How many times I have tried
Words that once flowed easily
I feel as if I stutter
But I struggle

It’s not the same as it was
Nothing in life has been
I have a different view
Words don’t escape

So for now let me stutter
I shall see if they unlock
It’s finding the key
The right one

and this is what he wrote

Anmol alias (HA)  was kind enough to write a few words on yours truly and here they are.    I did tell him I would probably forego the tea for a wine afterwards:-)

with her fragile pen,
she carves out such
wings, feathery white,
reaching at your window,
and further into your heart,
demanding your attention,
making you smile a bit,
a genuine twitch of the lips,
savour these shiny pearls,
the gifts from mumsie,
served with some hot tea


I have another Service next Monday (found out this afternoon) so my Series Final on Pop is on the back burner, as is my other writing/reading and commenting. Apologies dear readers and THANK YOU Anmol for your sweet words.


The Sharman & the Prisoner (A collaboration – Prose)

Ilya Kisaradov.twistedlamb

Imprisoned not by lock and key
nor anchored by a ball and chain
the encumbrance was my mind
I let you in ~ run free

bemused by your eloquent speech
that led me to your arms
until your voice grated
your body abused and chastised mine

melting me with striking hands
burning bruised my skin ~ my thoughts
there was no escape from you
for your apologies I sought

sanctimonious at battles end
I once more cradled in your arms
but I burn still  ~ though transfixed
like the wax dripping from the flame

©jmtacken Oct 10 2013

Michael from summerstommy2 and I the other night did a collaboration – tonight we have tried it again, the same picture given. He wrote his version (below) of the picture above and I wrote mine.

I do this with Miriam in Words From Here To There but we haven’t been able to catch up for a while to do this 😦 hopefully we will soon.

Here is Michaels


shaman, your talisman,
what cure will you afford
the sick in mind
the ill of body

shaman cast your spell
mend my soul
rid me of demons
cleanse me

Shaman curer of ills
flames burning
Chant your song
Weave me your magic

Shaman take my hand
I am lost in myself
I flounder

Photo Credit: Visit

ech no other title just ech

I started writing some poetry – using different forms, this afternoon, but alas my brain was not wanting to go along for the ride, so the feeble attempt sits in my drafts folder.

I think I am slowly going out of my mind here with boredom – I know the signs, in fact you all probably know my signs by now, from past experiences.  I have been here before. When out of work, late last year, all was rosy in the first few weeks, though not physically going anywhere, it was like being on holiday.  I only wish my mind would  drift me onto a sandy beach with palm trees and a Mojito in hand, sadly it is not wanting too, nor are my finances.

It just held me captive staring at the computer for the longest time,  knowing that I could be writing something of substance, to while away the hours of my boredom, but in the end I couldn’t even manage that.

I looked up at the ceiling and silently screamed,  for it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and all I could muster was to mow the lawns (again). For the first time that I can remember I went and lay on the couch and I think I fell asleep for 20 minutes. That is not like me, I never have naps.

I woke, watched 3 episodes of Breaking Bad with Mr. S and have walked back into my study.  Sorry for the doom and gloomy contents of this post – just in a weird mood right now…but tomorrow is another day.

when the concrete cracks underfoot
my body sinks as does my mind
it vanishes in to the crevice from
the last day till the now and I
lose that in-between, the time
that spun now drags like hauling
heavy bags of clay
get to the end, so I can begin
get to the end, so I can start
get to the end, to stop myself
from slithering

How did I love thee (Prose from 3 words)

cough, conflict, control these 3 words have been sent from  Sarah Ann – thank you and I hope that you enjoy.

sitting cross legged on the bed
sheets crumpled underneath
I watch the candle flames
burn their brightness
with the smell of frankincense
I hold you in my arms
I have the control it seems
to do with you as I please and I
cough a little excitedly
for what that means to me


I hold you tight, you don’t resist
lying comforted in my embrace
which is different from the past
few weeks,  when all we did was fight
but now there is no conflict
as I am in control, who would have
thought I’d spike your drink
allowing you to fall
ssshh ~  it will be alright my love
there is nothing you should fear
though now that you paralysed
revenge is near
so let me hold your hand ~ I swear
you won’t feel any pain
just let me heat the knife once more
and slice into your vein


©jmtacken Sept 2013

riders on the storm

Horses-1-K6IZAMQ25Y-1024x768Sharing with the wonderful folk at  dVerse – The Poets Pub (as written yesterday and domestic chores beckon).

the calm beginning ~ horses at the starting gate
before hooves punch the ground, breath through
nostrils flair; who will have the false start
words bandied back and forth in anger and
who will trip across the barrier
who will hold the reins tight listening
as tempers start to fray, like rhythmic feet
upon the ground, dismantling the clay

who listens to who; whose the judge without
a jury ~ yes but you don’t understand
I am this way, I am who I am, I cannot change
my life will always be the same

I hear you, I have empathy, but you have
to change yourself to see, to overcome the
hurdles you now face, to get you to
a better place, to be the one you wish to be

but there is no hope ~ Why can’t you see
with hands that clench and feet that step
from side to side;  body tense;  tears flow
and as your mum ~ have no place to go with this
to handle, to help you understand
I watch as you fall apart ~ before my very eyes
I want to hug, but that will only disguise
what needs to be said out loud, with both voices
raised, how much more can we both take
the horses have bolted and who won the race

©jmtacken Sept 2013

*Please let me know if you have issues with the audio – I don’t know how to fix it though..unfortunately 😦

Leap – (Prose 3 words)

Leap, surprise, faith these 3 words are from   Sorry for the delay in this one, it was more a challenge than I first thought.

Sarah  and my readers, I hope that you enjoy.


A surprise to learn my leap of faith
would be to tumble into your arms
against all better judgement; clearly I have none
however your embrace seems the most comforting

Why? because I know you, infinitesimal trust
your arms outstretched almost pleading
saying I’d be safe; cajoling with soft words
~ to simply cross that line

but I have been there once before ~ trusted
if memory serves me right; physical scars none
but you created reservations of who I was
and yet ~ I wish to fall again, perhaps in the hope
you’ve changed

so, you can walk me down this path again
convince me of no ridicule or seething taunts
but this time unbeknown to you
I bring a safety net ~ in case I accidentally fall

©JMTacken Sep 2103

Earth – (Prose from 3 words)

My next challenge of 3 words has been given to me by a very dear girlfriend of mine that I have known for many, many years.  You can find her at:-

Her words are – wound, earth, silence


Wound fractures
open mother earth
in silence waits

what will become of her

heated months lazer
frozen waters
melting under rays

and where will her children go

waves skyscraper
consuming, devouring
dragging into watery graves

those she nurtured from her soil

wounded sky
wounded core
deafening silence

breathe mother earth

while you can
no band-aid will heal
the crevice is too deep

©jmtacken Sept 2103

Angel – (Prose from 3 words)

Angel, surround and heart are the next 3 words that I have been asked to write about. This is from a dear friend of mine Tricia Garrett. So lovely, this is for you (and my readers).


draped the angel sleeps
the cold of stone not felt beneath
surround her not with pity
she no longer feels her pain
blind to acts of cruelty
deaf to words of hate

as on earth
an angel once again

do not weep your tears
though your heart may break
as you stand before her
rest a marigold where she lays
remember not her sorrow
her soul now free to touch

the face of the stars

brush the dirt away from her
so she maybe cleansed
from those that caused her death
sit and talk with her a while
and you will hear her plea

I sleep, I ask ~ no tears be shed
just remember me

©jmtacken Sept 2013

If anyone else would like to give me 3 words to write – please do so in your comments. 🙂
My 600th post.

Howling – (Prose from 3 words)

Once again from the delightful ever humorous  who has given me 3 words to use…. they are Wolf, Mountains and Pines. Straight away I knew what I would do with these, so hopefully I have pulled it off.

Photo Credit

Her howl guttural, through lifted jaw she
snaps the silence of early morn; veils of sun
break between the pines, her teeth and cry
validating strength

she stands majestic, a reckoning force
against enemies in the mountains
winter bitter, she hunts to fill her cubs

empty bellies, hungry cries; they wait
secured in den, reliant on the offerings
that would be returned

she bays
she seeks
this wolf
of Montana

©JMTacken Sep 2013


Footnote: If any one would like to throw me another 3 words to see what I come up with, please feel free – I do enjoy a challenge…. oh and try and keep them clean 😉