The moments after


In those moments
on warm cotton thread sheets
that yield heat into my skin
cozy-ing my slumbered body
when I rouse, not from the pre-set
tune of yesterday or the days before
that sings out from my bedside phone
that disturbs my solitude
the time when daylight says wake up

in those moments, as blinking eyes
flicker, with tears that sting a little
I feel my heart rate quicken
my senses start to stir
the day telling me to begin
listening to my breath for the first time
that day, unlike when I was closed off
in my sleep, when I didn’t hear
the sounds of birds waking in the branches
or the cars out on the highway
or the sheets swish as I moved

in those moments when I spread my hand
across the mattress that we share
to you, who lays next to me
to you, whose sleep is restless
I pause just for a second or maybe two
everything is not real, but it is
as is this morning
the Saturday has fallen once again
I remember the previous
the events, the loss

in those moments as we drive out
in our ‘getting along with life’
when the clock on the dashboard
clicks to 9:30am
I reach and hold your hand
with seven days that have passed
today is as real as last week was
tears well in our eyes
and the clock, as life, continues

I am no different than you

It is VisDare time . Please look at the other entries at Thank you Angela for yet another amazing photo to work with.
VisDare – Bruised

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and when I cry
the crystalline drops are the same
and when I wipe the tears from my eyes
my hand is held the same
and as I listen
I pray from within
where no one can hear
I am no different than you
red blood curses through my veins
my organs the same
I am not rude, angry, spiteful or intolerant
I wish you could understand
is it because my veneer doesn’t ‘match’
or my spoken words do not sound the same
I try to speak as you
my eyes aren’t round
my skin a different colour
my hair is black
they taunt, name call
where is my ‘place’ in this world
I try to shut out your words that bruise
I can only whisper
my name is Kwan
I must be true to the meaning
and buffer those that jeer
Kwan equals strong
I am like you
a human being



150 words – or less.

Engraved memories – for VisDare


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I know the sparkle
in eyes that I once owned
life’s adventures –
curiosity of things
in my life I’ve sailed a thousand ships
plunged words like knives
into souls I hardly knew
fought wars within myself
and won the battles

I’ve loved, hated
had wealth, been poor
toiled the earth
my days with eyes wide open in the dark
that ended with the moon and closed
I danced and downed too many
held a woman in my arms with blackened curls
that I loved

no regrets, or complaints
on the demanding road I sometimes walked
I am weary, I am old
my body crumpled
do you think your camera
can grasp my life in a frame
catch a fragment of it?
it can’t
for all that I am, or was
is mine
engraved on my heart

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113 words

Orchard love

imagesPatchwork light streams between limbs
the orchard trees weighty with fruit
bow in submission, touch the ground
that is when I first laid eyes on you
as you reached for the bunch that grew
closest to the sun, crimson red, full and ripe

wine coloured days, apples, cherries
strawberries picked tenderly, I imagined you
cradling my face, I, the strawberry
not to bruise or spoil

yet I did not exist, the weeks under the sun
as I toiled within arms reach, sheltering my gaze
beneath my hat of straw
you had said “hello”, you had smiled, more than once
did I misconstrue again?

summer ended, the picking done, you went away
and I watch the rain strike the barren trees
the trees once full of red
fingertips paint the foggy glass
and I cry crimson tears


My 500th post. I thank each and everyone of you for supporting and reading what I write.

Spilt Milk – Life going slowly

Dust settles on antique oak, sleeping
not disturbed
how I wish that I could steal time
from my hurried self

to sit amidst curtains of cotton
cupboards of plates
dust thats found its bed
no destination – not be roused

doors slam shut – engines start
the same day nine to five
angry fists that wave
but do not smile

the every day – I sleepwalk
wishing for the ‘dust time’
to sit and gather thoughts
when sunlight filters through smudged panes

and hits the back of chairs
melts butter on the dish
my words would spill like milk across
the sun annointed tablecloth

My wheels go clunk…clunk

there is no running
of bare feet touching grass
no climbing steps on ladders
her legs are metal circular wheels

food is cut minutely
so it just fits in her mouth
her hands are not controlled
she cannot hold a spoon or knife

her voice is often slurred
as she tries to conquer words
wants others to understand
the strain upon her face, most evident

she is a butterfly,
within her heart within her mind,
that soars into the skies, some
will simply fly higher

and some, will not take flight
but there is beauty
in each and every one of them
each one’s a butterfly

Poetics:  Written for Fred Rutherford’s  prompt  on Beauty is everywhere in anything…

For the wonderful DVerse.

Mumsy has been busy

Some of you may or may not know that Miriam from Another Wandering Soul  and Life and other Tales and I have started a new site purely for our poetry.

This is a collaboration of two minds, a young, vibrant one from Germany, and a slightly older fuzzy one from Australia.  The site is

Below are two of the pieces that I wrote in the last few days. I will (apart from photo challenges) be placing my poetry works in this site, so I ask if anyone is interested in reading my work that you pop along over there. Miriam and I do joint pieces (one line each or 1 stanza each) or individual sets and also choose pictures where we write individually and post (without peeking at each others work prior to publishing).

I post these only to show you that I have been writing the last few days, just been a little remiss with ramblings – which I intend to rectify over this weekend. For those that are following us already – we both thank you. To those who haven’t popped in, we look forward to seeing you from time to time, pull up a chair, relax, the wine and cheese are on us 🙂


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PROTECTION  7-6-2013

I shielded myself from your cruelty
the harshness of the elements
weren’t as strong as the
taunts you bandied, fists clenched, angered eyes

sheltered protected, I tried to hide
in recesses of my mind, I sort solitude
and dreamt of open plains where
I was free to run and feel no pain

hold on I said, I told myself a thousand times
buffer the words that you scream
until I broke, my mind collapsed
my parasol too weak to stave your evil

THE LOVE BOAT – 7.6.2013

In love what shifts like sand
friendship – admiration – trust
should we reassess now and then
where we are at; where we head

Bow or stern which way to walk
which direction; for better or worse
as waves tumultuously hit
the foundations of my judgment

Perhaps the middle along the keel
where balanced thoughts are kept
or walk along the bilge persuading
darkened thoughts to dwell submerged

Top deck I could spritely march
tossing away indecisiveness
casting aside my unjust fears
as the winds blow the sails

Elegant smut

These words came up through our little poetical intercourses a few of us are having ….um-ah- rude word.

Anywhoo – The words elegant smut  soooooo  – ok whilst driving to the beach today I had to stop and buy a notepad – this was the result – 1st attempt.. Critiques Welcome.

Corset tight
as the middle
figure eight
all in place

bowed bodice
down low
rose water dabbed
hair brushed
100 strokes
bees wax
red stain
on lips
that are hushed

rouge on cheek
and bossom that shows
a healthy glow
hand remains longer
than common decency
would allow
thoughts wicked

layers lifted
desire driven
elegant smut
pleasure given

ramblingsfromamum 31.12.2012

Poem to my Mr S…

The sun shone down on the earth & warmed me complete

I waited in the grass, I lay & watched the clouds

The branches of the trees swaying in the subtle breeze

I was alone, waiting there were no crowds

Simple day, anticipation, music filled my head

Lyrics bouncing, eyes closed, in my head I’m swaying

Happiness spreading from tip to toe

This is heaven on earth, where I’m staying

I smile inside I think of you

How you lighten my days & nights

Your love, your laughter, your smile

So  heart warming tender & bright

I wait, I feel the grass around me

I run my hands through its blades

I think of you again and again

My thoughts of you shall not fade

You have brought me joy & never sorrow

You are my rock, my strength, my world

The sun is warm, I wait

The thoughts in my head of you swirl

I’m at peace & happy, the breeze is warm

I’m content & think of us as being two

But really we are one you & I 

I wait… I smile… I love you