeans – so not too bogan) till we disembarked at Cairns Airport. Shuttle bus to get to the hire car with the lady driver of the bus talking to her office on her mobile (not hands free).. oh well we have all been guilty of that. We then drove to some shops to get some supplies, nibblies oh and did I mention wiineeeee? We got wine (I got wine) in fact Tuesday morning now 10:17am and I am having a glass on the balcony. Mybad.

So yesterday was driving, taking in the views and crashing at 8:30 pm exhausted.

This morning up at 7.30 and walked along the beach, gazing across the still blue water, the palm trees along the sand and the coconuts. Watching a hawk circle, saying good morning to all the fit people out doing their walk or jog. It was grand (as Katie would say)

Mr. S has now gone next door (yes literally) to play a round of golf on the most beautiful course (even I was tempted) but I am excited as I have spoken to a lady over many years on the computer (we use to play Literati) scrabble on line. She and her daughter live close, so in 10 minutes time they will be here and we shall meet for the first time.

It is now 5:44pm, I met T and her daughter T who are amazing and beautiful people (I do not say this as I know she reads my blogs) I say this because it was comfortable meeting with them, like she and I had known each other physically and not just virtually over the last 12 years. I love life when a conversation can just fall into place so easily, when you are so comfortable with a person, there are no inhibitions with what you say or how you say it.

The relationship these two women have is adoring and remarkable to witness. It left me warm and fuzzy seeing the way they interacted with each other. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours and I am sure I could have chatted with them all day, but they sadly felt guilty that they were taking up holiday time. 😦 So thank you T & T for driving up? down? to see me, I so loved your visit) and you are both so gorgeous.

After they left Mr.S and I drove into Port Douglas ‘township’ how pretty it is, very much like the streets in beachside Melbourne, but far prettier due to the foliage. I will post photos when I get back..I promise.

So before I bore everyone, Mr. S and I are going to get ready to go out for dinner now 🙂 I may write again tonight, if the mood takes me, or I may just fall asleep again!

Ciao from Port Douglas everyone!

and so the joy of Port Douglas

waterfall..rain not from the sky
cascading down the mossy rocks
swirling eddy ..darkness falls
peacefulness a shooshing sound

insects hide in variegated fronds
calling out into the night
I smell the scent of meats
cooking on the BBQ swept up in the
aroma of frangipanis

and the night is otherwise still
the odd car on the highway far in
the distance, brushes past the road
air warm like an opened oven door
smells as sweet as hot cooked cake

this is paradise silhouette of palm trees
standing still; their backdrop
a darkened night illuminated
by twinkling stars; in the distance
a bird calls that’s yet to sleep

beautiful, tropical, blue waters to be
explored, forests over one hundred million
years old, this is where love is, this is
paradise in our dreams; I sit on the
balcony absorbing..drawing it in like
the breath I breathe

Wasn’t long before I wrote it seems…can’t help myself, this place calls to be written!