Little Boy Lost (Series – Part 1)

colours were a blur back then, before the War began
the world was grey ~ bundled in arms, given to faces
you didn’t recognise, could you tell who was real
cries for those you knew, unheard in darkest rooms

years passed, at six, she took you back, to share her life
~ with him, who fought with drunken screams, until you
ran away, back to the arms, that held you soft
and there was a silent love

confusion, upheaval, as you were taken ‘home’
~ biological this time, to the father you never knew
knees plunged deep in Europe’s snow, tiny hands
chilled to the bone, sent to chop the wood, with pockets sewn

by the man whose roof you slept beneath, hands could not
be warmed ~ the icy bitter winds, the threadbare coat and
pants, no boots to stop the damp, doing as instructed
curled body, a child that attic slept, did you dream

your cries should have been louder, what were your thoughts
loneliness your friend; a 1930’s scholar, University
was for you ~ that is what your teacher said, but your father
forbade it, no money to be wasted on school

your half sibling, ate his meal whilst warming chilled bones
by the fire ~ the woman who did not give you birth
demanding your meals eaten, on the landing of the stairs
so you sat and watched in silence, without love

a child’s life
should not be like this
a childhood that was yours
I wish you had screamed louder Pop
I wish
you didn’t have to scream at all

©jmtacken 9th November 2013

I wish to do my Pop’s life in prose.  As this is my 660th post. It may be some time before the next one, as there is a lot of research to be done.

Changes within seconds

WORDS upon a page, I wrote of
love and trust ~ the mood was right
ten lines in, plying time
settling into rhythm

the phone, a girlfriend on the line
her WORDS  “he’s gone” she cried
perspective changed, pattern lost
~ the feel of what I wrote

the man I knew as ‘Uncle Les’
a tumour diagnosed last month
his life ended 7.45 pm
the rhythm of his heart ~ that stopped

tumour in the brain, caused a cough
otherwise no signs~ we talk of only weeks
how fast the body breaks
how nature’s rhythm, can cease

so I sit here now ~ 9 pm WORDS that were
won’t be again, tonight ~ this night
thinking of the suffering, the son
the daughter, the family ~ his wife

she worked with mum back in 1950
a friendship to which I was a part
~ her birthday tomorrow, we were
to attend, her world now broken apart

why is life cut short, at times
it simply does, the circle as we know
and we ~ the ones left behind are useless
sympathy and condolences to show

so WORDS be gone, of what was thought
star bright skies ~ romance ~ tonight
to you the man I knew, as ‘Uncle Les’
although you weren’t

RIP dear Les, we’ll miss you
your life on earth had purpose
the Universe decided, it was
your time to go ~ WORDS

~ no rhyme or reason

~ I simply say farewell




rusted barb wire breaks
the softness of the sun
obeying the winds
anger versus calm
two forces ~ never meeting

one holds strong, unnerved
the other soft, compliant
what does it remind you of
the subdued against the harsh
that will not falter

not breaking or succumbing
to the elements ~ merely
shifting side to side
as it pleases
unyielding in its path

heat that cannot melt the barbs
both resilient ~ yet different
chrome hues ~ coarse greys
depending on the view

©jmtacken 31st Oct 2103

Fishing (Prose)

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how did it begin? Coloured sparkling trinkets
bait that hypnotised I fell hook line and
sank into your arms
So long ago it seems when flowers decorated vases
extravagant diamond fingers stroked satin sheets
swept up from street corners
$‘s slipped into fish-nets
knowing I was an easy catch
your shiny limo slowed, you in your tux
debonaire high roller
what happened

I‘m not paraded on your arm these days
clinking glasses with the elite
Designer gowns,  intro’s to your colleagues
emeralds round my neck shone brightly once
your Polo trophy takes pride of place
are you bored now with this showpiece
alone, I hear a woman laugh
velvet boxes empty on the dresser
another trinket ~ another lure
Someone to replace what I was
I fade into obscurity, yes
you have been the death of me

©jmtacken Oct 18 2013

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Set ’em up Joe (Prose with Sound)

Love on the rocks, ain’t no big surprise
Just pour me a drink and I’ll tell you some lies

huh ~familiar words comin’ from those speakers Joe
set ’em up pour it straight, just a tipple over ice
no hell make it a double.  Tipple won’t touch the sides
wanna know my life ~ my loves ~ my hates ~ my fears
~ my desires? Might take a while, or perhaps a minute
of your time, quiet in here tonight familiar ground
you listen to us, our thoughts out loud circumnavigating
slurred words fumbling lips
pouring our hearts over whiskey or wine

huh where do I begin. I can sit here ~ can’t I Joe
I can prattle, you can listen, got a deal?
just a nod or two is required now and then
that’s all I need, all I ask, let me know
you understand ~ even if you don’t
guess that’s what you’re paid for
change it up from mixing cocktails for the girls
hell it could be the highlight of your dreary
existence, crap ~ apologies, that should have
stayed in my head
wonder why life brings us trials?
to make us stronger, make us wise
what’s the point
do any of us learn from the past
friends we thought would stay, melt away like
this ice, kids big not little ~ disregard advice

pour me another Joe, yeah yeah not driving home
don’t panic all ish good cab/s on it’s way
liquid amber ~ ice cracks much like my mind
when I think of it, comfort in the booze
for an hour or two at least. Then I’ll wake
with a head like a bear, but for now it’s good
forget your troubles you know. Mind kinda’ wanders
sure you’ve had that to ~ huh Joe?
sorry, not the most stimulating conversation
I’ll go sit in the corner over there ~ out of view
and I’ll stop my talkin’ now coz’ I’m..I’m boring you

©JMTacken Oct 16 2013

Some wanted to hear my voice more – for the other 99% of you – sorry for what I have inflicted.

and no I wasn’t inebriated lol

Sharing with as I wrote this the other night – hopefully it fits into the Beat Poetry Genre.

Saying Goodbye (Prose)

I am cold, death, silently tapped at my door
your weighted tears drop heavily on my cheeks
my parched lips tried to speak
tried to say ~ don’t cry

I wanted to ~ you know that ~ don’t you?

crazy things swept through my head
I didn’t get to tell you my favourite flower
or the song that meant the world to me
or the poem for my Eulogy

why didn’t I say these things before?

would you have written them down
or thought it silly ~ we were too young
to lock these ‘things’ to memory
important now ~ yet not before

but ~ does it really matter?

today I say goodbye
flowers on my coffin, cremating me with
reverence, I pray I’m not forgotten
my girls are crying ~ be strong

can’t you hear my voice?

one more chance to say how I’ll miss you
death ~ life’s circle coming to an end
conceived, live and die, we cannot pretend
we are immune, my time came to soon

the universe made the call

but, in a way I’m ok with that ~ does that sound
stupid to say those words, it’s you I’ve left
behind to grieve, I watch you in the front row
the crumpled tissues that you use

will you grab each other’s hand?

I listen as you struggle with
words you read out loud ~ be brave
a minute or two and it will pass
I’m with you still, I’m here ~ I am

I’ll try and stop your pain ~ I will

as I lay on satin, in darkness
no longer cold, today my body lies here
but not accompanied by my soul
for that has lifted into clouds

can you spread my ashes far and wide to the ocean that I love?

I’m smiling ~ you can’t see me
the ocean at sunset, my last plea
be happy, my love ~ my girls
I am near you ~ I will never leave

©jmtacken Oct 15 2013


Apologies for any birds ‘singing’ in the background outside my window.

A little joint venture (Prose)

Poem 18  from Michael at  wrote the below from the male’s perspective.. (the first one) I now write from the female’s perspective ( the 2nd one)

outside the dawn approaches
beside me you lie
I watch your breathing,
your body at rest
your skin,soft in repose
I am looking at you
I marvel at you
I lust after you
I want you now
to awaken you
to take you in my hand
to feel your lips, your neck, my all craves you
I luxuriate, in your joyful intimate rhythms
the gentleness of your sexuality
takes me over
embraces me
holds me
your strength
your drive
makes me whole
I want you
come my love

quietly silently the sun rises
your body beside mine
I watch your chest rise and fall
deep in sated slumber
from the night before
I stare unblinking
watching you sleep
you know I desire you
that feeling that floods over me
dare I wake you
I need to feel
the softness of your mouth, your strength
the pattern of our love making
your physical seductiveness
surrounds me
encompasses me
grips so
I am mesmerised
your power
your spirit
completes me
I hunger for you
fingers trace your arm
wake, wake, my love
take me again


just a little diversity from the last few nights.

Is it you or an illusion (Prose)


does my mind play tricks on me
a magician who waves the wand
across the top hat for a rabbit to appear
have you returned to fill the lacuna in my life
the missing piece ~ the closure
You, who I relied upon, who sated my desires
the figure beneath the ghostly sheet that walks
the passage-ways of my dreams

is my love for you not finished
I see you walk along concrete streets
out of doorways ~ I hear the bell
that peals your existence
my mind sees you, two steps in front of me
back turned distancing yourself
I call, but have no answer
is this your sign to move on, relinquish
what I feel

to someone that I loved
yet you are creeping back,  inch by inch
to present day, disrupting the life that I
had to make, a decision not of mine
to forget what was ours, I can’t extinguish
the love we had, unrealistically so to ask
and my question is ~ should you not let me be
so that I move on

I shall answer ~ a finger placed upon your
lips, I cannot, not for now in this moment
I feel you next to me, a hand held
a whispering kiss
the passions of the night, the laughter
in the days, the wine against the sunsets
you are not real ~ you have disappeared
and I walk the concrete streets alone
holding you in my heart
cradling you in my arms

©jmtacken Sept 2013

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can you help the ones that cry (Prose from 3 words)

I have side stepped from my ‘evil’ persona for this.  3 words seems to be all the encouragement and inspiration that is required some days. These 3  tears, hope &  shoulder were given to me by

images-3 images-5

Everybody hurts sometime
~ so the words are sung
to what breadth ~ the one who feels the pain
that cuts into their very breath is the one who truly knows
others (as the bystanders) only see the tears
or the sadness in their eyes that once held hope or joy
the forlorn look across their face, that once held smiles
and what they need is comforting the simplest hug
the kindest word to help alleviate their pain

and cuddles are the smallest things, yet the
happiness they bring ~ immeasurable, contact
with a friend whose strength will see them through
who can ask them how they are and really listen
not just nod as if they understand, when they
themselves confused; to give a little reassurance
that they will smile again and tears will melt away

and what they need is hope 
that what they feel right now will dissipate
that feelings of self worth or loss will lift
that they will have much brighter days
give them your shoulder for they won’t
bear too much weight, only what they carry
deep inside and the full extent of what they feel
won’t be enough to make you crumble…. only them

©jmtacken Sep 2013


Still interested in receiving 3 words, if anyone who hasn’t shared cares to do so.

How did I love thee (Prose from 3 words)

cough, conflict, control these 3 words have been sent from  Sarah Ann – thank you and I hope that you enjoy.

sitting cross legged on the bed
sheets crumpled underneath
I watch the candle flames
burn their brightness
with the smell of frankincense
I hold you in my arms
I have the control it seems
to do with you as I please and I
cough a little excitedly
for what that means to me


I hold you tight, you don’t resist
lying comforted in my embrace
which is different from the past
few weeks,  when all we did was fight
but now there is no conflict
as I am in control, who would have
thought I’d spike your drink
allowing you to fall
ssshh ~  it will be alright my love
there is nothing you should fear
though now that you paralysed
revenge is near
so let me hold your hand ~ I swear
you won’t feel any pain
just let me heat the knife once more
and slice into your vein


©jmtacken Sept 2013