Comes in 3’s or… – Chat

Water and I don’t get along very well, for as long as I can remember I have had an aversion to drinking it. Pop Penguin is the same. Most weeks I would be lucky if I drank a glass.
Due to pop’s blood pressure and various ailments I convinced him to start drinking more. I am a chip of the old block, the only way I will drink more water is through a squeeze bottle (like you have at the gym).
This is what I got Pop to do and now he drinks around 2 a day which is excellent.
I am quite good at giving advice, but rarely listen to my own.

Last Saturday we were heading for a hot day, before it became too hot however, I went for a walk… No water. I came back home, hung out some washing …no water, then went into the study and stood in front of filing cabinet to retrieve something.

I started to get a humming noise in my right ear, which I had never had before, then that light headed feeling (the type you get from standing up too quickly after sitting down)

Then I felt the wobblies come over me, I sort of remember hitting the chair on my way down, but I am pretty sure I blanked out for a while, my body scrunched on the floor, my left arm underneath me holding my right upper arm. I felt warmth and sticky and realised my arm was bleeding.

My first words were ‘what the hell happened’
I lay there for a few moments dazed and confused about how long I had actually been out. I then sat up. Raised both arms above my head (stroke test) when I got up I went to the bathroom to check if there were any changes to my facial muscles. I spoke out loud. I seemed ok.

Mr. S was out for a couple of hours yet so I ..yes grabbed a bottle of water and went and lay on the couch for most of the afternoon. I can only diagnose dehydration.

So I now sport a massive yellow, purple, black bruise covering most of upper right arm, with a scratch in the middle about 2 inches long, a bruised elbow and a sore behind (as I must have hit that first)

Mr.S then arrived telling me he passed out for about 4 seconds whilst doing gardening, though he was doing 4 lawns in the middle of the heat, but at least he drank water (he drinks more than I)

This was the same afternoon that K started her major meltdown.

Oh, on a side note Mr. S went back to play basketball tonight, it was his 2nd match with the ‘veteran players’ = the oldies.
He came in hobbling and heard a pop in his calf whilst playing.

So not three’s but possibly four’s.

6 years ago when we first met, he snapped his archillies in his right leg, this is his left. Off to the doctors in the morning…

K and I are still keeping our distance…

Oh and please DRINK WATER!