Chat time

It’s Saturday night, well over here it is. It’s 9:24pm to be precise. We are now in Spring, but we have the heater on as it’s well ‘bloody cold’!

Today 7 hours of prepping and painting the house, haven’t really scratched the surface. Have I mentioned I hate painting?

My week, no Services this week, one next Wednesday though, which I shall write up by Monday hopefully.

K was going through a bad time, as they have to leave the shared  house that they were in for 6 weeks. Borderlines do not do well in shared accommodation, for obvious reasons. Their body language, their mood swings do not sit well with others who don’t know they are Borderlines (and it’s something she isn’t going to advertise).

I have had a very stressful week, not knowing where they would go, but luckily one of the ladies that K does cleaning for has offered a room at her place. They already have a border in one room and K and J will be extra. It amazes me how some people are so genuinely generous. I had met the owner when I first started cleaning, she hadn’t even met K let alone J, but she said she wanted to do what she could to help. So I love her for this, as my ‘baby’ won’t be on the streets.

After the painting today, Mr. S and I went out for dinner, the shortest dinner in history.

We went to a dumpling restaurant. Bringing our bottle of wine, when we asked for glasses, the waitress asked if we would pay $2.00 per glass, their way of saying corkage charge.

The meal apart from the dumplings, was sadly mediocre, Mr. S’s main that he ordered resembling a child’s vomit..I kid you not, vegetables, prawns, seaweed, fungi and uncooked egg thrown over the wasn’t finished. We drove there, ate and back home within the hour.

I have been doing my assessments for the Marriage Celebrancy and on to the last one, where now after writing up a Ceremony, according to instructions given, I have to video myself conducting it. Oh joy, oh bliss!

Tonight, perhaps due to a couple of lovely glasses of wine, I’m feeling a little more like my old self, a sense of humour emerges, been such a long time.

Tomorrow, daughter B (eldest) is taking K to the pictures. This is such a huge thing. They have not spoken for over 18 months. I have been going to therapy with B and she has been learning about Borderlines and what I experience and her sister.

It’s baby steps, but I hope this will be the beginning of them at least being able to talk or be in the same room with each other.

I am then taking K to lunch. Should be interesting,  turquoise hair and all.

So for tonight, the old Jen is back, life seems a little easier, especially that K will have a roof over her head. I won’t jinx it by saying any more.



Chat time and my 820th post

Yes..I know it’s been a wee while since last I rambled.
I am still extremely busy, conducted my 15th Service today..(happy bunny) and another one next Monday.

The cleaning business has us (daughter #2 and I) occupied for each day of the week, the busiest days of course are Thursday and Friday because EVERYONE wants there home sparkling for the weekend. It is the most exhausting work I have ever undertaken in my life, so yes, I still try and read and comment on your posts, but if I miss some..I can only apologise, but something unfortunately has to give!

I was thinking this afternoon (stranger things have happened) about ideal jobs and what in my life I have done and would have liked to have done or been.

My job roles started off in an office when I was 16, then another office and another and so forth. I worked for Pop when he had his own company.

I was then a Sales Rep for a few years, but the pressure of obtaining budgets got to me, so I packed that in. I also ran my own business for 5 years, from home where I imported electronic components for various ‘end-users’ in Australia and overseas.
Scouring the various trading houses overseas, finding the ‘bits’ that were needed, then having them shipped to my house, where I would unpack, check, count, repack and send off.

It was quite lucrative as I managed to buy a new car outright and take my girls and I overseas for 5 weeks. This is where daughter #1 met her now husband. Then I closed the company, as I got squeezed out by the ‘big guys’ and returned once more to office work.

Now I am a Funeral Celebrant and a house-cleaner and a blogger/writer/poetess and studying to be a Marriage Celebrant. Who would have thought? At my age. I certainly wouldn’t have.

When I was younger I, like a thousand other girls my age wanted to be an Air-Hostess …. sorry Flight Attendant, then a hairdresser.

Several occupations have crossed my mind over the years, but the one thing that I would have really loved to have been (apart from an extremely talented, published writer) was (drum role) an Archeologist. Odd? Perhaps, but I am so in love with history (hence my last post) the thought of digging up ancient relics, or exploring, or uncovering past worlds simply fascinates me.

Alas, this shall never be, as my bones are as old as the ones I’d be recovering, so crouching down all day isn’t going to happen 😦

(In case anyone is wondering about my Penguins, they are hanging in there. Pop is growing weaker, mum has to be treated with kid gloves most days for fear of snapping, but they are doing ok)

So do tell, if you wish to do so that is, did you dream of a profession/occupation that never eventuated?


Monday to Thursday for anyone who is interested in babble

Good evening everyone out there in Blog WP land.

How are we all this evening, morning, afternoon?

It's so hard to keep track of times and days for that matter.

This is just a rambling blog post from moi.

Just because I can :-)   Ahh the freedom of speech isn't it grand ~ oops no poetry this evening.

Updates on my week - you ready? Comfy? Drink in hand be it coffee, wine or beer? Perhaps some cheese on crackers to go with that?

  • Started the juice diet for 4 days straight I drank nothing but squeezed out fruit and vegetables (my hat goes off to all you vegetarians out there by the way). Yesterday I was in a complete daze, had no idea where the day actually went, proceeding into the supermarket to top up on fruit and veg and other things. Yes, I forgot the other things - my brain was frozen in a sludge state.
  • Tonight yee ha I had a meal, I never knew how much I enjoyed the physical art of chewing! I ate some calamari and salad. Treadmill in the morning, so all will be good Weird how I felt guilty for actually eating after 4 days though.
  • No wine consumed for 4 days (I know,  how the hell did I do that) tonight I am shouting myself to a scotch with Pepsi Max (it is soooooo good) yes the treadmill will be a definite in the morning.
  • Went out twice with Pop on his scooter ~ hmm little concerned as he still doesn't look left and right before crossing the road and I think he feels as if he is still in a car to protect him a little. More practice required, more of me running or walking very fast at his side.
  • Attended a funeral on Tuesday (for learning Celebrant purposes) I did not know the deceased. 20 family members. Song being played for reflection time - wrong song. Try again - wrong song. I sat in the back row cringing, oh and taking notes.  The Celebrant though (as she told me afterwards) "It's best to stay calm when things go wrong, so the family remains calm".  Tell me if I'm wrong readers (this way I will know if you have actually read this far ) her reaction after the song not being played twice was "Right we will move onto the next part of the ceremony".  What the??? No apology for technical difficulties now we will move on??? Nothing? The service went for 20 minutes (family's instructions) but to me way too quick, no time to absorb what was happening, no speakers apart from the Celebrant. The music that the family chose for the recession (the walking out of the service) was a classical piece interspersed with quite 'bubbly' violin… not my choice AT ALL. This had to be played by the FD (that's funeral director lingo) who held a portable CD player at the back of the room. All went well till his/their recording jumped, hopped and skipped and crackled towards the end. I was mortified readers mortified! I shall do better (if I ever get a gig…(no gig isn't the right terminology is it?)
  • Lastly, I want to thank all the people that commented on My Gate is Open piece for DVerse - I am being guided and supported most admirably and for that I thank you one and all.

Okay that's it, hope I haven't bored anyone, thought I'd do it all in one blog (I so hate that word) post ~ thanks for listening..I mean reading.



just a wee ramble from Port Douglas

Yesterday, seems already a life time ago. That’s the beauty of vacationing, if you get your mind to relax quick enough and you are in the most perfect spot, time just flows slowly, which is a good thing. Though when Sunday rolls around I am sure I will plant my feet firmly on the ground and tell Mr. S. I’m not budging, that I do not wish to return to freezing Melbourne. On the Sunday night we awoke often, in anticipation of actually having to get up and be out of the house by 6am to get to the Airport.

When it was time to rise and shine (not that there was any shine on Melbourne winter morning) we were already tired. Leaving home in the bitter dark morning, both dressed in jeans and t-shirts with a jacket to peel off on our arrival. I even kept my Ugg slippers on (which look like boots under my jeans – so not too bogan) till we disembarked at Cairns Airport. Shuttle bus to get to the hire car with the lady driver of the bus talking to her office on her mobile (not hands free).. oh well we have all been guilty of that. We then drove to some shops to get some supplies, nibblies oh and did I mention wiineeeee? We got wine (I got wine) in fact Tuesday morning now 10:17am and I am having a glass on the balcony. Mybad.

So yesterday was driving, taking in the views and crashing at 8:30 pm exhausted.

This morning up at 7.30 and walked along the beach, gazing across the still blue water, the palm trees along the sand and the coconuts. Watching a hawk circle, saying good morning to all the fit people out doing their walk or jog. It was grand (as Katie would say)

Mr. S has now gone next door (yes literally) to play a round of golf on the most beautiful course (even I was tempted) but I am excited as I have spoken to a lady over many years on the computer (we use to play Literati) scrabble on line. She and her daughter live close, so in 10 minutes time they will be here and we shall meet for the first time.

It is now 5:44pm, I met T and her daughter T who are amazing and beautiful people (I do not say this as I know she reads my blogs) I say this because it was comfortable meeting with them, like she and I had known each other physically and not just virtually over the last 12 years. I love life when a conversation can just fall into place so easily, when you are so comfortable with a person, there are no inhibitions with what you say or how you say it.

The relationship these two women have is adoring and remarkable to witness. It left me warm and fuzzy seeing the way they interacted with each other. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours and I am sure I could have chatted with them all day, but they sadly felt guilty that they were taking up holiday time. 😦 So thank you T & T for driving up? down? to see me, I so loved your visit) and you are both so gorgeous.

After they left Mr.S and I drove into Port Douglas ‘township’ how pretty it is, very much like the streets in beachside Melbourne, but far prettier due to the foliage. I will post photos when I get back..I promise.

So before I bore everyone, Mr. S and I are going to get ready to go out for dinner now 🙂 I may write again tonight, if the mood takes me, or I may just fall asleep again!

Ciao from Port Douglas everyone!

frozen in time – just a bit of nonsense

Do not ask why I came up with this – as I truly have no idea at all.

if frozen
not in terms of iCe
– clock stops
no digits on the cell
no sun dial watched
no tides of oceans
– nothing
zilch- nadda

humanity figurines
– plasticine
elbows bent
crooked necks
feet up steps

TV watching – eating food
cooking spaghetti – throwing
the pan – making love
or worse
what thoughts
would be our last
at the precise time of STOP

fear – happy
scared – miserable
tears – worry
did I pay the gas

ssssssolid like an icy-pole
K(c)oncrete pillarrrs
the second we can’t move

when the clock ticks – time
begins again
we race
– no slowing doWn

to smell roses
-robots come to life
we simply start again

Post Birthday- just a rambling post so don’t sweat it if you can’t relate.

Birthday’s are funny things, not in the falling on the floor wetting your pants funny, but the morning comes, you open your sleepy eyes to realise you are in fact another year older, of course you have known that for the last year as you have lived it, but on that morning you then can say you are ….. ok as in my case 58. Yes, I shudder at writing that figure.  🙂

Yesterday, I got up showered and dressed for work (though I really think that we should incorporate ‘Birthdays’ as a public holiday). I went into the office to find a beautiful bunch of  kale and hyacinths  (see that’s showing my age by actually writing what they were) and not simply saying ‘flowers’. Down the track all I’ll be able to talk about is the weather 😦 you truly know you are getting old when that starts. (I am being light-hearted here)

We didn’t celebrate last night (going out on a Friday night at our age after being at work – well we wouldn’t last 5 minutes) as we went out to dinner tonight with friends. Mr. S (gawd love him) bought me an IPad, so that I am able to write in the great outdoors, instead of being inside all the time.

Today I had a ‘nervy’ day. I get like this now and then, when bottled up emotions or underlying stress issues raise to the surface and my body let’s me know that things are getting ugly.  I had the shakes a little and was generally on edge, you know those days, you look at the housework that needs doing and you crack it with yourself because truly you couldn’t be bothered doing it, or the garden needs attention and everything seems a little out of depth.

I called in to see mum and dad, they gave me a card and $’s which is pretty much the norm for my presents from them of late (as they can’t get out of the house on their own anymore). I went in the afternoon to a ‘Spirit Circle’ event to hear my fellow fledgling mediums ‘connect’. Then back home and a 45 minute race to get ready, that was strip clothes, jump in shower, wash hair, blow dry hair, put face on, get dressed.

Then it was dinner out at an Italian Restaurant – there were 10 of us, 1st glass of champagne relaxed me a little as did the company. Entree was a dozen oysters mornay shared with a girlfriend. Mains –  fillet beef with fresh cooked beetroot, wine jus and spinach and mushrooms. Red wine to accompany the meal, followed by a dessert shared again of creme brulee, cooked pineapple and home made passionfruit sorbet…. can I tell you how YUMMY that was.? It was YUMMY.

It’s now 1:14am. I am dressed in my  jim-jams and my silly MAC is causing me grieve by not playing my Loreena CD (in fact it’s stuck and won’t eject) that’s a little issue I shall have to face tomorrow.

I posted  ‘Running’ yesterday, I think people were being overly kind in their comments, for in truth I dislike it. I went to bed after I published it and was so tempted to get up and throw it into trash.

But erk I do not like it – it was jolty, without flow, it doesn’t sit right with me, but then you have commented and I feel lousy if I trash it now. So I’m just saying, yes I posted it, but it was possible the worst piece I have written, so I thank you for reading and being so kind.  Previous pieces that I have done, I can spend so very little time on and strangely they are the ones I feel more comfortable with, the longer I spend and the more editing I do, it turns out rubbish in my eyes (I know not why). Us writers are such critical beasts.

I thank you if you have read my ramblings, I thank you all for your birthday wishes and your support in following me. I appreciate all my readers who have been with me since I commenced last year and to all my new followers.



Good night to you all