Yes Viagra for Women and other bits & pieces..nooo not those bits & pieces…

Good morning/evening everyone.

My posts are becoming like a public daily diary aren’t they? It’s ok you don’t have to answer the question.

Browsing around my homepage this morning after my rave & rambling post from early this morning (how weird was that!?)  24th, 25th, 26th and 27th 41 visitors…is 41 my lucky number? Not sure  ‘lucky numbers’ don’t hold much credence for moi, so I shall just say it is a coincidence.

Anyway it is Sunday morning, only just and I have been the dutiful blog person and responded to my followers and those that have ventured into my domain. I find this an absolute necessity.

They have taken the time out of their day to read my sometimes utter gibberish and majority of the times leave a comment and for that I am grateful. Please do stop by to see if you don’t follow her already, she has written an interesting post on the ‘like’ button, with some very amusing and intriguing responses from her followers.

To round off my post this mornings paper in Melbourne has the headline VIAGRA FOR WOMEN – The drug trial that could change every relationship. Mr. S was reading when I popped over his shoulder and basically said WTF? He laughed “Yes I have some on order!”  Cheeky bugga.

The article – I shall be brief…

“Experts say the treatment could help nearly 1 in 3 women around the world who do not get full satisfaction and will fundamentally transform relationships”.

We do have other ‘interventions’ but  now us women apparently need a medical one in the bedroom? So what is this new nasal spray going to do I wonder? Allow us to become aroused? Supposedly it will give a woman a better chance to… well you know the ‘c’ word.

My how life has changed…I wonder how the men folk would look at it..

“Sorry honey I know I’m not ‘doing it for you’ so whack your sprayer up your nose and see how you go”.

Is it a primarily a spray for the ‘older’ woman ..or will the young also be experimenting?

Will women just have a spray whilst walking around the supermarket?


Though I am assuming that it doesn’t just set you off like a fire cracker at New Years Eve…that you actually do have a partner there to err..well help the proceedings.

One has to apparently have a spray a couple of hours before they think of having a sexual encounter.

So I can see the girl in the pub checking out the guy at the end of the bar saying to her girlfriend…”Back in 2 secs..spray time”.

Or the male saying at 5.10pm  “Honey do you think tonight we could….perhaps at 7.10pm.. “Do you remember where you put your spray?”

Now how is that going to make a woman feel? Maybe she would be happy…that he is concerned about her..end results.

Or the other way around yelling from the kitchen  “Sweetheart it’s 2 o’clock just taking my spray…so ready for you at 4?”

What if he wants to watch the football and it finishes at 5?

Heaven forbid  that you get your antihistamine nasal spray mixed up with your Viagra one.

All nice and cosy with your partner and your nasal passages and mouth are so dry need to quench your thirst every 5 minutes…oops sorry honey..sniff…wrong one… I’ll be back…again…(has to be spoken as though you have a blocked nose).

Anyway I’m not judging nu-uh not moi. What do my readers have to say about it?

Is it a live and let live. If it can ‘only help’ a situation is it ok to use chemicals to get you where you want to go…so to speak?

I shall leave it there as it’s 1 too early to be discussing this and 2 if my penguins read this I’m not sure what their reaction would be 🙂

Happy Day to everyone!

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Pic Courtesy of Google

Say no more    –  Pic Courtesy of Google

My 60th Blog – Colour co-ordination versus free spirit?

Ok here’s the thing…. Yesterday we (my man and I) were out for a lunch..well technically breakfast in a lovely little Cafe in the hills. As we sat reading the Sunday papers and waiting for our big breakfast to arrive (which is served for most of the day) we glanced at a lady who had entered to buy a coffee to go. Now this particular lady would have been hmmm probably late 50’s or early 60’s? (that’s my guess at any rate).

On her feet were slip on clogs…then knee high socks…multi coloured

Now if she had say for instance worn a brown skirt it wouldn’t have seemed so…. but a red quite (flouncy) skirt with a charcoal grey jacket completed the ensemble…..  ???

Which lead  me to do this blog…should we not face the world colour coordinated, or shouldn’t we give a toss? Well I (though I may be struck down for saying so) give a toss, my mum always dressed me  in my younger years in coordinating colours. When I was 14 ( I think)  I vividly remember my bright lemon flared pants, with white strappy sandals, topped with my white shirt (sorry blouse) adorned with pretty yellow printed flowers…OK it was the 60’s. Oh and I had one of those choker necklaces…(couldn’t find a pic sorry as it was quite some time back). It was black had a medallion at the throat and 2 long strands hanging from it. I thought I was ever so trendy…though in hindsight it probably too should have been yellow.

My Pop (dad) still gets his clothes chosen and laid on the bed by mum (is ALWAYS) co-ordinated…we won’t think too much about the beige pants, brown shoes, fawn socks, tan shirt and brown jumper…please don’t spend too much time on that visual.

Anywho… I feel comfy when I’m coordinated, the fashion now states you can mix stripes with patterns, bright colours of every hue and pattern, but to me it’s.. well is just me?

How does a striped skirt go with a paisley top? How does a Polk a dot shirt go with a floral design skirt? I mean really?

Or am I being too anal retentive here?  Call it fashion… call it a new trend, but to me clothing articles must compliment each other, clothing & more so how it is put together must show that you still actually have your eye sight.

The end result was me looking across the table from my man whose eyes did roll as did mine and almost simultaneously the words from our mouths was ‘artist?”

What do you think?    Am I showing my age?