How many times I have tried
Words that once flowed easily
I feel as if I stutter
But I struggle

It’s not the same as it was
Nothing in life has been
I have a different view
Words don’t escape

So for now let me stutter
I shall see if they unlock
It’s finding the key
The right one


The blueness of your eyes carries me
To the ocean
Where I float above the undercurrent
Your laughter
Takes me to the mountain tops
Without a fear of falling
Your strength
Supports me when I feel that I may fail
Your caress
Settles me when I’m afraid
We didn’t know before hand
How two lost souls could join as one
Of all the people whose paths
May never cross, ours did
Like the grasses that blow in the
direction of the wind
We were blades it seems
That always grew side by side


The old barn doors
in the distance heard
~ close
in unison
at the mercy of the
summer wind
that licks and grabs

She stands almost leafless
– cracked
bereft of feeling
her eyes don’t cry

broken stems
mushroom roofs
encircle her
and the air sings
in the distance

she will find herself
as the seasons
brush against her
standing in silence
as her last leaves fall

Copyright JMTacken 30.1.2015

The Simple Art Of Words


take my hand
let’s delve inside the poets mind
travel highways, scale mountains
explore crevices of souls
perhaps you’ll be astounded
where the path may lead you
from another’s words

they will find the deepest hole
darkness, doubt ~ no escape
blood, death, fear, pain
thunderbolts of agony
once their’s
now yours

you’ll read of sunlight
unbroken by the clouds
romance, they write
stars  ~ moons
oceans ~ love
tenderly to make you swoon
and sadness, tears will swell
you will feel their broken heart

this is what they do
the constant
describing feelings
as to put you in their head, their lives
to make you experience
the intricacies of life

you’re the witness to their spirit
the timbres in their write
if you could live inside them
you would understand
they paint, no structure
game or plan
their words non negotiable
this is who they are

it is from their interior
the senses they display
the ethos ~ the power
where they plant the seed
to love or hate
or merely read

©jmtacken 27/3/2014

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About DVerse – For Dverse ( a little ditty)

heart and souls poured into it

that is pure co -mmit -ment

encouragement  ~  support

be it long verse or short

the doors remain open

for our prose or poems

///the rules may have changed   ( ///especially for Brian & Claudia)

but who are we to complain

all they ask is we write

read others THEN com-ment

not too much to ask?

such a simple task

yes this is a rhyme

as I’ve run out of time

Cheers to DVerse

and the people who lead

those with a love of po-e-try

a community ~  that is for sure

and we couldn’t

wouldn’t ask for more

ta daaaaaaaa!

Just a little bit of fun for the team at DVerse,  OLN, yes admittedly scribbled down within 2 minutes (Brilliant aren’t I?) 😉 Their doors remain open, we smile,  so to Brian and Claudia and the whole team – from this Aussie wanna be poet – I thank you insert – ( take a bow).  If you are into writing prose/poetry and haven’t checked them out – please do – they are a very supportive and encouraging group of friendly people.

come here ~ go away (Prose)


be gone with ye

words that steal my slumber

as I lay my weary head

be gone with ye

images and visions

what you ask of me

be gone with ye

I cast you out

my mind needs to be a blank

consumed by you


I must say this or that


be gone with ye

so I may rest


days, weeks pass

writing has been blocked

my muse has wandered off

words where for art thou?

I’m distraught

inspiration do not forsake me


I cannot sleep!!



….oh ye

are you there?


This is shared with the wonderful folk at

 dVerse Poetics   ‘On the other hand’ – one of the examples given by Mary is

How about poetry?  Are there two sides of that coin in your life?  Is it both a blessing and a curse sometime?

A lighter side of the trauma us poets experience.

One,Ein,Un,Uno,Een,Um….First (Prose)

the first time I made love/erm
NO hell ~ not love
Sex~young/disjointed hmmm kisses ~ yes
you will love me afterwards???
~ who was I kidding
behind the shelter sheds/- a teenager
that’s all I’ll say/ I won’t reveal my age

the first time I hitchhiked ? dangerous~
girlfriend and I thumbs up to the sky
travelled far that day
Until a ‘coupla’ lads ~ deviated behind some trees
tried to/Well you know – we were just kids~
we escaped and ran away

the first time I left home?
Yes there was more than one time
I thought that I could make it on my own
bah-boom ~ only to return

the first time I drove a CAr ~ red it was
the colour hot & fast
I drove up to our hills not far from here
and just ~ well sat

the first time I was MArried – no it’s
only been the once ~ it lasted 19 years
gave me my girls~ made me a mum

the first time I gave birth/ ARGH!
you must be KIDDING me ~ give me an epidural
can’t you see the pain I’m in??

the first time I fell really in LOve
many many times-
Ech/ Lust or love hmm scratches
head – CRap too many rhymes

the first time I found my soul mate
yep Mr. S you know him by
my rock~ my everlasting
hmm his kisses in the night

the first time I sold a book/OK
so it’s not the paper kind
~ the SP type electronic
but it simply blew my mind

the first time I started ‘blogging’
I still HAte that word so much
scared of what would be said
now I’m **ADDIC-A-TED**

the first time I conducted a Service
for the bereaved family
/I knew I found my calling
my life mapped out for me

First times that I have had a broken heart – a blade twisting in my gut
First times of shedding tears over loving WAY too much
First times for knowing my life was going to change
First times of seeing my elderly parents – knowing nothing would be the same

Many many 1st times – some good & not this is for MLM’s Prompt simply about Firsts.

Who are you? (Prose)


I am me
I am the rain torrents in winter
The summer drops upon the ground
I am the autumn leaves of colour
New blossoms in the spring

I am strong ~ the noise of thunder
I am darkness
I am light
I am impatient
I am strong willed at times

I am caring and forgiving
I do not suffer fools
Or those friendships that aren’t real
I am an artist
I am a mother

I am intuitive
I am open
I love to love
I hate to hate

I love
I cry
I laugh
I empathise
I am a drama queen

I’m a speaker and a listener
Land on my feet ~ most of the time
I am a writer and would be poet
I have an imaginary mind

I am an animal lover
I have an addictive nature
I am a traveller
I am me

the particles, the cells

the good, the bad

the pretty and the ugly

I love that I am living

I am young though I am not

I love holding hands and making love

I can make people laugh or cry

I love watching movies that make me weep

I love watching new born foals take their first new steps

I love to sip red wine and converse with my old friends

I love that I can help those that are in need

I love my daughters with every breath

I love with all my heart, my gorgeous mum and dad

I am who I am

I am plain and simply


So who are you?

©jmtacken Dec 2013

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The Land Down Under (Prose for DVerse)

the simple things mate (friend)

a girl or bloke (man) the name

the everyday conversations

I’m tippin’ (guessing) there not the same

so if you permit me, I shall try to now explain

“So how’z it goin’ “? ~ is a phrase us Aussies often use

nothing to do with transport just the question “How-  are- you”?

without pomp & circumstance an easy language ‘cross our land

“Fair Dinkum mate” ?~ well that’s  you gotta’ be kidding me?

yep, we like to abbreviate, but it’s an easy way to speak

we chop the letters off our words, and some may find this stupid

or even quite absurd!

but it’s juz our lingo don’ ya’ know?

we don’t speak like this all the time

imagine if I conducted a Service in true blue Aussie rhyme!

“Full as a Goog” ~ forget about eggs

it simply means you’ve stuffed yourself

with too much grog (alcohol) & food

“Every man and his dog” ~ simply means a crowd

our terminology~  so diversified, so raw

us the little Aussie battlers, yes I know you ask for more (smiles)

“She’ll be apples” (fine) another term we say

to tell a mate ~ yeah all is well, no need for stress or worry

& “Stone the flamin’ crows”~ well we’re aghast

at what we’ve seen or heard

you’ve heard “Chuck a prawn on the Barbie”

blimey mate it’s not a persons name but just a coupla’ words (smiles)

so yep we come from convicts (well most us it seems)

and some may think we’re too ‘Ocker’ (uneducated Aussie)

but WE live the Aussie dream

ech ~ for all the curiosities, with our wondrous Aussie slang

we’re down to earth and hospitable, in our Down Under Land

our language sprawls, has its own twinge

and “It’s a beaut (good) – could describe a house a BBQ or Ute (tray truck)

the little Aussie battlers not ones ever to complain

what we have is our way of talking, which to some it may sound lame

so if ever you should visit, come on down and look me up

and I’ll teach you the English language with a broad true Aussie smile

and I’ll teach you, so you understand ~ in true blue “Aussie” style

©jmtacken Dec 2013

The below is an Aussie Icon John Williamson – please listen to his song True Blue – now THIS is an Aussie voice through and through.


For Dverse and The Pub – A little bit of fun and fancy – though the rhythm is all over the shop (disjointed) on todays prompt – you can find here

Raise a glass (To Dverse)


with a glass raised, DVerse I say goodbye
a wave to friends, from the year gone by
but we’ll meet again, converse, critique
share the poetry and stories of those
across the world ~ people that I’ve never
met, yes I shall greet you with a smile

I want to give my thanks, perhaps not in
poetry form, for encouragement and guidance
for kindness and support, for I am a fledging
thrown from the nest, of writing
non-fiction, not that adept with verse
SO I’m learning still, bare with me and my
lack of metaphors, for my wings still
flap against the wind as my poetry starts
to soar

I write for the love of it, as you all do I’m sure
my vocabulary perhaps at times lacking
though my style is still my own
~ AND do I wish to change the way I write
yes I must admit at times I do
my emotions and my feelings will not change
that part of me, I shall not lose

to those who have popped in to read me
I thank you from my heart
this fledging bird, with trainer wings
my poetry’s not art
but rather simply ~ simple words
that I draw from deep inside
like writers who I’ve met this year
their feelings they don’t hide

so be safe this holiday season
take a break and draw a breath
and I shall be here waiting
rested, pen at the ready
for you to challenge me

©jmtacken Dec 2013

(My 700th Post)

For OLN and the last one for the year over at The Pub