To Pigs that Fly and Beyond


this has to be our secret
we’ll wait till it gets dark
we have to be so quiet
we can’t wake mum and dad


when they’re asleep
we’ll sneak down the stairs
can’t make a noise
Sssshhhhh  don’t we dare


come down to the woods
where the elves call home
they are holding a party
they want us to come!!!


we’ll ride giant turtles
with ribbons for reins
eat gingerbread houses
and drive talking trains!!!


we’ll drink lemonade
from plastic tea sets
this party will be
the best party yet!!!


down in the forest with
elves and the fairies
inside the tree trunks
we’ll read magic stories


what fun we shall have
the things we can do
there’s even a woman
who lives in a shoe!!!


there are pretty pink pigs
we are able to ride
and a nice big house
that’s so pretty inside


a piper called Peter
who plays lots of tunes
and perhaps we can talk
to the man in the moon!!!


we’ll see fireflies
who light up the night
albatrosses who fly
and sing through the sky


with bunnies that talk
elephants, ponies
and monkeys that squawk


there are lanterns and
cups that float in the stream
we can blow coloured bubbles
eat cake and whipped cream!!!


we must be so quiet
as we sneak down the stairs
to join in the party
after our prayers


we’ll eat ice-cream and jelly
and lollies too
the fun we will have
just me and you

©jmtacken Oct 2013

Poetic Inspiration~ dVersePoets  Poetics–> Children’s poetry

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Note to self – Never think that writing a children’s poem comes easy!

Wild Things and Gangster Squad and Parties

It’s not that late it’s 10.30pm Saturday night and there is a party in full swing in the house behind us, there are raucous voices yelling, copious amounts of swearing drifting into the night sky and laughter.

Mr. S and I just got back from seeing Gangster Squad. Cast -Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Josh Brolin, Nick Nolte, Robert Patrick, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi, Anthony Mackie.
I really enjoyed this (but this is not a Movie review). I love Sean Penn (oops more swearing from the house behind) and as for Ryan Gosling oh my-  my- my him dressed in his 1940’s finery was a delicious sight to behold. Josh Brolin excellent (ok now they are whoot wooing in unison)…the kids at the party not in the Movie.

Have I got everyone confused yet? Anywhoo go and see this pic if you can and if you like a bit of rough and tumble and bloodshed (more swearing).

Ahh parties remember them? Oh, you still have them.. erm right. Can’t remember the last time I had one or went to one. Oh we have the informal and formal dinner parties, the ‘gatherings’ for a BBQ out on the deck, but an actual ‘partay’ as such no sadly that was left back in my youth.

The nights when you would be half smashed intoxicated before we even arrived. (Yes you sneaked your parents alcohol or knew someone older who would buy it for you).

Back in the days when drinking and driving wasn’t a concern (well it was but no one paid any attention to it). You I would rock up with a girlfriend or two in tow, especially if we knew there were going to be hot guys there. Make-up that was put on with a plough, false eyelashes (yes good god they have returned) and dresses (or hot pants if you don’t mind) were short. Well I had decent pins back then, so had to show them off. (Now they all singing Queen – Easy come- Easy go) bless ’em.

We would drink some more and then some more and be really quite off our faces inebriated. We really had no idea what we were doing as the music got louder, our dance moves became more provocative and we thought it great if we had the opportunity of pashing the hot guy.  I remember one guy I went out who was the lead singer in a band. MY GOD was he the hottest thing walking (of course Mr S is now..aren’t you honey). I can’t even remember his name now – that’s how damn hot he must of been, no seriously I still have a slight recollection of gorgeous big eyes, shoulder length dark wavy hair, jeans – body hugging white T-Shirt.. take my word for it girls…

Daughter # 2 will be shaking her head if she read that…oh well your mummy was young and crazy then! That was a thing of the past -I’m all grown up now… 😦  and the only one I ‘pash’ is Mr. S (more singing from the party – rock on youngens!).  Around this time the song Wild Thing by the Troggs was popular, recorded in the late 1960’s and continued into the 70’s ..I am hoping it did continue because otherwise I would have been at this party off my face a little intoxicated at the age of 10!

Band singer (the one I loved) and can’t remember his name sang this to me – pointing to me as the words Wild Thing came from those irresistible lips, I was the envy of all the girls there… enjoy the fashions..the peace the love in the air man.. this will take you back  🙂


Do you still have parties – what are they like now – more subdued or do you let your hair down still? Or like me, you think of your wild years and simply reminisce now and then….