Chat time and my 820th post

Yes..I know it’s been a wee while since last I rambled.
I am still extremely busy, conducted my 15th Service today..(happy bunny) and another one next Monday.

The cleaning business has us (daughter #2 and I) occupied for each day of the week, the busiest days of course are Thursday and Friday because EVERYONE wants there home sparkling for the weekend. It is the most exhausting work I have ever undertaken in my life, so yes, I still try and read and comment on your posts, but if I miss some..I can only apologise, but something unfortunately has to give!

I was thinking this afternoon (stranger things have happened) about ideal jobs and what in my life I have done and would have liked to have done or been.

My job roles started off in an office when I was 16, then another office and another and so forth. I worked for Pop when he had his own company.

I was then a Sales Rep for a few years, but the pressure of obtaining budgets got to me, so I packed that in. I also ran my own business for 5 years, from home where I imported electronic components for various ‘end-users’ in Australia and overseas.
Scouring the various trading houses overseas, finding the ‘bits’ that were needed, then having them shipped to my house, where I would unpack, check, count, repack and send off.

It was quite lucrative as I managed to buy a new car outright and take my girls and I overseas for 5 weeks. This is where daughter #1 met her now husband. Then I closed the company, as I got squeezed out by the ‘big guys’ and returned once more to office work.

Now I am a Funeral Celebrant and a house-cleaner and a blogger/writer/poetess and studying to be a Marriage Celebrant. Who would have thought? At my age. I certainly wouldn’t have.

When I was younger I, like a thousand other girls my age wanted to be an Air-Hostess …. sorry Flight Attendant, then a hairdresser.

Several occupations have crossed my mind over the years, but the one thing that I would have really loved to have been (apart from an extremely talented, published writer) was (drum role) an Archeologist. Odd? Perhaps, but I am so in love with history (hence my last post) the thought of digging up ancient relics, or exploring, or uncovering past worlds simply fascinates me.

Alas, this shall never be, as my bones are as old as the ones I’d be recovering, so crouching down all day isn’t going to happen 😦

(In case anyone is wondering about my Penguins, they are hanging in there. Pop is growing weaker, mum has to be treated with kid gloves most days for fear of snapping, but they are doing ok)

So do tell, if you wish to do so that is, did you dream of a profession/occupation that never eventuated?