Child touch you daddy’s knee.
do not cry my child, he is your dad
he is a stranger I know, brush your tears
away, for they now should be tears of happiness
he has come back to us, he shall hug you and tell you
how sorry he is, for the years he has missed, the years that
he didn’t get to know you, see he also cries, he didn’t mean to
go away, he was young and scared, as your mummy was, but I
gave you birth and never a day has passed that I regret having you
he has missed you growing, missed the first words you uttered, missed
your first steps, your laughter, don’t cry, he is not a stranger any longer not
to you or to me, he is your father and he is sorry, so very sorry for running away
sorry for not being able to hold or watch you grow, to comfort you or me but he has returned, touch his knee angel, your daddy has returned to us, no….no cry with him little girl….cry your daddy is now home