Arabian Sonnet – Here they lie

Arabian Sonnet

Basically it follows the Italian form, but because of the proximity of the two countries it’s not surprising there would be some influence. It has a rhyme scheme of;
a. a. a. a. . . b. b. b. b. . . c. c. c. . . d. d. d.

Strike of lightening on stormy night
tombstones stand, no living in sight
darkness, eeriness, that imparts fright
pray for the morning, wish for daylight
kneel down read the words carved on stone
remember the lives of those now alone
under the earth not skin only bone
listen as they cast a shivering moan
they want to be heard, be alive and not dead
not veiled under earth, watch where you tread
buried, alone, saddened tears we have shed
don’t cry for me, help me I want to be there
don’t leave I implore you, I want again to breathe air
don’t walk away, stay with me, I need more than your prayer

Alfred Dorn Sonnet – An Affair

The Alfred Dorn sonnet originated in a Formalist publication contest. Each year the Formalist runs a sonnet contest where the applicants make up their own form of sonnet. The sonnet form is named after the winning applicant, and in this case Alfred Dorn was the winner and the sonnet he devised named after him. The Alfred Dorn sonnet is different than most sonnets, in that it has an Italian sestet and a Sicilian sestet linked by a couplet. Both sestets share common rhyme set by the first line. The rhyme scheme is as follows; a. b. c. a. b. c. … d. d. … a. e. a. e. a. e. ~~~

A dalliance I believe is what we had
brief and unvarnished meaning
temptation that led me astray
I was happy, yet miserably sad
was it real or was I dreaming
your love scheduled your time, your way

I was your mistress, your bit on the side
My love, my emotions impossible to hide

Still I was drawn I cannot deny
who did you want, that was my plea
did you know how often I would cry
the dreams the hopes, did you even see
would our love blossom or would it die 
would you love only her or love only me


I am attempting different forms of poetry – bare with me….If I am incorrect with this … Please let me know..