Screw You (Prose- Fiction)


you thwart every move
callous words dislodge from
soured lips, the taste of lemon
would be sweeter

my life, whose life ~ you have
taken on the role of judge
and jury, please do not
think me ignorant

the see-saw, the tennis match
both have lost their amusement
crossing my identity off your list
placing my character on hold

I won’t be chained by ridicule
under obnoxious taunts
bury me now within your mind
for I walk unshackled ~ to be who I am

©jmtacken Nov 2013       Did a piece called Deadlock – you can view this here   A few ( well Michael and I) were intrigued by this and though it is not a prompt as such, I have written a version which I am linking to her site.  Please read her work, if you don’t already – she has quite an amazing talent.

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Object and Action

Knife struck my chest
eyes stared
to you
stared at the knife

blood flowered
on my dress
held the steel
touched your face

mouth opened
words would not flow
from dry lips
I simply murmured

blood engulfed
the blade
hands wet

stained fingers sticking
falling to the ground
only to whisper