Unlacing Crimson (With Music)

Please play the music then read



feathered dust skims the width of faded yellow
my mouth as if to blow a kiss nuzzles
the bundle’s edge comforted in crimson ribbon
the bow still holds, lack lustred now

I breathe the mustiness of years passed
holding preciously, seeing myself as you were
sitting by the window, sun splashes filtering
through glass, anointing paled skin

unlacing crimson, from the envelopes
that bore your name in pen, some letters faint
some faded as the memories, holding the letter
to my breast I whisper across the room, Penelope

unfold in three, as he had folded, her inamorato
meticulously as if he sent his life
trusted beyond his own, to be protected within her heart
did tears fall upon her cheeks, as mine do now

my fingers tremble as I discover the yearning
that was distanced ‘tween bullets and country farm
two people that I never knew and yet I am connected
this passion of unfading love

as his words bathe my heart, plucking concerto
breaths, a love that I am witnessing, long after
it had gone, a love held strong, a memory
a broken heart, for he did not return

©jmtacken 19th March, 2014   (Fiction)

yes you caused this – a THANK YOU Post

December 9th 2013 – I posted my last THANK YOU!

How remiss of me for leaving it so long between ‘THANKS’- shame and tut tut (so not my way – or the Aussie way).

December I had 597 followers, 597 people whom I had never met. Never laid eyes on, never met personally (apart from two people) or bought a coup of coffee for, or shared a wine.

Today as of 21st February, 2014 I have 691 followers.

I don’t know you, I don’t know much about your lives or who you are, or what makes you special.

What I do know is that I am grateful, thankful that you have wanted to follow my rantings, raving, poetry, life stories. The ups and downs and in-betweens of who I am and what I write.

So I say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you, I may be weird in doing thank you posts, but that’s who I am and I am very appreciative that you enjoy what I write.

Most of you sit quietly in the background and that’s ok, I’m okay with that, you do what you have to do, as I do what I have to do.

If you wish to stick around I smile, if you get bored and go to greener pastures, I’ll understand.

So it’s just a thank you, pure and simple from my little pink thing that beats.


It’s chat time again or chewing the fat

This afternoon I needed to do a catch up, not only with posts, readers whom I follow, making new blogging friends but also estimating my kilometres for my log book… How dull you all say..and yes it was.

Out of my filing cabinet I pulled out the Services I have written, to check my notes on the kilometres I have travelled to family interviews and attending Services.

This is required for taxation purposes as I am sole trader at present.

As I looked at each file, with the Order Of Service attached, I had a reflective moment. These are lives that have passed, these people whom I never knew, gone now from their families, those they loved. This is to be expected, but it just hit me this afternoon as I flicked through their stories once again, as if nothing had changed in my life, but so much had in others.

On a brighter note we just celebrated Australia Day weekend.. I know sounds odd, but Aussie Day was on Sunday, so we all get a holiday the day after. Some of my more patriotic followers wrote posts about it, I was slack, I didn’t. I have been writing and getting the Service ready for tomorrow’s burial of a 48 year old man who passed as a result of Myotonic Dystrophy.

He lived in a facility the last 8 years of his life, I write his story, along with family members. Residents from the Centre will be attending and they are releasing balloons after the Chapel Service, prior to going to the burial site.

It should be beautiful, most of them will be in wheel chairs, being helped by their carers.

Yesterday I had a mishap, not with my writing, but just a warning for those of us who whip on a pair of shoes that have a slippery sole…do not venture down concrete steps, that’s all I’m saying. Down I went like a bag of spuds. I was winded and hit my back and grazed all my elbow..yes I yelled obscenities, seemed the only proper thing to do at the time.

Haven’t caught up with my penguins (parents) the last few days, so hopefully will call in after the Service to see them. Pop has finished writing ‘his’ Eulogy and I am so proud of him, though he tells me not to go on for so long that I will bore people. Aww bless ‘im.

Ok so no boring all of you now. I say farewell, y’all hurry back now ya hear. 🙂

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock update

2 days and a few hours to go my dear friends.

I have spent since Thursday, writing, re-writing and reading the Service.

Saturday morning I visited the local Health Food Shop,  I was suffering anxiety badly. My chest and diaphragm were in knots continually.  I now have a Flower Essence spray and some wonderful herbal tablets that I actually believe are working and if they are only a placebo….I’m running with it.

It took me over  two and a half hours to ask the relevant questions and 10 hours to write the Eulogy and possibly tomorrow when I read it again,  I shall tweak a few words and lines here and there.

I am so very happy though, as this afternoon I had to read it through to one of the family members (the daughter-in-law).  This was needed in case any of my scribbled notes needed any adjustment.  When I had finished, there was silence on the end of the phone. My stomach dropped. I then said that is the completion…waiting for her to say something, then she did..

“I am crying, that was so lovely. It was wonderful”. She went on to say ” I am glad that I heard it now, if I would have heard it for the first time on Wednesday, I would be a mess”.

Do you know how I felt when she said those words?  I don’t think I can even explain at this point.

So now I go over and over and read and read in the hope of memorising some of it. Hope that my legs don’t collapse under me , or I run out of the Chapel,  arms flapping in the air throwing the script to the ground yelling “I can’t… I can’t” on Wednesday.

Sorry once again for not being able to read and comment on posts, but this is so much in my head, that my muse has now gone on vacation.

Normal services (pardon that pun) will resume by Wednesday night if I’m not sitting in a corner somewhere, drink in hand.




On dusted Parchment


photo credits: s1.favim.com

barely visible
letters adorn
dusted yellowing
as stitches are
from fraying binders
leather bound covers
are held by
pleated hands
read by waxen glow
his eyes
he struggles

words of writers
past times
as grandmother’s necklace
handed down

feelings etched
from another mind
another vision
with quill
from brighter
unaware who may
whose hands will touch
the ink or
the page

words of love…
a writers life once lived
deepest thoughts
to be read
and again

don’t shut the book
forever wondering
what knowledge beauty
is held
blow off the dust
read what is written
so that you may
to close the book
shall only
close your mind


Miriam from    http://anotherwanderingsoul.wordpress.com/2013/06/05/my-pages/  and I have once again written a piece from a photo that Miriam has chosen.  We then post our pieces at the same time (or near enough) not knowing what the other has written. Please go and see her contribution.

Time to say Thank You!

and it’s that time again to say I


THANK YOU to my followers.

THANK YOU for joining, for reading, for participating!

THANK YOU to my 310 (thats a jump of 83 from my last thank you,  exactly a month ago (Let me hear you say WHOOP – WHOOP)

I AM GRATEFUL for each and every one of you!

I CHERISH your comments, your advice and even your critique!

I LOVE how some of us have developed REAL VIRTUAL friendships!

So THANK YOU for putting up with my RAMBLINGS!

THANK YOU for showing an interest in what I do.