R.I.P Dave King

R.I.P Dave King

R.I.P Dave King

The book is read, the pages turned

the cover holds fast and we are left

holding to the memories of one

whose words inspired


grieve but for a short while on

this friend that you have known

he wouldn’t want you lingering

for now he’s returned home


as we sit in deep thought ~ our

existence ~ of our own life, we

know how precious to take a

breath to give kind words ~ a *smile*


fleeting is our path on earth

friendships made along the way

just a little comment; encouragement

that truly made our day


and when the voice is no longer read

be it just for a short while

we take the time, we are concerned

are you okay? ~ we ask


the news of Dave’s passing

received when I awoke;

a writer, poet, a friend of many

his absence will be felt


sit back and read upon his words

and shed a silent tear, remembering

his world we shared ~ so he knows

that you are near


Rest in Peace fellow poet

we will think of you today

we shall *smile* at words you gave us

write with the Angels Dave


©jmtacken Oct 2013

This was written in memory and in honor of Dave King who blogged at Pics and Poems . I heard of his passing this morning. Though I did not know him well or interacted with him. We have a loss and I wrote the above in tribute to a fellow poet and writer, that shared his talent on WP.   Shared with dVerse.

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I recently have tried my hand at different forms of poetry/verse. I am a beginner.

Poetry to me meant the end of line had to rhyme, and the people I have met on WP have taught me that is not the case. Some of my wonderful followers have said I should write a book … and as much as I ADORE them for saying so, I am truly an amateur still. I don’t have the large vocabulary, I don’t have a theme, I usually play music and write whatever comes into my head. I don’t plan, I hardly ever edit. I write what I feel, not strength in words, not really knowing the intricacies nor structure of any kind.

If any of my followers wish to see real Poets I wish to recommend the following, these people are brilliant, diverse and have a voice unlike mine and they are so very talented.


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If I have missed any one out – I  sincerely apologise

Bruce Ruston

Ode to the Poets I have met – yes that means YOU

Words to the
left of me
words to the


beneath, behind in front of
everywhere in sight

Prompts or ‘check this out guys’
challenges or nay
words will not escape this head
in the night or in the day

Never had this urge before
quite like I have now
word upon word they follow me
don’t know why or even how

Notepad, pen I carry
in case a word does strike
sentences, paragraphs resonate
another line will come tonight

I should be tending to my chores
but no no no they wait
dust collecting on the floors
so much is on my plate

So serve me up instead I ask
a dinner full of talent
let my words inside me grow
to a poetical savant

I’ve met so many ‘artists’
I’m in awe of how they write
words bounce off in minutes
do they suffer sleepless nights?

or does this ‘stuff’ come easy
they just feel and then they soar
whilst me I’m still just learning
and I crave the need for more

No there won’t be any fortunes made
with words I scroll on here
I do it for myself, this quest
so let me make that clear

What have you Poets done to me??
I started this to ‘ramble’
words more words and poetry
my life, is now
Word Scrambled

Dedicated to these brilliant people who have turned me into a complete mental case lover of words and their meaning and in no particular order:-


Susan L Daniels

Stephen Kellogg’s Blog

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knocked over by a feather




Blue Girl Poems

Another Wandering Soul

If I have left anyone out, I humbly apologise – kick my butt and tell me and of course you will be listed.

2 additions – my butt was indiscreetly kicked 🙂