Today never the same as yesterday

Photo by me At Mossman Gorge

Photo by me At Mossman Gorge

The heat wave came and went
clothes were peeled like orange skins
rain today broke the crispness
soaked the roots of those that withered
a quieter frame of mind than yesterday
watched the water fall over gutters
standing on the deck of wood
looking at birds open beaks
in happiness and they too are quieter
taking in a new day that is
warm and soaked

The rain continues outside my
windows, hitting the asphalt darker grey
quiet moments of listening to what surrounds me
no music played, no TV watched just me alone
pensively contemplating this new day

Copyright JMTacken 9.1.2015

Strange mood

Bit a ‘blagh’ mood..strange mood.

Not writing for comments or pity or even the like button to be hit.
Just writing… not a great day in the new job, which is what set off this mood I guess.
It was very warm again today, but now I sit in the study, with the window half open and a slightly cool breeze, wafts through the gap causing the blinds to blow out and in.

I realise music affects me as does the weather – I can only think it’s a Cancerian trait.

I feel … I don’t know how I feel right at this point and I wonder why in fact I am even writing. I’m not the ‘bubbly’ Rambly I was a couple of days ago and that’s ok, because I can’t be ‘bubbly’ all the time, none of us can. I have posted when I have been ‘down’ before’ so this is no exception to my site. I sit back and wonder why this mood, should I snap out of it, should I just crawl into my bed and try to sleep if off. Will I be better tomorrow?

I should be, the earth is so quiet apart from the noise the blinds make in the wind and an ambulance siren in the distance on the highway.

My journey that you travel along beside me is full of ‘ups’ and yes sometimes ‘downs’, which all of us experience sometimes in our lives.

So I’m simply putting this to a ‘down’ phase or perhaps a little pensive, maybe I’m just a little run down, tired and I am not looking for ‘awww mumsy’ for I’m not writing to seek that response. I am, as I said simply writing how I feel right now at 9.59pm Wednesday night.

I think I shall go to bed and see if a good nights sleep will solve this little ‘downer’ that my mind and body are experiencing right now.

Good night followers.