Where did you go?

Childhood did I lose you
somewhere along the way
moments that simply vanished
events I can’t recall
I remember
curly blonde hair
pen marked forehead ~ I called
you Irene like my mum
pink lace dress, plastic clicking eyes
wrought iron fireplace briquettes
wood piled high watching as the
magic circling smoke wafted
up the chimney bricks
cushions stacked a castle made; sheets
from beds my little place –  with plastic
tea-cups filled with water, my dolls my
guests inside and parents not allowed
backyard play and fences climbed till
over I go head first concrete never
soft – sore head – painful head
cries to mum, I lived to tell the tale 
being minded playing marbles
hmm the large one is soooo pretty
fingers down the back of throat
this I remember well
shuttlecock soaring into the air
laughter family brothers playing
dad in knee high socks
holidays with rain in tents 
strumming a guitar on fallen
gum tree; vacant paddock calling
out as center stage,  not so in tune
voices with my besty from next door
there are photographs
to remind me ~ not many but a few
this is only how I remember
how I’ll remember you 
Me in Overalls031
For Poetics dVerse brought to us by Manicddaily, a/k/a, Karin Gustafson – The prompt for the day: some variation of “I remember”.  
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My wheels go clunk…clunk

there is no running
of bare feet touching grass
no climbing steps on ladders
her legs are metal circular wheels

food is cut minutely
so it just fits in her mouth
her hands are not controlled
she cannot hold a spoon or knife

her voice is often slurred
as she tries to conquer words
wants others to understand
the strain upon her face, most evident

she is a butterfly,
within her heart within her mind,
that soars into the skies, some
will simply fly higher

and some, will not take flight
but there is beauty
in each and every one of them
each one’s a butterfly

Poetics:  Written for Fred Rutherford’s  prompt  on Beauty is everywhere in anything…

For the wonderful DVerse.