entering the darkened woods
casting not a backward glance
she ran
footsteps and laboured breath
in time with hers
he followed

one by one she grasped the trees
fingers bled, ankles grazed
there was no giving up
her screaming cry
broke the moonlight
help me
and still he followed on

her past would not let go
she stumbled in the dark
wolves called inside the mist
silencing her last scream
as it echoed through the trees
and rose to the stars

her heart began to tear
the blade cast in her back
she yelled
blood fell from her mouth
her past no longer
haunted her
haunted him

All the world’s a stage

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Maggie forlorn
have the walls closed in on you
aren’t you waiting in the wings
for your chance to shine

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – what is on your mind

your face it speaks of sorrow
no life in hands, that rest upon the chaise
what has happened in your world today
to bring about your pain

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – to me again

has your heart been broken
your pillow wet from tears
your despondancy overwhelms me
your mind so lost in thought

tell me Maggie dear – whisper – how this has come about

others would kill to play this part
for the spotlight to be theirs
to have the accolades bestowed
Maggie, I wish your malaise gone

but do remember –  the show must still go on


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Friday 28 – 29th June 2013 – R.I.P

the book is signed, piece of folded paper
handed, with words of prayers and hymns
a photograph of the loved one passed
holds firm between shaking fingers
family in procession, relatives
friends of some, others unknown
the music plays

warm smiles and hugs of “I’m sorry”
whispered as if in the room of knowledge
people take their seats, others stand
faces forlorn – just before the music stops
to stand for the first hymn, a message is received
followed by another, of urgency of haste
apologies from us – us?
“I’m sorry – we have to leave”

doctors scurry, we are shuffled to
a smaller space, a quiet room
with couches of blue vinyl
doctors opening doors with hesitated voices
words we do not wish to hear
within minutes, though what is time?
numbers flash and sounds beep in time to breath
that’s heaved out from the soul

holding hands cold & blue amid white
starched sheets and plastic pink curtains
listening to others cry or talk in sleep
not of their own, whilst we sit at bedside
listening to the whooshing of the breath
that’s forced through tubes
and penetrates the skin, surreal

I feel disjointed to the outside world
not knowing shall it end or how
life – like a splinter under our skin
painful to remove, we sit and wait
return to darkened rooms where we pace
and hug and shed our tears
till we are told nothing more…
nothing can be done

I hold to thoughts of after life
while we wait for a person
of the cloth, us who don’t attend the church
the need for simple words
I kiss her forehead and tell her ‘spirit side’
she does not hear, she does not feel
and the fog lies heavy in the outside world
as it does within our hearts
metal, numbers, graphs and sounds
that hold her and echo in our heads

we say a prayer hold hands and cry
and wait till her last is drawn
watching numbers reverse
life retreat
numbed, the final grasp of life, I stare
at the clock upon the wall, the grief takes hold
strangulating like a python
the what if’s and the could haves as we
kiss and say goodbye
the drive home,  no heads on pillows for 2 days
the emptiness inside, I gaze into car windows
as we drive the highway cold and grey and ask myself
did someone you love die today?

We attended a funeral Friday afternoon 28th June, 2013, the mother of my girlfriend and we were called away.
Mr. S’s ( my darling partner in life) mother was taken to the hospital Friday afternoon passed 9.30am Saturday morning 29th June, 2013.

Apologies if this upsets anyone, I ‘had’ to get this out, these words were written into my phone over the past day… a day… and it seems as if it was a life time ago.

R.I.P ‘Rosy’

Ligo Haibun Challenge – Mother Earth – our air


A Haibun

Have my head adorned with a wreath of fern blossom and wild daises, picked from mother earth.

Amid the grass I shall walk bare footed, anointing my skin with the early morning dew.

Invite the suns golden warmth to envelop me and I shall raise my arms to its magic.

Brown earth on which I tread the physical – enter my soul – the spiritual. 

Understand that I journey with you and upon you, I speak to the rivers and bathe in them this day. 

Now intoxicated from scent of perfumed flowers, I dance with arms outstretched and wait till night falls.

For Jani

Joyously I greet the longest day, the shortest night around the bonfire with fallen wood not stolen. 

As we dine on cheese with caraway and sup on ale throughout the dark.

No evil we will witness, birch and oak adorn our dwellings, we are safe from harm.

Into the night, my senses awakened,  mother nature and I are one,  forever to remain.


Nature provides life

I survive because of you

and inhale your breath


This is for the


I have chosen to do an acrostic version for the prose (I hope this fits in with the rules). Thank you Pirate for the invite.

Merry Christmas to you all…and to all a goodnight :-) xx

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Best singing voices everyone – to be sung to Away in A Manger

Christmas in Australia

is just round the bend

I have prepped and stressed out

and now hope this will end


We shall have our nibbilies

when they first walk in the door

then we’ll offer them a drink

one or two or maybe more


We shall sit at the table and crack

our bon-bons plastic toys and

paper hats silly jokes and

lot’s of noise


I’ll stress ’bout the turkey and also the pork

is it cooked through

is it done right

please test with your fork


I’ll consume too much alcohol

I know this to be true

and I’ll get all melancholy

just looking at you


the entree will come first

do not know what they’ll bring

I’m sure it’ll be delightful

and we’ll gladly tuck in


the potatoes will be crunchy

the pumpkin cooked just right

the mushy peas and salads

tasty morsels every bite


Then we have our pudding

lashings of custard if you please

then there’s trifle laced with alcohol

oh our belts will surely squeeze


The wine will flow freely

the laughs will get loud

there’ll be memories of

past years and how we imbibed


The presents will we open we

will goo and we will will gaa

we shall say oh you shouldn’t have

you really went too far


BUT secretly we are happy

for the presents that they gave

we’re delighted and thankful

and each one is our fave


The Carols will be playing

in the background soft and sweet

we shall eat drink and be merry

and later fall asleep


Yes this day is for families

and ones that you love

if I start to get teary

I will blame the egg-nog


The festivities will be finished

the kitchen is a mess

the dishes piled up high

but at least no more stress


Then Christmas day is over and

our tummies will be full and we

daren’t go and weigh ourselves

no that would be cruel


So enjoy your celebrations

whatever you may do have

and cry or laugh hysterically

for you’re entitled too

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I wish a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my Followers and readers.

Some of you have been with me since I began this journey, others who are new to my ramblings.

To all that have pressed LIKE, to all of you that have VISITED and SUPPORTED me on this wild ride of prolific writing (I don’t….do I?) when I first began in July. I had no idea when a friend of mine said  “You like writing so much why don’t you start your own blog site”.  I also had no idea that I would have an audience fact any audience (I know it’s tiny compared to some, but more than I ever thought I would have). So to those that have made that possible  – I thank you.

For those that may check their Stats (hands up I know you do).

July 21 visits and 7 posts.

August 117 visits and 14 posts.

September 830 visits and 33 posts.

October 1,206 visits and 34 posts.

November 1,032 visits and 24 posts.

December 1,851 visits and 69 posts…. I did mention I was a prolific writer (went on a bit) did I not?

Good grief that means I have passed the 5000th visitor  –  Sings – “Celebrate Good Times…Come On”!


I have made friends on here, (sorry if that sounds cliche), but it is the truth….virtual though they are (for most of you).

I have read some amazing stories and equally some outstanding poetry.

I have giggled, cursed, empathised, rolled my eyes, blushed and shed a tear through laughter or sorrow. I have seen amazing photography,  I have witnessed people’s lives through their words and discovered truly talented and heart warming people.

So diverse the writers on here with so many stories yet told.

To those that I follow – I hope that I have been supportive and shown that I do care about what you write and grant me the sanity to continue 🙂

Tomorrow will be a hectic one… but when the family has left and the rooms are quiet, I shall be back on here helping RoS for C4C along with many others who have volunteered some time to help those that are alone and want to reach out to someone to hopefully bring them a little cheer… now that’s what Christmas is ALL ABOUT. 🙂

Take Care everyone, stay safe and may your Christmas Day be filled with wonderment, joy and mostly love.

Let’s see how long I will stay away for..knowing me..not long at all 🙂

Thank you


My Entry to Poem Competition – From Rulesofstupid

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The rules are (I think)

  • Use the comments on one of your blogs posts to make a poem.
  • Edit the words on the comments as little as possible.
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Internal arguments.


Internal Arguments

She yelled I yelled

I love her with every breath I take

Why should there be this conflict

There are not many rules that I make


I don’t think I am asking too much

I want us to be closer

I would gladly give my life for either of my daughters


Yes I’ve just had a fight with my daughter

The words can cut quite deep

from day to day I see & hear & I’m sorry if I can’t accept

Her words, my words cut at my heart & I can only weep


Unkind words were spoken from both of us

She was not grown up, nor was I

She yelled that I was the worst human being she has known

All I felt was her heart was made of stone


But now things we have mended

To resume our lives once more

She knows that I do love her

She’s a daughter I adore