Today’s chat

Warmth of the dimly lit room

music playing softly

Warm fluffy robe

bare feet in warm water, I wait

the massage begins, then

onto the table, clothed in

warm towels

back, shoulders, legs

arms, neck, face

remedial and relaxation

hot towels


wake up?

has it been an hour?

must I?

lunch with girlfriend

laughs, window shopping

back home

painting still continuing

back tender from the hands

that brought such pleasure

relaxed, read the wording

of the Service to the daughter


text comes through

mum in hospital

washing brought in

tripppps on the grass

broken right arm

near shoulder

visit tomorrow after Service

bring essentials in

Oh My Goodness


Yes,  just when I thought things were picking up, mum has a fall this evening.

They don’t wish to operate at 85, it’s too risky. She will be in plaster for quite some weeks and it’s her right arm…yup I can read what you’re all thinking..






Spilt Milk – Life going slowly

Dust settles on antique oak, sleeping
not disturbed
how I wish that I could steal time
from my hurried self

to sit amidst curtains of cotton
cupboards of plates
dust thats found its bed
no destination – not be roused

doors slam shut – engines start
the same day nine to five
angry fists that wave
but do not smile

the every day – I sleepwalk
wishing for the ‘dust time’
to sit and gather thoughts
when sunlight filters through smudged panes

and hits the back of chairs
melts butter on the dish
my words would spill like milk across
the sun annointed tablecloth

Holidaying In Echuca Victoria

Pic Courtesy of Google and Murray River Photos

Last weekend we went to Echuca it’s a 3 hour drive from

Melbourne just near the border of N.S.W. (New South Wales).

I wrote a bit in my journal it went like this…

Sitting next to the pool at the Motel on a blanket on the grass, sipping a red wine and writing- does it get any better?

The sun is shining, a simply glorious day 27 deg C. After an exhausting day at work (Friday 9th) and not feeling too well due to a sore throat bug thing we set off for the drive north to Echuca Moama. Within 30 minutes I was pushing out zzzz’s and woke an hour before we arrived.

The paddocks stretched far and wide either side of the highway as far as they eye could see..that in itself was relaxing.

I saw a herd of sheep to my right, on top of one of the sheep’s heads sat a bird. The sheep was holding his head up to try and see what it was…I’m sorry I laughed it was funny.

We arrived at the Motel, packed away our belongings (I pack for 2 weeks when we go for 2 days), we then went out to a Pub then back to the Motel for some more zzzz’s.

Didn’t sleep that well, perhaps strange bed, perhaps niggly throat thingy and awoke at 6.16am…yay holiday!

We then drove to the designated meeting spot (after a bacon and egg McMuffin for breakfast) well we WERE on holidays 🙂 to begin our kayaking adventure down the Murray River (see top pic), 12 kilometers and 2 hours later we arrived back at our starting spot, with sore arms and back from row row rowing that boat …sorry Kayak.

Courtesy Google &

The Murray in Echuca is renowned for it’s old Paddle Steamers as a Tourist attraction. We didn’t hop on board me hearty’s as we were hungry so off we went to a Pub for lunch in the town sitting in the sunshine, eating a prawn caesar salad (which was utterly delightful) and sipping a Sauvignon Blanc  (Mr S had a slice of home made egg, bacon & spinach pie and a beer) and watching the old coach and Clydesdale horse pull around the tourists and generally people watch.

Courtesy Google and Dept of Victoria


Courtesy Houseofhumble and Google

It was only Friday night, Saturday and Sunday but it felt so much longer.

The different state of mind you are able to achieve when you are on holidays…how grand is it… many more weekends with my gorgeous Mr. S will be planned I am sure.

OMG Woke thinking I wouldn’t blog instead the story writer emerged again!

First draft and haven’t planned the story line but I’m crazed woman, I have been going for the last few hours! Had a shower (finally to get myself out of my dressing gown) and kept thinking of how I would continue. I shan’t bore you with everything that I have madly typed but here is a smidge.

Can I say how happy I am? Is that just plain craziness? Forgive my enthusiasm. The bug has hit and for the time being it shall continue – I refuse to get the BLOCK..I refuse (famous last words)…

Veronica settled herself against the large elm trunk that supported the twisted heavy branches dense with foliage above her and gazed out across the meadows as far as her eyes could see.

The air was motionless not a leaf nor a blade of grass moved and the only sound that could be heard were the birds calling to one another and the faint voices of other visitors staying in the cabins. This would be her home for the next week and she smiled, closed her eyes and gently sighed in unison at the thought.

Time had elapsed, startled on its own, her body jolted realising she had drifted asleep and when she peered through squinted eyes dusk was upon her.

She had come away for a week of relaxation, of undisturbed seclusion, however as she scrambled to stand up and regain her awareness, she wondered if in fact it may be just that bit too tranquil? Could she simply allow herself to take in the scenery, breathe in the country air and admire the beautiful countryside? Could she revel in kicking off her sneakers and feel the lush grass beneath her feet or would this sleepy existence become too much for her to bear?

She grabbed her glass of half quaffed wine and book, page unturned and strolled back to the cabins. It was only day one she giggled trying to convince herself, of course I will cope. As she strolled along the path opening the wrought iron gate that enclosed the pristine garden beds she knew that this is what was needed, a break from the bustling world, her job, her suburban but hectic existence. She bent down to admire the irises in the garden bed outside her room that stood tall and majestic, their pale lilac petals enveloped like a glove with the darker leaves cradling the stem to which they clung to.