Where did you go?

Childhood did I lose you
somewhere along the way
moments that simply vanished
events I can’t recall
I remember
curly blonde hair
pen marked forehead ~ I called
you Irene like my mum
pink lace dress, plastic clicking eyes
wrought iron fireplace briquettes
wood piled high watching as the
magic circling smoke wafted
up the chimney bricks
cushions stacked a castle made; sheets
from beds my little place –  with plastic
tea-cups filled with water, my dolls my
guests inside and parents not allowed
backyard play and fences climbed till
over I go head first concrete never
soft – sore head – painful head
cries to mum, I lived to tell the tale 
being minded playing marbles
hmm the large one is soooo pretty
fingers down the back of throat
this I remember well
shuttlecock soaring into the air
laughter family brothers playing
dad in knee high socks
holidays with rain in tents 
strumming a guitar on fallen
gum tree; vacant paddock calling
out as center stage,  not so in tune
voices with my besty from next door
there are photographs
to remind me ~ not many but a few
this is only how I remember
how I’ll remember you 
Me in Overalls031
For Poetics dVerse brought to us by Manicddaily, a/k/a, Karin Gustafson – The prompt for the day: some variation of “I remember”.  
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Forgotten in time


A little ambiance….please hit play…listen for a moment…as she sings… read


summer heat crackles
reminiscent of parched leaves
crumbled by the sun
back of an old persons hands
whose years have toiled
towards the water
slowly I tread…I tread slowly
wet sand, beneath my feet
soft cool brushes ankles
white skin goose bumps
darker deeper

the veil of cobalt blue
slowly I tread…I tread slowly
into the watery grave
of those that laughed
and cried before me
the remnants of their
chalky bones crushed
with shells I walk upon
disguised in grains of sands

those who spoke of love
as did I, who shed a tear as I
who gazed upon the moon and
watched a shooting star
and danced on wooden floors
dressed in finery
gathered skirts and cotton breeches
slowly I tread…I tread slowly
that went to war

who smiled on wedding days
who mourned at tombstones
girls who bore infants, when they
were but infants themselves
watery grave of those no longer
gather round me
hands reach out and softly
stroke my skin, crying to be
remembered, souls that still exist
souls I shan’t forget
slowly I tread..

This was inspired from some words that Tracy at http://tracysite.wordpress.com  had written. I could not let these words go – so thank you Tracy for the inspiration. For the music I thank Miri – my poet mentor at Words From Here To There,  find her work at http://anotherwanderingsoul.wordpress.com.  She introduced me to the exotically sublime voice of Loreena McKennitt.


Trifextra Challenge Week 60   We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response.  You may use the words in any order you choose.

Our three words are:


Pure rebellion
I stand
against the

body soaked

relentless rain
I weep

         tears meld
hit the ground

reflection of yesterdays

time does not stand still

           I scream
be courageous
fight on

This is for Trifecta

Picture11-1-1I am in a slightly dark place at the moment hence the above