Taking it in

We travel through the eyes of others
leaving ourselves, walking different paths
yet we remain, for the most part, still
Transported, without convenience of vessels
Immersed to depths of deepest oceans
lifted to heights beyond expectations
emotions from breadth to width transpire

A writers ability, their journey, becomes ours
striking chords within us, we float, feel rhythm
endless possibilities, destinations unknown
Taking pictures as we read, we join them
voyeurs to their mind, their private thoughts
snippets, glimpses, we hide in shadows

Perhaps at times our visions cloudy, with
what we read, deciphering the meaning
we scratch our head or give a silent nod
For each writer is contradistinctive and it is
us who make the call, regardless of doubts
or lack of understanding, we embrace

The writer has the privilege
choosing words from head and heart
and I the reader to love or hate
be moved or be still

Copyright JMTacken 24.5.14

The things one writes whilst at the hairdressers…