Is it wrong to be a little excited when you manage to change the look of your site?

Sad but true my followers.

I feel like I’m the Shepherd talking to his flock.

When in actual  fact I think I have 9 followers. Believe me that is just as exciting as having 9 million – I mean how would one reply to so many people when they post a comment about what you have written – you would have to spend your life sitting at the computer.

As I have mainly written and not ‘prettied’  up my site, for me to actually sit here & randomly (as my previous blog fact is that what it is called?) Display Name/User Name I sadly have no clue about half the things I do on here. Should I though? Does it make any difference in the grand scheme of things? I was “random ramblings from a mum”, &  then because of some  word press glitch my replies came back as random ramblings from a muny. I ask you what is a muny? Apart from being portrayed as the village idiot who couldn’t spell, I now have abbreviated, but I digress, fluffy clouds now surround my words & actual categories & links to my posts & the like are on the side of the page – makes it a tad more interesting (I hope) to those that venture into my site.

So when you open up your email (my followers) & read this fairly nonsensical post all I ask is that you wont tut-tut or shake your head as it is fairly much ‘a do’ about nothing, & for that I apologise. 🙂

Is it all in the Title?

What makes an excellent Post, one that people will read?

What draws in the unsuspecting reader, perhaps it’s simply the Tags we use?

Is it what people are interested in at that particular moment in their life?

Or do they intentionally explore their computers for links, words to a subject or a topic that they are curious about?

I admire Leslie and her Bucket List site, so many viewers watching and reading in awe of her travels and lust for the adventurous life-style.

My life style is not that adventurous, my Posts are as my name random ramblings from a mum, letters making words put on a page that are thoughts, amalgamated with the incessant babbling that goes through my head at any given moment.

Am I a prolific writer? Maybe. According to when I started blogging and how many I have written.

It amazes me to see who reads what. Some posts are left dangling, whereas others have had quite a few ‘likes’.

Which brings me to the ‘like’ button, is it hit because they have genuinely enjoyed my dribble, or they are just being kind?

Even this post for instance, it really hasn’t accomplished much, it hasn’t set the world on fire by its content, it’s just words.

Maybe as my title suggests, it’s all about the title is this the draw card?

None the wiser, I write because I enjoy, I wish to express and I shall continue to do so. If my ‘like’ button is pressed I am pleased and for those that have stopped by and read my ramblings whom I haven’t acknowledged – I thank you.

10 days and no has not come to an end

I realised that yes it has been 10 days since I last ‘posted’.

I don’t have a fan club of avid followers like some of my fellow Blog Stars, nor several hundred that hit the ‘like’ button, and I wonder at times why did I start blogging? 

Did I start because I wanted the attention for my literary snippets?  Or did I simply want the  ‘like’ button hit?

I must admit when I received the first notification that someone had actually read my post I got the tingles. What? You mean someone actually sat at their computer/IPad/Laptop and read something that I had written? Someone whom I had not set eyes upon, had actually done this?

Of course after that, the posts came thick and fast -there must be others out there that would enjoy what I do (almost hyperventilating).

I ask myself though do mine have any significance? Should I have beautiful photos attached? Should it be written about quests that I have accomplished or those that are yet to be? What constitutes a worthwhile blog?  

I haven’t ‘posted’ for 10 days because I’m in the throes of writing a novel, and it’s a juggling act with coming home tired from working every day, to either ‘veg’ out, write a post, do my on line course, or continue my novel. Most nights I’m to tired to do anything. Sadly that leaves the week-end, but then there is OMG  social activities with friends and family or mundane activities such as housework that gets in the way!

But never fear people who have  previously ‘liked’ me before,  I hope  in the not too distant future you shall be able to hit that ‘like’ button once more ….when I find the energy.

**My Memoir – The Empty Nest A Mother’s Hidden Grief is now available through Amazon and Lulu (J M Kadane)**