Chat time once more ..I am SO bored

so unfortunately readers you shall have to bare the brunt of my boredom.

It is 4:27pm Tuesday (I think it’s Tuesday) staying at home every day makes me lose some days..ok even weeks of what was my normal 9-5 existence. I so need more work.

I sit here writing (or trying to at least a piece of prose/poetry) hell I still don’t really know the difference – even though Brian has told me (and I thank you Mr. M) … to me prose is pretty much a short story…I am sure I will get it eventually/hopefully … ‘anywho’ so what is happening around me right now, that would make it interesting enough to hold your attention?

Erm…ponders… outside we have a haze, I can smell the smoke from bush fires 95.6km away from us.
It’s an eerie feeling, as I walk out onto my deck and smell the smoke in the air. This is Summer in Australia unfortunately, we get used to it. Some young idiot kids, who think nothing better than throwing a live match into an open dry paddock. The other day when we had 42C a total fire ban day, some numbskulls were lighting fire-works…err hello wtf?

The haze is also next door, I don’t know if I have told you about my neighbours, the neighbours from hell… this is one reason we want to move. When I first moved here, the screaming matches that we had to endure were… not pleasant. I have put up with them since 1998. They have two children… early twenties now I guess. When they were little, I had to call the Police as they were screaming so badly that their kids went and sat outside on the pavement to get away.

The daughter has a little girl now and does not live at home. The mother, well what can I say, she screams and starts arguments at the drop of a hat.

As I sit here, the three of them are going at it again, the daughter and mum and dad, though dad tries to maintain some sort of peace, the mother, she’s uncontrollable.

My issue is their daughter with her little one, it’s difficult to sit and hear the baby cry (I think she’s under two years of age) because she is in the middle of her mother having a screaming session with her mother.

This child has no hope of a ‘normal’ upbringing. She hears the swear words bandied about as if it’s “Can you pass the salt please”. How will this child grow up, what is she learning from these ‘people’ to be in the middle of this, my heart goes out to her. It’s cruel, it’s nonsense and the problem is the parents and the mother cannot see what it will do to her.

I could go on and on, my boredom would lead me to tell you my entire life story at this point, but I shall save you all from that.

Till next chat time – it’s over and out from moi.

Oh look it’s another chat post

Again it's babble time, seem to be doing more of these, but lets face it, it gives you a break from the poetry doesn't it. Today Saturday morning, I drove to the hairdressers to cover my sparkly bits - (yes unfortunately I have a few) and needed a trim and some foils (okay men foils are just that - colour put on our hair then wrapped in aluminium foil, yes we do look  Alien, but that's how we roll.

I walked in, the little bell rang above the door and I sat down, grabbed a mag with pictures of the overly skinny models and celebs that are showing off their bones lately.

My hairdresser Fiona, looked at me. "Hi Jen". "Hi Fe". She then walked to the counter, checked her appointment book and said "Erm Jen you're not booked in today". I grabbed my card out and said "It's got the 31st on here"? (insert puzzled look). She (insert a puzzled look back) said "Jen today is the 1st".

It's akin to a wave coming into the shore line, they just keep coming looking very similar to the last one, that's how my days are being at home every day now. Yes... I have a date on my MAC that stares at me daily, but do I pay attention - obviously not. Did I pick up a newspaper this morning - again obviously not.

She said if you want to hang around, she would still do my hair. My appointment was for 9.30. I got there at 9.15. I left at 1.30. Before getting my hair done, I made myself useful and swept the floors for her and made cups of tea and coffee for the other ladies.

Then it was back home with two of our dear friends helping us out with our new floating floor boards we are we have finally put down. I shall post a before and after tomorrow, if I can (especially for Bec) 🙂

The house (hallway, kitchen, eating area and family room) look so different and I am thrilled with the results. 8 hours today, cutting dowel, staining it, gluing it, nailing it…but it's done (sigh of relief). The only incident was after we had eaten our Chinese Take Away delivered for tea, Mr. S walked into the family room and said "Erm guys, looks like we have hidden a vent". So yes the 'boys' put the floor boards over one of the heating vents in the floor…. now we have to try and figure out where it was, to cut the opening again. You can see my face right now, can't you?

42C tomorrow here in sunny Australia, Mr. S is off to play golf and I visit the hardware store to get nick nacks to finish off the woodwork, stay warm people.


Chat Time Personal ‘stuff’ – pour a drink – its been a while

Dear  Fans Followers,

My Muse is still drinking I think and poetry is a struggle (at 4:18 pm Thursday afternoon) but I didn’t begin this blog to even write poetry so YAY to me for attempting…yes?

This afternoon, as Melbourne Australia (Horsetralia) swelters under a blazing hot sun and hot northerly winds, the temperature is 44C – that’s erm roughly 111.2 Farenheit. That is hot, I am hot (well I was when I was younger – that’s a joke everyone) so I sit here under a ceiling fan with the Evaporative cooler going flat-out as she/he is struggling somewhat.

Since I haven’t had a chat for a while, and Poetry Muse is off in some corner possibly sporting a massive hangover, my chat Muse is still able to talk…stop groaning it won’t be that bad.

Last weekend I had a visitor, Michael lives in NSW – that’s heading up North from where I live and he was down visiting some of his children. He is the 2nd blogger I have met through WP and being a fellow Aussie – well put it this way – I greeted him at the door with a hug and a few kindly expletives 🙂 as is ‘our way’.

He arrived Sat and he sat in the kitchen whilst I fiddled about making potato salad for our BBQ dinner that night. He chatted to Mr. S and it was all very lovely and relaxed. Later we had the BBQ and I cooked a peppered butterfly lamb (Lyn will know of this) 🙂

Now Michael being a retired Drama and English teacher has assisted me along the way with the writing of my Eulogies and he does a damn fine job let me tell you. I use the word ‘that’ too many times, he corrects, I word a paragraph weird..he corrects. So as I had the Service yesterday – it was a perfect opportunity for him to sit with me and go through what I had written. “He done good” 🙂 (he will hate that) I can write, but sometimes my use of the English language is a little all over the shop and he points me in the right direction.

He stayed over Saturday night and Sunday morning the 3 of us went out for breakfast – ah to be sure it was grand. Meeting a fellow blogger is strange, you realise – they aren’t some imaginary/virtual being that you have communicated with, but a real live person (odd but true).

He left Sunday afternoon and I have to say it was a great pleasure to not only meet him, but chat/banter/whine/discuss etc. I even put the poor bugga through an ordeal he probably didn’t anticipate and took him to meet my Penguins – so he could see that they too (to?) (waits for the correction) were ‘real’.

So if you don’t read him or follow him – go over and take a peek – he writes mainly poetry and he’s a lovely, caring human being.

Yesterday I had my first Burial – all my other Services have been Cremations.
It was 41C yesterday, the Chapel Cooling system was struggling, as was I and I stuffed up and where did I stuff up…reading the Lord’s Prayer for the family. Of all the things to go wrong when I should know this off by heart – and do… but the family were also saying it out loud in front of me..and well…I lost my place. I apologised and continued.

After the Service we went to the burial site for her internment. A family with 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 29 great grand children. They let free their balloons, scattered carnations and roses onto the Coffin and everyone was emotional and very flustered with the heat.

I was invited back for refreshments by the family, they were simply lovely, getting me food and drink and asking me to sit with them. Hopefully the ‘muck-up’ will be forgotten, I did apologise again to them, they said not to worry…

Homefront: My Penguins – Pop seems to be struggling to comprehend what I say to him of late, when he stands now, his whole body shakes and he must sit down within a couple of minutes. Mum is on her medication for her memory loss due to her strokes and now and then gets very angry for no real reason. I am at the point of talking to her like a child, but not in a demeaning way, for I know this is not her.

I won’t go on with other members of the family – let me just say, things are in place to get us back on track…hopefully.

So that’s it – you can wake up now – sorry if I bored the pants off you, as I said it’s been a while since I chatted.

Yours Sincerely,


Memories like the corners of my mind (rambling)

So here’s the thing.  As we grow old mature (nope grow old), our little brains can’t seem to hold on to the information that we have stored, slotted inside those gooey pinkish-beige coloured bits inside our skulls.

I know mum is struggling now, but this isn’t about her, it’s about me. I am one of these people that hides things in  safe hiding know what’s coming next don’t you dear readers, hell yes, when I want to retrieve said items from their cosy tucked away, no one will find me spot… I have forgotten where that spot is.

This afternoon as I was bored out of my little pinkish-grey area, I decided to try and find said spot. I went through 10 different drawers in the bedroom. I grabbed the foot stool from the kitchen and went up high in the shelving at the top of my wardrobe.  My god the rubbish I have up there! Hats that I will no longer wear, 2 old dolls from when I was little, my wedding dress  this one (Life does change)  bags. I grabbed all the boxes from under the bed and nothing. I scoured through every hand bag I own (the ones that weren’t on the top of the wardrobe), every shoe box, every plastic bag (obviously stashed because I couldn’t be bothered putting in the bin at the time). Hells bells,  I even checked the freezer and the cupboards in the kitchen.

I am at a loss dear readers and it’s frustrating, annoying and miffing, (instead of miffing insert copious rude words) the daylights out of me.

I have even tried (and I am sure you all have done this) standing in one spot and concentrating really hard to put myself back in that place (you know time machine stuff) in order to extract this information, but no it’s not working.  I emailed Mr. S at work and he came back with “Is this the lot you lost some time back or another lot”? … hmmm grizzle grizzle. Then he came back “Perhaps hire a metal detector”?

Actually not a bad idea, as dear readers my little items that I’ve so perfectly hidden is jewellry. Yes,  you heard it here first, smart alec me thought I would be clever in case we were ever robbed and thought I know I’ll put these …… in the…… (see I thought by typing that it would trigger something…but I got nuttin’).  I have a necklace that mum bought me and a diamond ring that I bought and god knows what other golden trinkets I have so masterfully hidden from any would be robbers, but also myself 😦

Apart from turning the whole house upside down, I really don’t know what to do. If you could have witnessed my ‘tanty’ earlier you would have either laughed, or rung for assistance.

The only positive is that I have tidied up the drawers and wardrobe and under the bed, the freezer and kitchen cupboards are fine.

I feel such a   images-3

and to top it all off we are supposed to be in Spring, it’s grey, cold and raining outside…. got to love Melbourne (only adds to the drama of the post, really inconsequential)

So what have you lost, if anything, were you able to find it again… got any clues to restore this pink-greyish coloured brain of mine (in a hurry)?